Jokes and Giggles
Chapter 367

Copyright© 2015 by Jack Spratt

You have to be a Canadian to Understand this... :)

In a busy Parisian café, a Quebecer tourist is sitting alone, enjoying a crème caramel when a Norwegian tourist approaches and strikes up a conversation:

May I sit here?

No problem...

Thank you, very nice...

Are you on vacation?

Yes, I arrived yesterday...

What country are you from?

Norway. You?

From Quebec.

Quebec? I don't know Quebec...

Quebec ... near the Atlantic, next to Ontario, the Great Lakes...

No, I don't know these places.

Never mind then, I'm from Canada...

Ah! Canada! Canada I know! So why you tell me you come from Quebec?

Because, my first country is Quebec!

Oh, you were born in Quebec and immigrated to Canada...

No, no, I was born in Quebec and I stayed in Quebec...

Oh, then your father is from Canada?

No, no, my father, my mother, my wife, my dog, everybody, they come from Quebec...

So why you say Canada?

For Christ sake, because you say you don't know where is Quebec!

OK, but if you say you don't know Norway ... I don't say that my country is Japan...

Shit! Canada isn't Japan. Canada, it's my country.

Oh, your country is not Quebec anymore?...

My country is Quebec. But my country, it can be Canada too, if the person I'm speaking to not know where is Quebec, Tabarnak!

I don't understand...

Look, it's simple: I come from the Province of Quebec, in the country of Canada.

Ok! But I didn't ask you what Province you're from, I asked you what Country you're from. Me, I come from Lofoten region in Norway, but I answer you Norway when you ask me what country I come from...

I know, I'm not stupid, Calisse! But me, when they ask me what country I come from, I answer Quebec. Even if it's the name of my Province. For me, it's my Country.

Oh, now I understand. You are a separatist, you want your Quebec province to be your country.

Are you crazy, Hostie? I don't want to know nothing from that shit!

I do not understand anything anymore.

I tell you before, it's simple! You ask me what country I come from, I answered Quebec because Quebec is my country, but I don't really want it to be my country, it would be too much trouble. I just want to say it. So, why don't you just let me say it?

I'm all mixed up. You have passport from what country: Quebec or Canada?

CANADA, Hostie!

So why didn't you tell me Canada right away?

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