Jokes and Giggles
Chapter 159

Copyright© 2015 by Jack Spratt

This one is compliments of Gary

The parents asked their young son, "Jason, what would you like for Christmas?"

Jason replied, "I wanna watch."

So they let him.

These are compliments of Dorset

A couple of "put downs"

"You have such passionate fingers!"

"Oh, really?"

"Yep, everything you touch gets fucked"

"You have such a sexy voice!"

"Oh do I?"

"Yep, you talk like a Cunt"

Have you heard about the new rubbers with a quarter in the tip? If you can't come, call.

Have you ever seen the serial number on a rubber? No?

So I guess you've never had it unrolled that far.

This one is compliments of ian


"The Ferrari F1 team fired their entire pit crew yesterday."

This announcement followed Ferrari's decision to take advantage of the British government's 'Work for your Dole' scheme and employ some Liverpudlian youngsters.

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