At the Adult Theater With My Wife
Chapter 1: Becoming a Movie Slut

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Sex Story: Chapter 1: Becoming a Movie Slut - Another trip to a porn theater, but with a different family. Some wet sex and incest at the end.

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"Are you absolutely sure about this?" I asked my husband. "If we go in there we will never be able to turn back the clock and erase what happens today. And if we DO go in there, you how I am when I get hot. I'll want to do things, Hank. Nasty things. And I won't want to stop."

We were sitting in the parking lot of a tacky adult theater in a seedy Atlanta strip mall. Calling this collection of run down buildings a "mall" was clearly overstating things. At one end of the row of buildings, in what was once a carpeting store, there was now an African American church. The theater was next door. Ironic, huh? A porn theater next to a church. We were there early on a Sunday afternoon, too, and the contrast between the trashy looking men occasionally going into the porn theater to the well-dressed families coming out of and gathered in front of the church was striking. Little girls wore white dresses with red ribbons around their waists and in their hair, their mothers dressed in satin suits and fancy hats, fathers in suits and ties ... nice families ready for church, staring disapprovingly at the porn theater patrons garbed in dirty tee shirts and shorts, avoiding the glares from the churchgoers while hurrying inside the XXX theater. It was quite a contrasting slice of Americana.

And then there was us. When Hank first told me about this place I was a little upset. Yes, I know he loves to masturbate. That doesn't bother me. But when he told me he had been going to this porn theater and jerking off here with other men I was both a little angry but frankly also a little turned on by the idea. I've had threesomes before, and although the two men who fucked me didn't do anything with each other, the thought of possibly watching Hank sucking some guy's dick, or having his cock sucked by another man was a fantasy we had both discussed whenever we fucked, and it was arousing to me. Hey, if guys get off watching two women sucking each other, why is it so bad for a hot woman to want to see two GUYS getting it on together? Sometimes our society is just so fucking sexist it pisses me off. But I digress, sorry.

"Kitty, I realize that ... I know we won't be able to erase anything that happens today, but oh God, baby, I'm so fucking hot. Look at this!" Hank said, pointing to his hard cock. He was wearing a pair of old white jersey shorts, so short his cock hung out below the bottom edge of one of the shorts. He wasn't wearing underwear, nor, at his request, was I. My large 36D breasts, a pair of the best tits money could buy, don't require a bra, so I was wearing a short crop top that barely covered my nipples, and the bottom third of each bulbous breast hung down below the bottom of my top. My flat stomach was bare, of course, and the short, skimpy tennis skirt, designed to be worn with tennis panties, also didn't even cover my pussy when I was sitting down. In short, I looked exactly like what my husband was asking me to become ... a total slut.

"Hank ... you're always horny and your cock is always hard," I laughed, staring at it as it throbbed, a small drop of pre-cum glistening from the crown of the dick. He had pulled up the leg of the shorts while driving to the theater, "showing off" to any vans, SUV's, trucks, or busses that pulled up next to us and looked down at him. And at his request I had lifted my top above my naked tits as well, displaying them to shocked drivers who happened to glance over at me on the way to the theater. I must admit I had also been touching my wet pussy as we drove, with thoughts of getting fucked by strange cocks filling my head with nasty waves of anticipated pleasure.

And now here we were. We either had to start the car again and turn around and go home and forget about this ridiculous fantasy of ours ... or we had to get out of the car and walk in front of all those nice church families, and into the theater where we would do things we'd never be able to forget. Nasty things. Exciting things. I must admit I was torn between the two choices.

"Come on, babe. Let's try it once. If you like it, we'll come back again. If you don't, we won't. And if you don't want to stay, we don't have to do that either ... we can leave," Hank pleaded, clearly wanting me to come inside with him.

"What if I like it too much, Hank? What if I want to let one or more of them fuck me, not just play with my tits or feel my pussy or touch it or even come on my face. What if I get so hot I want to feel a cock inside my cunt? What then?" I asked, actually touching my cunt again as I spoke, getting into the fantasy.

"That's why I brought these," Hank said, reaching into his pocket, pulling out a handful of condoms.

"Jesus, Hank. You didn't tell me you brought those!" I said, feeling a jolt of excitement making my pussy tingle.

"I know you, Kitty. And I know once you get hot you'll want to fuck you. I want that, too, babe. Like I've told you a hundred times or more ... I love having a slut wife, and you ARE a slut, Kitty. In your mind, at least. Up to now. But I know and you know you want to go into that theater. You WANT to suck strange cocks. You WANT them to shower you in cum. And..."

"Stop, Hank! Okay! Yes! I DO want those things. I just want to make sure you really do want them, too, before we commit to this," I said, my cunt wet now, clit swollen, throbbing.

"I want you to do them, Kitty," he said, his voice soft, seductive. "And so does this! Look at my dick. It's ready to come already," he said, so hot he seemed to almost be trembling. "Come on, baby. Do this for me. For us." And so of course I did it.

"Okay, baby. But bring that towel with you. If we're going to do this, I'm going to get very messy in there, and cum burns when it gets in my eyes," I grinned. "Now let's go turn your wife into the whore you want me to be."

We got out of the car and began walking toward the theater. I was sweating, and took the towel from Hank and wiped my face with it. Atlanta can get pretty hot in the summer and since it was 12:45 in the afternoon on July 2nd the temperature was in the low-90's already. I could feel sweat running down from my arm pits and from under my tits.

As I walked past the church families, I noticed the nasty glares I was getting from the woman outside the church, but also noticed some of the men grinning at me lustfully. I suddenly wondered how big their black cocks might be, and realized yes, I was ready to go inside this nasty place, ready to do nasty things, and ready to come, over and over again. Did I mention how multi-orgasmic I am when I get hot? Well I am, and I knew by the time we were finished that day I would have had a ton of hot orgasms.

Hank opened the glass door to the lobby and we walked inside. The clerk behind the counter looked up and smirked at me while Hank bought the tickets. I could feel the guy staring at me while we walked down the lobby, down three steps and past the rest rooms toward the auditorium where the movies were playing so I reached behind me, lifted my skirt, and scratched my ass a little, making sure he saw I wasn't wearing panties. I heard him and the two men sitting on a bench in the lobby moaning audibly. When they saw me they stopped talking and grinned at me, making lewd remarks that only fueled my excitement. I felt my nipples hardening, and we opened the door to the auditorium where the XXX movie was playing.

We stepped inside and closed the door behind us, and as Hank had described to me earlier, we had to wait at the top of the aisle for our eyes became accustomed to the dark theater. Hank had explained to me that the only light in the place would be coming from the screen so guys could suck and jerk off in the darkness, and sure enough, I heard soft noises coming from a few feet away, along the back wall of the theater.

"Hear them, baby? A guy is getting his cock sucked practically next us," he whispered, obviously excited.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see the men. A man was leaning back against the wall, staring at me, while another man knelt in front of the guy against the wall, sucking his cock. The man getting his dick sucked moaned softly when he saw us watching them, and I heard him gasp, "Oh fuck, I'm coming." A chill rushed through my body when I realized the man sucking the cock didn't back away, but instead let the cock in his mouth explode in a series of jerking spurts, WHICH IT LOOKED LIKE THE COCKSUCKER WAS SWALLOWING!

"See? Didn't I tell you this was a hot place?" Hank said proudly.

"Yeah! You did. Jesus, baby. That really made me WET, seeing that," I breathed.

"Come on. Let's go sit down. Then watch how fast a crowd gathers around us," Hank said, slowly leading me down the aisle.

I followed Hank down the aisle until he moved into a row of seats, then over into the middle of the row, taking a seat there. I sat next to him, and he put his arm around my shoulder and under my top, grasping my tits as we watched the movie for a few minutes. On screen a tacky blond slut was getting fucked in the ass while sucking another man's cock. Two other men were standing next to her jerking off, calling her names. God I was hot. So fucking hot. I wanted to be that woman. I wanted a cock in my cunt and one in my mouth while other men came on me ... all over me.

I could smell the sweat that oozed from my armpits, and I felt it on my lips and under my tits. The cheap air conditioning in the theater couldn't keep up with the outside temperature, and the heat and humidity inside the auditorium seemed to magnify the nasty odor of urine and stale cum in the place. For some reason that made me even hotter ... it made me feel like the trashy slut I wanted to be, wallowing in filth and cum and piss and sweat. God how I loved it ... this nasty environment. I was in my element now, my slut/whore element, and I knew this was going to be the most exciting day of my life.

Then a man moved into the row in front of us, sat down, and brazenly turned around to stare at us, not even trying to hide his voyeurism. Clearly he was anxious to see what, if anything, was going to happen. Then a man moved into our row and sat down one seat over from me. I heard movements behind us then, and heard two more seats being pulled down, realizing we were now, as Hank had predicted, surrounded by men.

"See, baby. Didn't I tell you we'd attract a crowd," Hank said. "Listen. Hear them jerking off," he said, as excited as me. "Let's give them something to see."

Hank lifted up then, and pulled off his shorts, exposing his naked cock and balls. I watched as he squeezed some of the baby oil gel from the small bottle he'd brought with him all over his cock, the slippery goo glistening on his cock from the light coming from the movie screen. Then he handed the bottle to me and said, "Here, baby. Put some on your cunt and tits." And so I did it.

Hank raised my crop top up above my naked tits, exposing them to all the men watching us, and as they watched I tipped the bottle upside down and squeezed, feeling the cool gel coating my nipples. Then I leaned down and raised my skirt to my waist and squeezed some of the slippery gel onto my cunt while the men watched, rubbing it in my pussy as Hank removed my top, leaving me sitting there naked from the waist up. Then he slid the gel all over my tits with his left hand while masturbating with the other.

"Nice!" one of the men behind us said, and I looked up and saw him leaning forward, staring at my practically naked body.

"Help me. Touch her tits," Hank said, and I felt another rush of excitement slam into me. The man leaned over, around both sides of my neck and began rubbing my tits, tweaking my nipples as I masturbated harder. He stood then, and I felt it ... his naked, erect cock, touching my cheek.

"FUCK she's got great tits," he exclaimed. Then the man sitting closest to me moved into the seat right next to me, and when I looked down I saw he had his cock out.

"Touch her cunt!" Hank instructed, leaning forward to watch as the man did as Hank suggested. I knew what I had to do then, and so I did it. I reached out and wrapped my slippery fingers around the man's cock and squeezed gently, feeling him touching my cunt, rubbing my clit.

"Oh God!" I moaned, as the man slid a finger inside my pussy. "Yes!" I gasped, draping my leg over his, spreading myself open for him, practically naked now, my top off, skirt around my waist, naked cunt exposed, being finger-fucked.

God how I loved letting go like this. It was as exciting as I knew it would be if ever I got up enough courage to join Hank in one of his trips to this filthy den of perversion. And now I had done it ... I was here, my oily tits being touched, massaged by a stranger with his cock rubbing against my cheek and neck while another man finger-fucked me, my hand on his cock, stroking it.

"Oh yessssss!!!!!" I moaned when Hank tipped the bottle of baby oil gel upside down, squeezing it, squirting it all over my tits, down my body, then onto my pussy.

"Fuck! I'm gonna come!" the man behind me said, standing now, his fingers flying over his erect cock.

"Oh God!" I moaned, looking up at the thick cock, feeling it then, his cum splashing down onto my face. Hank leaned over then and kissed me, sharing the man's cum with me, his tongue pushing some of it into my mouth. The man next to me suddenly lifted my leg off his, then got down on his knees between my thighs, burying his face in my cunt, suddenly eating me, exciting me, driving me crazy.

"HERE!" Hank said, handing the man a rubber. "Put this on and fuck her!"

"Oh God, Hank! Are you sure, baby?" I gasped, feeling the man behind me still there, wiping his spent cock all over my face.

"Don't you want it, babe? Don't you want this guy to fuck you like the slut you are?" Hank gurgled, his face contorted with lust.

"YES!!!!!!!! DO IT!" I said to the stranger. "FUCK ME!" And of course he did.

Hank tore open the condom, then handed it to the man who quickly pulled it down over his swollen cock. I stared at him through crazed eyes filled with sexual hunger, then again told him what I wanted.

"FUCK ME! PUT YOUR FUCKING COCK IN MY CUNT AND FUCK MEEEE!" I moaned, holding my cunt open for him, feeling the cock as it slowly began entering me. God it was so hot. Slumped there in the dirty, cum-stained seat of a piss-smelling porno theater, letting a stranger fuck me. I loved it.

"Suck me, lady," I heard a voice behind me say, and I turned to look up at another cock. He was gorgeous, perhaps no more than 18 years old, maybe younger, his hard, buff, washboard stomach nearly as impressive as his curled cock, a cock so hard it was beyond stiff. He had to push it down almost to my chin in order to direct the head of it into my mouth, but he managed it, and I opened my mouth and took him inside as Hank watched, inches from my mouth, eager, I knew, to also taste it himself.

"Uhhh ... uhhh ... Uhhhhh!" the guy fucking me growled, and then I felt him push as hard as he could into me, holding his body there, rigid, not breathing, until his cock finally exploded inside my wet pussy.

"UMMMMM!" I moaned, my mouth full of cock. My fucker pulled back, then rammed into me again ... and again ... and again, coming with each thrust, finally burying his dick as far up inside my cunt as he could, pushing so hard I wondered if the rubber might break, not even caring if it did.

I continued sucking the kid behind me, and sensed another man moving into the seat next to me, fondling my tits, taking my hand, placing it on his cock. I moaned again, then felt the man fucking me pulling out of my cunt. Quickly Hank leaned down and tugged the full condom off his cock as the man zipped up and left.

"I have a present for you, baby," Hank said, and with my mouth full and my hand jerking off the guy next to me I watched Hank turn the condom upside down, watched as he began squeezing it from the tip, watched, then came when I felt the scummy goo from the used rubber when it fell onto my face.

"Jesus Christ!" the kid behind me said, suddenly coming in my mouth. "That's the ... nastiest ... fucking ... thing ... I've ... ever seen," he grunted, spurting cum in my mouth, then backing out, continuing to come, all over my face. I rubbed the cum from the condom and the cum from the kid and the man who had come on me before all over my face, using it like some kind of fancy skin lotion. Then Hank stuffed the condom inside my mouth, and told me to chew it, and I came again when I tasted the nasty, strong flavor of the condom. It had my cunt juice and the man's cum and cock sweat all over it, and my entire body shook from the filthy things I was doing. Then I watched Hank handing the guy next to me a fresh condom, and when the horny dude stretched it over his cock I reached down and spread myself open for him, too. And then he also began fucking me.

Hank leaned over to me, playing with my tits, smearing the oil and cum on them over my nipples, then my face, laughing when I licked his hand. "Such a fucking slut, baby. What a whore you are. Fucking cumbucket cocksucking slut, aren't you, my beautiful slut wife?"

"YES!" I hissed, knowing he was using the names I love him to call me. "I AM YOUR SLUT WIFE ... YOUR WHORE!" I cried out loudly, rising up, fucking my cunt into the cock inside it.

"Here's another cock, baby. Another one behind you. Turn around. Look. Suck it!"

"No, YOU suck it. I want to see YOU do it," I snarled. "Fucking fag!" I added, knowing it would turn Hank on.

"Give it to me, then. Feed it to me," Hank said, and as I lay getting fucked I took the cock and slid it into my husband's mouth, watching as he eagerly began licking it, sucking it.

"Oh FUCKKKK!" I cried out, coming again. It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen ... my husband was SUCKING A MAN'S COCK just INCHES from my face. AND THEN HE GAVE IT TO ME.

"Your turn, slut. Suck it, you fucking cocksucking whore!" he gasped, and I opened my mouth and took the cock inside as Hank got up on the seat and turned, kneeling on his knees so he could lick the man's balls while I sucked his cock.

"COMINGGGGGGGGGG!" the guy fucking me cried out, and I felt his cock jump inside my cunt, then felt the rubber expand ... once ... twice ... I lost count of how many times.

"HMMMMM!" I moaned, feeling the cock pulling out of my cunt. Then I removed my mouth from the cock I was sucking, telling him to jerk off on my face while he watched what I was going to do. Then I told the guy to give me the dirty rubber. He did, and the guy in the seat in front of us leaned down and slid a finger inside my wet pussy while I took the scummy condom and held it over my face, my mouth open. Then I stuck out my tongue and let the cum run directly out of the rubber and down onto my tongue.

"OH FUCK I'M COMING, TOOOO!!!!!" the kid I'd been sucking gasped, and then he, too, was sperming our faces, coating us in his hot cum, spewing it everywhere.

I was so fucking hot after I squeezed the dirty rubber I put it in my mouth, chewing it, tasting the acrid flavors of cock sweat and pussy juice and cum, moving my face back and forth under the kid's spurting cock, feeling so fucking nasty! God I loved this, loved all these cocks, all just for me, coming on me, fucking me. It was fabulous!

I guess I lost track of how many men fucked me that afternoon before I had to pee, but finally I did, and I told Hank I had to go to the bathroom.

"Why?" he asked.

"Why do you think?" I laughed. "I have to pee."

"Do it here, baby," he gurgled. Then he knelt on the seat next to me, holding his cock aimed at my face. "I do, too. So let's do it. Right here. Right now!"

"Yeah, slut! Do it. Piss for us!" one of the men said. Then other men were asking me to do it, too. And so of course I did it, both of us did. You can't believe how hot and slutty it can make you feel to sit there in a nasty porn theater, with a group of men watching, and to just let go and piss right there while your husband is doing the same thing to you ... ALL OVER YOUR TITS AND FACE AND IN YOUR HAIR. GOD!

"Oh fuck!" I moaned, spreading my legs, the men in the seats in front of me helping to hold my legs apart as I pissed. My golden squirt splashed out onto the seat in front of me and onto the hands and arms of the man in front of me. Hank was pissing on my face and tits, and as I pissed I also masturbated, making loud, sloshing sounds, causing the piss to fly everywhere, all over me, onto Hank, and splashing onto the men around me.

"Come on, you guys. Help me. Shower her!" Hank urged, and soon I was being drenched by piss and cum from all different directions. I felt hot piss and another load of hot cum soaking my hair, my tits, my cunt, everywhere. It ran down into the crack of my ass, and when a black guy moved between my legs and slid his cock into me without a condom I came again. I knew it was dangerous ... stupid, in fact, but as always, when I get hot enough I'll do anything and let anyone do anything to me, and believe me, I was more than hot enough at that particular moment.

And so the guy fucked me, hard, his thick, long black cock making me wonder if this was what it would feel like to let a horse fuck me. Then he, too, said he was going to come.

"ON MY FACE!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed, so loudly I knew everyone in the theater must be able to hear me. Fortunately, the guy did as I asked, pulling out before coming inside me, jerking off his cock as hard and fast as he could until he started gushing hot gobs of nasty cum from his long, black cock all over my tits and face. I came again then, too, leaning forward to take the spurting cock in my mouth, chewing his cum, tasted it, swilling it around in my mouth before swallowing it. So nasty. So fucking nasty. I loved it.

For the rest of the afternoon I sat there drenched in cum and piss as men and teenage boys fucked me or jerked off onto me. Finally, about three hours and two movies after we'd arrived, Hank asked me if I wanted to go home and clean up.

"Yeah!" I sighed, smiling at him. I knew what I must look like. My hair matted to my head from all the cum and piss, makeup smeared, clothing drenched, smelling like a fucking urinal. Yet I could see the love and adoration in my husband's eyes when he thanked all the men and said we were sorry, but we had to leave, promising we'd be back again soon.

I pulled on my crop top, down over my slippery tits, used the towel to mop up my face and hair a little, then stood and felt a torrent of cum and piss run down into my shoes from my wet body. I used the towel to wipe off my thighs, and stomach a little, then we left.

Outside a few churchgoers were still there, apparently for a late afternoon service, and when they saw me the women and children scowled and smirked disdainfully at me. So I smiled at them and said, "In there's where you'll find true paradise, folks, not in there," pointing to their church. Then I laughed, and we walked to our car, got in, and drove home.

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