A Nice Throat Rape: Flash Fiction

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2018 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: A man abducts a buxom redheaded beauty. He takes her to a secret location he had prepared. Using a spider gag to keep her mouth open and various restraints to keep her immobile, he rapes her mouth and throat repeatedly during the course of a day and a night. He ejaculates in her mouth over and over again, requiring her to swallow every drop. He also uses her mouth to relieve himself. After he is done, he lets her go, promising to abduct her again someday...so she'll never forget him.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Rape   Slavery   Heterosexual   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Water Sports   Big Breasts   .

The abduction had gone without a hitch. I had planned it meticulously. I had shadowed the buxom redhead with the alabaster skin for several weeks. I knew her movements. I even knew her 40-DD cup bra size from having hacked into her personal computer and watched her online shopping habits. Now was the day I would execute my plan. I was confident that she had planned to be alone for the day. No one would think anything amiss if she was out of touch until tomorrow or even the next day. So this was the time I had scheduled for her abduction and oral rape.

I had rehearsed the steps of the abduction thoroughly inside the disused warehouse where I had set up shop. When I approached her with my van during her early morning jog, it took only seconds for me to shoot her with a tranquilizing dart, place her limp body inside the van, bind her tightly, and cover her head with a black-out hood. I drove the van to the place where I had pre-positioned a different vehicle. I transferred my prey to the new vehicle and drove to the warehouse.

I parked the vehicle inside the warehouse and transferred my unconscious victim to an underground storage room. I had lined the room with black plastic sheeting. When I was done with her, I would remove the sheeting and destroy it in a chemical bath to eliminate any DNA evidence. Before removing her from the vehicle where she lay bound, I put on a black mask. Then I removed her hood and carefully inserted special colored contact lenses which I had modified so that the lens in front of her pupil was blacked out. The redhead still seemed to have blue eyes, but she was effectively blind as long as she wore the lenses. I would make sure she always did while I had her.

The room was fitted out with a bed, a padded table, a sex swing, and several other pieces of specialized furniture. While she was still unconscious, I removed her clothing, leaving her naked. I had to restrain himself from immediately feasting on the wide pink nipples and areolae of her massive, pure white breasts, and the downy red pubic hair above her fragrant pink cunt. I attached cuffs to her ankles and wrists, then latched chains to them.

Then came the pièce de résistance: I attached the spider gag to her mouth, forcing it open. I had a range of specialized gags on hand for her. This was only the first.

I carried her to the padded table and lay her down on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the table. I attached her cuff chains to hooks under the table. She couldn’t move.

I gave her an injection of a mild stimulant to wake her up. The drug was mixed with a mild sedative to keep her from panicking. As the beautiful naked redhead began coming to, I began slapping her. Then I grabbed her massive 40 DD-cup breasts and squeezed them hard. She cried out, but with the strangely distorted sound that came from a woman whose mouth was being held open by a spider gag.

“Wake up, bitch!” I said. “Don’t worry—you’re not blind. You’re wearing special contact lenses. You’ll see fine after I let you go. But I’ll only let you go after you have fulfilled all my needs. For the time being, you are my slave and I am your Master. Understand, bitch?” I said while slapping her face with one hand and mashing a breast with the other.

The redhead nodded. Which looks kind of strange when a woman is on her back, chained to a padded table, with her head unable to turn right or left because of the rigid pads on either side of it. I said “Good bitch. Then let’s get started with your mouth rape. Your first mouth rape. You’re going to enjoy this. Well, maybe not enjoy it. Endure it, at least. The more you cooperate with me, the easier it will go for you. If you resist or displease me in any way, the consequences will be ... harsh.” With that last word I grabbed both her pure white breasts by their pink nipples and yanked them upward, hard, while twisting them at the same time. She screamed.

“So do we understand one another, bitch?” I asked.

Tears ran from her eyes as she nodded her red head. I smiled. “This is gonna be real good” I said. “For me, at least. You should be happy to please me, no matter how it feels for you.”

I had already removed all my clothing. I stood before her unseeing eyes with my erect penis mere inches from her involuntarily open and defenseless mouth. “Yes” I murmured “this is going to be the greatest day of your life ... because I say it is.” I moved forward. Taking my penis into my hand, I rubbed it around the circle formed by the lips of her stretched-open mouth. “I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time” I said. “Now I’m finally going to rape your mouth.” I pushed my penis into the redhead’s mouth. She accepted it without resistance at first. Then I pushed in deeper and deeper. The redhead struggled against her restraints, but to no avail. She had no way of stopping me from raping her mouth. All she could do was hope to survive the ordeal. No doubt she feared how bad her ordeal might get. She had no idea of everything I had in mind, or how long her ordeal would last. She could only know that she had to play along and do whatever I wanted, if she had any hope of surviving.

I began thrusting my penis back and forth inside her mouth. With each thrust, I plunged a little deeper. Soon enough, I dick was banging against the back of her mouth. I adjusted my position slightly. Then I thrust my penis in again. This time, the head of my dick slid from the back of her mouth, round the bend, and into her throat.

The redhead struggled to stop me. She pulled against her restraining chains. Her legs and arms flailed. Her hips rose and fell against the padded table. All was futile. Nothing she did could stop my penis from raping her throat.

I smiled. “Good bitch” I said. “I like seeing your hopeless struggle. That makes this mouth rape all the sweeter!”

I reached forward and took her massive white breasts into my hands, using them as handles as my hips thrust my penis into the helpless woman’s throat. She made gurgling and mewling sounds as I raped her throat roughly and without mercy. I smiled and laughed at the helplessness of my victim. Her futile resistance encouraged me to rape her throat even harder.

I fucked the redhead’s throat on and on and on. I felt my orgasm approaching as my semen seemed to boil up and then blast from my balls and out through my penis. “That’s it, bitch!” I yelled. “Your Master is cumming down your throat, whore! Bitch! Cunt! Slave!”

I didn’t give her a choice whether to swallow or not: my sperm shot straight down her throat. In a matter of moments, it would be in her stomach. My slave had eaten her first serving of her Master’s cum. It wouldn’t be her last.

I leaned forward and lay down on top of her. My penis was still in the redhead’s mouth as I rested my weight on her helpless body. I felt her red pubic hair against my face. I knew that my weight would be uncomfortable for her. My feet were still on the floor, which reduced the full impact of my weight at least a little. I lifted my feet from the floor so that she felt the entirety of my body weight pressing down on her. She struggled and mewled helplessly. I enjoyed the softness of my new female mattress.

After I had taken sufficient rest upon by helpless female mattress, I rose and began to unhitch her from the table. I gathered her chains in my hands and led her over to the bed. I guided her into place, since she could not see through her opaque contact lenses. I arranged my redhead on her side, hands behind her back, with her head located far enough down the bed that it would meet up with my hips while her legs extended down to the very end of the large bed. I arranged myself on my side next to her.

“It’s time to suck again, bitch” I said as I inserted my penis into her open mouth. Although my penis was soft after my recent ejaculation down her throat, I wasn’t done with her mouth just yet. “Suck me gently, whore. I’ll cum in your mouth again later. Meanwhile, you must continue to worship your Master with your mouth, like a good slave.”

This was a bit of a test for my oral rape victim. If she simply let my limp penis rest in her mouth without sucking it, I knew I’d have to punish her. But I didn’t say that. I wanted to see if she’d got with the program yet. When I felt her tongue licking the underside of my penis and her head gently moving back and forth to please me, I knew that my big-titted redhead slave understood what her Owner wanted.

I ran my fingers through her lustrous red hair. “Good whore” I said. “Good whore. That’s the way to serve your Master. That’s the way to worship your Owner.” I smiled as my prey serviced her sexual predator. I gripped her hair tightly and helped her head move according to my preferred rhythm. The bitch quickly caught on and began moving that way even without my guidance.

Since I had cum in her mouth so recently, I wasn’t ready to cum again too soon. As she grew tired of her efforts, I allowed her to rest for a while with my dick lodged firmly in her mouth. After a few minutes, I forced her to resume the blowjob. This pattern of suck, rest, suck continued on and off for an hour. By then, I was feeling ready to cum again. I grabbed her head with both hands and began to violently rape her mouth. My redheaded slave did her best to keep up with her Owner.

And then the moment arrived for her to eat her second load of cum. “I’m cumming, bitch!” I yelled. “I’m cumming in your mouth, whore!” This time I chose not to cum down her throat, but rather directly into her mouth. I wanted my beautiful slave to taste her Owner’s cum for the first time.

Placing a hand gently on her throat as I came in her mouth, I felt my slave swallowing her Owner’s cum on her own for the first time. After she had swallowed every drop, I withdrew my penis from her mouth. “Tell me ‘Thank your Master for cumming in my mouth’, Slave” I commanded.

She coughed. Then, speaking as clearly as she could manage with her mouth stretched wide by the spider gag, she said something that sounded roughly like “Thank you.”

I slapped her. “Not good enough, whore! Say ‘Thank you for cumming in my mouth, Master.’”

As tears ran down her face, she said as best she could “Thank you for cumming in my mouth, Master.”

I smiled. Then I put my dick back into her mouth. “Good whore” I said. “That’s what a slave must always say to her Master after he cums in her mouth.”

With my dick resting comfortably in my slave’s mouth, I decided to take a little nap. I woke up about a half hour later. My redheaded slave was also asleep. My dick was still in her mouth. She had no choice but to keep it there.

I withdrew my penis from my slave’s mouth. “I’ll bet you’re thirsty whore” I said.

The redhead raised her head, facing me with my unseeing eyes. As clearly as she could manage, she said “Yes, Master” her voice slightly hoarse and cracked.

I liked that she included my title in her response. “OK bitch” I said. “I have a container of water here with a straw. Would you like some?”

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