Chapter 50

Copyright© 2015 by Colin Barrett

In the end I drove us away from that dreadful barn in the same car that had brought me.

Lisa actually recovered from the ordeal more quickly than I did. Once she absorbed that Estrada and his troops were past tense she turned her attention first to Johnnie, who was beginning to stir a little, and then to me. By then I was shaking uncontrollably from the remnants of the adrenalin rush that had fueled my killing spree.

For a long time she simply held me. Finally the shaking began to subside, and I suddenly felt a great weariness.

"Are you OK now, Jackie?" she asked, stirring me out of torpor.

I nodded against her breast. Then I sat up, taking a huge breath. "Yes."

"I want to see," she said. She picked up John in one arm and stood, holding out her hand to me. Together we walked over to each of the bodies in turn, the Italian, Joe and lastly Estrada.

"How horrible," she said at the last, turning away. "It was Spook, wasn't it? The explosion and the lights."

"Yes," I said again. "Remember I told you Spook and I had a plan if Estrada took me? This was kind of a modified version of what we had in mind."

Pretty radically modified, I didn't tell her; our original thought had entailed a lot more complexity and no need for me to fight impromptu gunbattles, though the exploding laptop had been a key element. I gave silent thanks to my tenacious bodyguards at the resort; if I'd had to deal with all four of Estrada's men around I wouldn't have liked my chances very much.

I also didn't tell her the details of how Estrada had died. There are some things no wife needs to know about her husband.

"Let's go now, before Johnnie wakes up," she said. "I don't want him to see any of this. They had us down at a boathouse a little way away, we can go there. Or are you OK to drive? They have some cars here, I saw them."

The easiest was Joe; I dug through his pockets until I found the keys. I also pulled out his cell phone.

Only when we were sitting in the car did I use the phone to call Spook. It wasn't a familiar phone to him, and it was strange to hear my own voice answering "yes?"

"It's me," I said. "It worked; we're all right, Spike." The last was a code word to let him know I wasn't talking under duress; I'd have called him "Spook," as usual, if it had been otherwise.

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