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Science Fiction Story: Prologue - SES is a girl that is half human and half alien. Her destiny is to save the human race from extinction, or is it? Follow along as those who believe in her Fight for her and die for her to make sure that she always has the human race's best interests.

Caution: This Science Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   Spanking   Humiliation   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   Lactation   Exhibitionism   Nudism  

Sunday, July 23, 2023


My name is Aiko Tanaka, a direct descendant of the Tanaka clan of Osaka, Japan, or at least I used to be. I am 25 years old 5’ 2”, slim build with 36C breasts and well-muscled. It is a requirement of my new life to practice martial arts for two hours every day. I, along with my charge practice Tai Chi for an hour then Kung Fu including weapons for an hour. To the outside world I am the mother to a precocious 9 year old girl. But to those that are privy to the truth I am her personal assistant, her bodyguard, her sister and her mother. Since our parents died when Martha died in childbirth and Frank shot himself when I told him about it, I became the heir to the Stevens fortune and upon my 18th birthday became, officially, the President of the Board and CEO of Stevens Enterprises. The following is just some background before I get into the story of Samantha’s and my destiny.

Samantha’s human mother, Martha (Warren) Stevens was born into the Warren family; the founders of the Warren theaters. While her family was not the richest people she knew, she never wanted for anything. Her parents were millionaires; however, she did not know what true wealth was until she met Franklin Stevens, the man she would one day marry. By the time Frank was born his family was already worth billions.

Frank and Martha met when their respective boarding schools came together for a dance one warm spring day. It was love at first sight for both of them. Since boys and girls were not allowed to mingle they kept in contact through Skype, the most popular video chat software on the planet. After they had graduated and before attending college the two had decided to get married. The wedding was held on the Stevens property and had over 2000 guests in attendance from both families.

In order to be good stewards of the family wealth Frank took courses in finance and investing, while Martha, whose IQ was above average got her degree in applied mathematics. Frank and Martha were both in their mid-twenties when Martha was paid a visit by a being who called itself Thes of the House of Torin. The House of Torin was the ruling family in their province and direct descendants of the Monarchy.

Thes was of Royal lineage, while Martha was not, she was chosen because of her DNA and the wealth of her family. Thes told Martha that if the money was managed well the child would not deplete it completely, but would rely on it heavily in the beginning. Martha was 5’ 10” and 135 lbs. Red hair and green eyes. She also had an IQ of 185. After listening to what Thes had to say Martha agreed to create a child with Thes. Together they journeyed to Thes’ Home world of Ratac IV. There they used the advanced medical technology to combine Thes’ DNA with that of Martha. Martha was told that the child would be female, have white hair and light blue eyes and will have the speed, strength and reflexes of his race while still looking human. It is also common for Thes’ species to be hairless except for the hair on their heads. She will also have some of his mental abilities but to what extent he wasn’t sure due to the unknown factors of human DNA. So it was just a waiting game to see how the possibilities of human abilities would react to Thes’ abilities.

Thes had explained to Martha that the child would have 100% use of her brain. Of the mental abilities known in Thes’ family lineage she would have telekinetic and empathic abilities.

What I have told you so far was related to me by Martha herself. You see I have been Samantha’s caretaker since a month before her birth.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


I was in Macy’s passing the time on a boring Saturday when this lady approached me. She looked to be about mid to late 30’s, red hair and green eyes, a little taller than me; maybe 120 – 130 lbs.

“Excuse me,” she said as she approached.

I turned around to see if she was talking to me. “May I be of assistance, Ma’am?” I replied.

“I am looking for a Nanny to care for my daughter after she is born. Would you be interested in such a position?” she asked out of the blue.

“But you do not know me. How can you be certain I am not a danger to your child?” I asked apprehensively.

“I cannot explain at the moment, but if you will be at my home for dinner tonight I will interview you properly and explain why I ‘know’ you are the right person for the job. “My name is Martha Stevens. Show this card to the guard at the gate and he will allow you entrance to the property. A servant will meet you at the door. Dinner meetings are semi-formal, please dress to impress. Dinner is at 7:00 pm. Please be early.” She handed me an odd looking business card and walked away as if we had not spoken.

A nanny? Me? I had babysat when I was younger to help pay for my martial arts classes, but I never had any children of my own. I am only 16 years old. It was only 11:00 am so I had plenty of time to prepare for the dinner.

Since this part takes place more than 9 years prior to this writing, let me tell you more about myself. I am 16 years old from a lower middle class family. I am 5’ 2” tall with a slim but athletic build with 36C breasts. I have a 1st Dan black belt in Kung Fu. Because of my high intellect I was able to graduate high school two years early. I was currently free from educational requirements as I had chosen to take a year or two off before attending college. Since I was treated so poorly by other students because I was so young and so much smarter than they, I decided to wait two years and attend college at the same age as other students.

All through high school I studied martial arts. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I studied Kung Fu. At the age of 16 I had earned my 1st Dan Black belt in both. I continue to study to earn higher ranks but I have never had to use my skills except for competitions. I don’t really care about the trophies. I compete to know what it feels like to get hit, to get beaten and to know where my weaknesses are and where I need to improve. I don’t want to have to learn those lessons in a life or death fight. That could prove fatal.

I arrived home an hour and a half after getting in the taxi. I went to my room and sat on the edge of the bed. Taking the card out and taking a closer look at the address I was shocked to see it was Sands Point, Long Island. Now I understood the requirement to dress to impress.

My family was Japanese and taught traditional Japanese manners and some traditions, like bowing and removing your shoes when entering the house. I was born in America and attended American public schools so I was more American than Japanese in my mannerisms.

After looking at the card for a few minutes more I places it on my desk. Going to my walk-in closet I looked through my more dressy things to see if I had anything I thought appropriate for this dinner interview.

Sorting through the dresses I immediately dismissed the date dresses, the party dresses, the more slutty/sexy dresses, and the prom dresses, they just didn’t seem appropriate. Then I saw it, a dress I had purchased when my parents took me to a philharmonic concert. A black dress that came to about mid-thigh; with a vee cut in the back that came to just above my waist. I didn’t wear a bra with this kind of dress. To keep it from accidently falling from my shoulders it had a narrow strap that connected the two sides at the base of my neck. Since the opening in the back didn’t go all of the way to my waist I felt safe wearing the black shear lace thong I bought to go with the dress. That combined with the black shear stockings and the black open toe shoes with 4” heels completed the ensemble. I laid them all out on the bed placing the shoes on the floor.

After making my clothing choice for the evening I went down stairs to see if my parents were home and to fix a sandwich for lunch. While I was in the kitchen eating my lunch my mother came in.

“There you are, my daughter. Did you enjoy your time out shopping?” my mother asked.

I put my sandwich down and wiped my hands on the towel. I stood and approached my beautiful mother. “Yes I did, Mother. I had an interesting encounter with a strange woman. She made me an offer of employment and I would like to discuss it with you and Father,” I responded.

“Finish your meal and come to us. We will wait for you in the Den.” She said and left the kitchen.

I finished my sandwich and glass of milk slowly giving Mother and Father plenty of time to gather in the den and get seated, but not so slowly that they would get impatient. My parents would consider that disrespectful. I washed and dried my dishes and put them away, then went to the den to speak to my parents.

When I entered the den I walked around the sofa my parents were sitting on and bowed to them. “Good afternoon, honorable Father and Mother.” I started and proceeded to recount the events of the encounter with Mrs. Stevens. When I had finished the retelling I stood patiently waiting my parents’ response.

“Why would this stranger approach you and ask you to be the caretaker of her unborn child? Why would she risk the safety of her child with a complete stranger?” my father asked.

“I do not know, Father. I got the impression she knew me and that I was the only person in the world who could do this. Her confidence, when she approached me, is what convinced me to consider the offer. My clothes are already laid out. I need only to shower and have mother prepare my hair and makeup.” I responded.

“You are only 16 years old. Even though you have exceeded our expectations in your education and maturity, you are still young. I don’t understand why she would want a 16 year old to be her child’s caretaker. Because of your maturity and intelligence I will trust your judgment. You have our permission to attend this dinner and interview. Please explain to Mrs. Stevens that your final answer will have to wait until you have discussed the interview with us,” my father said to me.

I was shocked my father relented so quickly. Usually he is more thoughtful and protective of me. I pushed that thought to the back of my mind and gave my parents a respectful bow and left the room. I went back to my room and looked at the card one more time. Taking out my cell phone I called the number on the front of it.

“Stevens residence,” the voice said when the call was answered.

“My name is Aiko Tanaka. I spoke to Mrs. Stevens earlier today and was invited to dinner...” I started.

“Yes. Miss Tanaka. I was informed of your invitation. I will inform Mrs. Stevens that you have accepted her invitation. Dinner is at 7:00 pm please be here at 6:30,” the voice said.

“I will be there, thank you,” I said and hung up. I quickly dismissed the thought that flashed through my mind, it seemed odd that the voice would automatically think I was calling to accept the invitation rather than decline it.

At 3:00 pm my mother came to my room to help me prepare. While I was undressing she prepared my bath, adding fragrant salts and oils to the water. Naked I entered my private bath and stepped into the tub sighing as I sank into the hot bath. I relaxed as I allowed my mother to wash my body with the body wash. I never liked washing my hair in the tub so when Mother was finished with washing my body she pulled the plug to drain the tub and began to undress.

Now with both of us naked she set the water temperature in the shower and we stepped in together. Mother washed my hair twice and then turned off the shower. She grabbed one towel and partially dried my hair with it then proceeded to dry my body with another. As I sat at my dresser in the towel my mother took some time to dry herself and put on my bathrobe.

She worked on my hair and makeup for almost half an hour. It was going on 4:30pm and I was getting anxious. I didn’t want to be late. My mother helped me get dressed and we went downstairs much to my father’s approval at my appearance.

“You look very beautiful, my daughter,” he said to me.

“Arigatō, Chichi,” I said in Japanese as a sign or respect.

“I will drive you to your interview to be sure you are not late,” Father offered.

Since Mother was not dressed she stayed behind. Father and I drove in silence, which suited me as I was nervous and did not want it to show in my voice. We made it to the security gate for the Stevens property a few minutes early. I handed the card to Father and he showed it to the gate guard.

“Your name Miss,” the guard asked.

“Aiko Tanaka, to see Mrs. Stevens,” I answered.

“Yes. Miss Tanaka. You are expected,” he returned the card to my father who then gave it to me. “Please follow the drive to the main entrance,” he instructed.

The gate opened and we drove through all the way to the front entrance. It’s a good thing we arrived before 6:30 as the drive was pretty far from the gate. When we arrived at the front entrance to the Stevens residence, which looked like a small castle on the outside, a woman approached my door and opened it for me. She offered me her hand to help me out of the car. Before she closed the door she lean over and spoke to my father.

“You may return home, Mr. Tanaka. A limousine and driver will be provided to take Miss Tanaka home when the meeting is over,” the woman told him. She closed the car door and Father continued around the circle drive and back toward the gate.

My nervousness increased as I considered my situation. I was in Long Island alone at a stranger’s house; a house that looks like a castle, not knowing what to expect. My heels clicked on the concrete drive as I followed the woman into the house. Once inside I was greeted by Mrs. Stevens. The servant that met me at the car took the wrap I was wearing to keep my back and arms warm. There I stood before Mrs. Stevens wearing my sleeveless black dress with the open back, stockings and heels holding my small clutch purse.

“Please, Aiko, you do not need to be nervous. You will not be harmed while in my home. Anytime you wish to leave just say so and my driver will take you home. However if you leave early I will take it as a refusal of my offer,” she told me.

“I am nervous because I do not know what is expected of me,” I responded.

“Understood. I asked you to be here early so we would have a chance to talk privately before dinner. I will explain why I approached you. After I left you I had my bodyguard take your picture and do a preliminary search on you. I now know you are 16 years old and a high school graduate. So I understand why you had your dad bring you instead of driving yourself. So I must say this ... anything said tonight is absolutely confidential. Not even my husband knows what we will discuss, he only knows I am interviewing for a nanny,” she said as we walked to a sitting room where she closed and locked the door.

“Before we begin I will need you to sign this non-disclosure agreement. I need to be assured of your discretion before I can discuss this with you,” she said. I was close to panic when I heard her lock the door. “Please place your hand on my stomach, you can feel my daughter move,” she said with a smile. I relaxed a little when she offered that. As I stepped closer she raised her dress, exposing her lace panties and her stomach. I thought it odd that she would do that since I would have been able to feel the baby through her thin silk dress.

I reached out and placed my right hand on the side of her stomach and felt the baby move, immediately all of my nervousness was gone and I was as calm as if I was at home. That in itself seemed like it should scare me, but I couldn’t seem to lose the feeling of calm I felt. I bent my knees squatting down, placing my other hand on her belly for balance. I leaned forward and kissed the center of her belly then turned my head and rubbed my cheek against it. ‘Now why did I do that?’ I thought to myself. That was really weird. When I pulled away from her belly and resumed standing she smiled at me and lowered her dress. “Please be seated,” she stated and I sat on the love seat behind me, crossed my right leg over my left and smoothed my dress over my thighs. She took the chair across from me.

“As you can see my husband and I are quite wealthy. Our last net worth was more than 4 billion dollars, so you can understand the need for such secrecy,” she told me.

I sat there staring with my mouth hanging open, looking totally unlady-like. When I recovered I said, “With your money you could have any number of nannies beating a path to your door with far more experience and qualifications than I. I am sure some will even have a security clearance.”

“That’s not what Samantha wants. When I saw you in the store she told me to approach you and offer you the position,” she stated.

“Samantha?” I inquired. “Who is Samantha? I did not see you with another woman; just your bodyguard.”

“Samantha is the baby’s name.” she responded.

“Your baby has not yet been born, how can she speak to you?” I asked.

“This is where it gets interesting and this is the part you must never speak of to anyone until or unless Samantha gives her permission to do so. Do you understand?” I nodded but remain silent. “Frank, my husband, is not the biological father of my daughter, but he doesn’t know that.” In shock I breathed in sharply and covered my mouth with my hand. “If you think that is shocking wait till I tell you who the father is,” she said smiling.

You see Samantha is only half human; the other half is alien DNA. Due to her father’s DNA her intelligence is so high it can’t be measured by human testing. Her father told me she will have 100% use of her brain whereas humans only have access to 10%. Around the eighth month I heard her talk to me. She had developed a telepathic link with me. For about four weeks now I have been sensing her emotions and seeing images she sends to me. I think our connection is allowing her to see through my eyes, hear through my ears, and she can hear my voice and has already learned English,” she explained.

We continued to talk until a servant came to tell us that dinner was being served in the formal dining room. Mrs. Stevens stood and took my hand and pulled me to my feet. I expected her to release my hand but she continued to hold it so we walked to the dining room hand-in-hand, but for some reason it did not bother me. It was possible the babies ‘powers’ were keeping me from freaking out and running screaming from the house.

Dinner was an elaborate affair as far as I was used to. It was just Mr. and Mrs. Stevens and myself. We had a salad and clam chowder for an appetizer, then a wonderfully seasoned roast duck was served as the main course with vegetables and seasoned potatoes. For dessert we had just a bowl of common chocolate chip ice cream from Braums; my favorite. She really did check me out some.

I spoke with Mr. Stevens for about half an hour before a servant came up behind me and announced the car was waiting by the main entrance. Frank rose and took my left hand and kissed it. “It was a pleasure meeting you Miss. Tanaka. I look forward to you becoming Samantha’s nanny,” he stated as if it was already decided then left the room.

Mrs. Stevens walked around to my side of the table and took both of my hands and helped me up from my chair. Standing to my left side she took my left hand in her left hand intertwining her fingers with mine and wrapped her right arm around my back casually sliding her hand inside the back of my dress. She started to rub my back gently as we walked toward the front door. The caressing was mildly relaxing and arousing at the same time. By the time we reached the door my nipples were hard and poking noticeably out the front of the dress. Mrs. Stevens made as if she didn’t notice. When we got to the car she placed both of her hands on my sides and acted like she was admiring my dress but I suspected she was just trying to feel me up. Her hands brushed the sides of my breasts making my nipples even harder, but she never touched them.

“You and I are not so different in size. I have some dresses and things that may fit you. I would love it if you would try on a few and see if they fit. If they do you may keep them,” she offered.

“I would love to see your dresses.” I told her, clearly intrigued.

“Sharon, please let David know she will be delayed an hour or so. Have him stand down until called for.” Mrs. Stevens announced.

“Yes, Mistress.” Sharon responded, then walked outside.

“Come with me and we’ll see what we can find for you.” Mrs. Stevens commanded and turn to walk away.

I quickly followed, my heels clicking on the marble floor. I made it half way to the stairs when she stopped and turned to me. She squatted in front of me and unbuckled my shoes and removed them, then rolled my stockings down and pulled them off; Leaving me standing barefoot in the Great Room. I looked at her in bewilderment when she stood back up. “Shoes are not allowed upstairs and the clicking of them on the marble was loud and annoying. Only guests are allowed to wear shoes when they are here for official reasons. Once the dinner and the interview were over your official reason for being here ended. Now your guest status is more relaxed.”

With that being said she once more headed for the stairs, still carrying my shoes. By the time we reached the top of the stairs Sharon had joined us. Mrs. Stevens turned and handed my shoes to Sharon. “Take these to the foyer and leave them with the rest. Miss. Tanaka can retrieve them when she is ready to leave.” I notice Mrs. Steven had removed her shoes as well, but kept them with her.

She turned, continuing on to her room when she stopped at an empty bedroom. It had a king sized bed and a dresser, but little else. “This will be your room if you decide to take the position.” She stated, turned and continued on. I stood looking at the plain empty room then hurried to catch up. The next door we came to was hers. Apparently, she and her husband slept in separate bedrooms.

As if reading my mind, she said, “Frank and I sleep in separate rooms because he snores and has erratic sleeping times. He may stay up all night working while I prefer to have regular hours.” We entered her room and headed for the biggest walk-in closet I have ever seen.

I was standing in the door of the closet, which was a double width French Door. Mrs. Stevens opened both doors and turned on the lights. I was full of the best quality clothes I have ever seen. With her money I would expect nothing less. Starting from the left going clock-wise was all dresses along the left wall. They were separated by style. Casual everyday dresses followed by business style, then informal evening wear and last formal wear that would be seen walking a red carpet or visiting the White House.

On the back wall were blouses and skirts, jackets and some lingerie. I walked along the two walls turning the hangers to get a better look at the clothes. Mrs. Stevens just stood in the door watching, a smile on her face. The third wall was split in half. The top half was row upon row of shelves tilted forward and filled with all manner of women’s shoes. Not a single tennis shoe or anything common in the entire collection. What was there was everything from sandal flats to casual heels to dress heels to boots, but not a cowboy or girl boot, she just wasn’t the type.

I opened the drawers to see what was in them. What I found was amazing; lingerie of all types. Stockings, bras, panties, and teddies; to name a few. After making the circuit I returned to the door to stand next to Mrs. Stevens.

“Did you see anything you like?” she asked.

“They are all so beautiful and look expensive. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. May I ask why you are doing this? Just one of your dresses costs more than my Dad makes in a month.” I responded.

She placed her right hand gently on my left cheek and smiled. For some reason I can’t explain I leaned my head into her touch closing my eyes. I raised my hand and placed in on top of hers, turned my head and kissed the palm of her hand. I suddenly realized what I was doing, opened my eye quickly, pulled her hand away and took a step back. “I’m sorry, Ma’am. I don’t know why I did that.”

“It’s quite alright. I noticed you have a bit of a submissive side. Now let’s get this dress of so you can try on a few items.” She said as she reached around my neck to unfasten the catch on the strap holding my dress up. I didn’t know what to say; I just stood there and let her do it. I covered my breasts with my arms as she let the dress fall to the floor.

She grabbed my arms and pulled them away from my breasts exposing them, saying, “Never cover yourself, you should never be ashamed of your beauty,” she commanded me.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I answered quietly. So I stood there for a moment in just my panties with my arms at my sides. She started to rifle through her casual dresses and picked out a nice emerald green summer dress with spaghetti straps. She slipped it from the hanger and held it out to me. I slipped my arms in and she worked it over my head and down my sides. I stepped to the full length mirror to see how it looked on me. It was gorgeous. My shoulders were bare except for the very thin spaghetti straps. The top of the dress came to the top of my breasts in the front and the bottom of my shoulder blades in the back.

Mrs. Stevens was right about us being the same size. The was of the dress was form fitting and flared a bit at the hips to be loose around my legs. The length came to mid-thigh. The fabric was so light it tickled a bit as it rubbed my legs. Mrs. Stevens came up behind me and placed her hands on my sides. “Lift your arms out to the sides,” she instructed. I raised my arms straight out. She twisted the dress a bit to make sure it was straight. Then raised her hands to cup the bottom of my breasts. Cupping them in her hands as if she was testing their weight. Releasing them she adjusted the front of the dress by pulling it down to show the tops and a hint of the areolae. “There, that’s much better,” she said. “Remove it and place it on the bed. Then we will look at something worthy of a night out.”

I pulled the dress over my head and carried it to the bed. I laid it out on the bed so it wouldn’t wrinkle. When I went back to the closet she had picked out a few more of her casual summer dresses and handed them to me. I spread them out on top of the green one. This time when I got back to the closet she was looking through some really short dresses I thought would look good wearing to a club.

The first one she pulled out was a beautiful strapless with black side panels and red front and back panels. She removed the hanger and looked at me standing there in my panties. “This type of dress is form fitting and will show panty lines. You need to remove your panties to try this one on. Here hold the dress and I’ll help you with them.” She draped the dress over my right arm and stepped closer to me. Placing her hands on the small of my back she slid her fingers under the waistband and then her hands slid slowly down over my butt cheeks. I closed my eyes and leaned against her shoulder, a small moan escaped involuntarily from my throat. She gently squeezed my butt cheeks before sliding around to the sides. She then pushed down and I stepped out of them. As nervous as I was I must admit I was turned on by the sensuousness of her touch and by the nudity in front of a veritable stranger.

I saw her toss them off to the side but didn’t see where they went. Being that close to my vagina I am certain she could smell my arousal. She stood and took the dress, unzipped the zipper on the left side and helped slip it over my arms and head. She was right it was tight. She zipped it up while I held my arms above my head. Once she had it zipped up she ran her hands down the sides to the hem to straighten the seams. She led me to the mirror so I could see how it looked.

“Oh my god! It looks fantastic!” I exclaimed spontaneously. “The colors go very well with my skin tone. It’s showing a lot of my legs.”

“Yes it does. It’s supposed to.” She reached down to the hem and I jumped when I felt her touch the bottom of my butt cheeks and the back of my thighs. “It’s about two inches below your ass. That’s a good length unless you want people to think you’re a slut, which I don’t want that for you. I want you to be beautiful, elegant, sexy even, but never slutty. It’s not befitting of your new status.”

“New status? I haven’t accepted the position, yet. I cannot until I speak with my Father about it.” I told her. “I mean no disrespect, Mrs. Stevens, but why do you have a dress such as this? It just doesn’t seem to fit your lifestyle or your personality.”

She laughed. “Busted. You are correct. The dresses you have tried on so far were purchased just last night for you. I didn’t want you to think I was pressuring you, bribing or coercing you into taking the position. I was hoping you would think I was just being generous in sharing some of my high-end clothes,” she explained. “I will have them moved to the empty room I showed you so you will have something more fitting to the class you will be living if you are able to accept my offer.”

“That is very generous of you. I love the clothes. The ones I have tried on so far make me feel beautiful as much as I look it.”

“I can tell you are a bit aroused, as well. I can smell how turned on you are,” she said as she reached under the front of the dress. I gasped and tensed as she raked her finger across my vulva, sipping a finger between my lips as she did. She pulled her hand away and ran the wet finger on my lips and kissed me. I convulsed a bit in orgasm and she wrapped her arms around me to keep me from falling.

“Oh my god! I am so sorry. I’m so ashamed that I reacted that way. I have never been touched by another woman other than my mother.” I knelt at her feet and covered my face in embarrassment. I cried because of my shame. She grabbed my shoulders gently and lifted me to my feet. I stood there with my hands clasped in front of me with my head bowed. She touched my chin with her right hand and lifted my head. “Look at me, Aiko.”

I lifted my head and looked her in the eye. Maybe I am as submissive as she said. I just thought I was being gentle and respectful to others. “You have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about! There is absolutely nothing wrong with anything that has happened here this evening. I understand the culture you were raised in. Regardless of what you were taught, you are a teenager. Your body is flooding your system with hormones. You are going to have feelings and thoughts and no one you can talk to; certainly not your traditional parents.

“Now, I want you to jump up and down like you do when dancing.” She instructed. “I want to see if your breasts with pop out if you go dancing.”

I began to lightly bounce at the knees. “No! Raise your arms above your head and jump up and down as I instructed,” she admonished, then reached around and swatted my left butt cheek with her right hand. I gave a surprised squeal and raised my arms up as if I was reaching for the ceiling and jumped high enough for my feet to leave the floor.

I looked down to see if they were coming out of the dress; they were. The top of the dress was now below my nipples and my breasts were bouncing. “Stop!” she commanded.

I stopped, but kept my arms above my head, but bent them at the elbows and rested them on my head. She pulled the dress back up and reinserted my breasts back into the dress.

“You will have to be aware of that if you ever wear this to a dance.” She commented. “You can put your arms down. I bought a pair of boots to go with this dress.” She walked over to the section with the boot and grabbed a pair of black knee high leather boots. They had a bright red pattern up the sides of the boots with a zipper on the inside of the leg. She knelt in front of me and helped me put them on. I looked at myself in the full length mirror. I LOVED THEM! Oh my god! I looked so hot!

“Aiko, turn to face me.” Mrs. Stevens ordered.

I turned and immediately saw a camera flash. She had taken a picture of me in the dress and boots, my hair flowing down my back. The jumping had caused it to fall free. My mother had braided it tightly and rolled it into a bun, then held it in place with traditional Japanese hair pins; the pins were six inches long. Now the pins were in the floor and the braid hung free.

“It’s getting late and you need to be getting home. I will have one of the house keepers move the clothes to the other room. If you take the position you will have some appropriate clothes to start with. That way you won’t have to go shopping so soon after moving in,” Mrs. Stevens stated.

“I already have a full wardrobe, Mrs. Stevens.” I retorted.

“I’m sure you do. As billionaires we are in a higher class than your parents. No doubt all or most of your clothes are common off the shelf items from the mall. That gives the image of middle class or lower. I cannot have you giving off that image living here and associating with other wealthy people. Since you will be part of the one percenters, you will need to look the part. I will teach you to act the part as needed.” She explained.

“I understand.” I told her. I unzipped the dress and worked it down. I stepped out of it and picked it up and draped it over a chair near one corner. I sat in the chair and removed the boots. I was pleased at how well they fit. Mrs. Stevens was a pretty good judge of my size judging from just a picture. After that small orgasm earlier I wasn’t as aroused, but I was still simmering. I might have to play with myself when I get home to work the rest off. I put the boots back on the shelf where Mrs. Stevens got them, then walked completely nude out into the bedroom to put my dress back on. I didn’t dare wear any of the new dresses home or I’d have to explain too much to my father.

As I was walking toward the bed, but still in the closet, Mrs. Stevens took another picture of me; this time fully nude. “Why did you take a picture of me nude? Please don’t post that to the internet!” I asked in tears.

“I am not that cruel. I may show it to some of my friends that are into girls, but I would never make it public. That would be too crass, even for me. Give me you cell number and I will forward both pictures to you,” She explained.

Before I put my dress back on I gave her my cell number, then checked my cell as I heard the texts come in. I did look awesome in the dress. Not sure how I felt about the nude pic, but I knew I had a nice body. I finally finish dressing in my original dress. Once I was dressed I went back into the closet and retrieved my hair pins. I looked for my panties, but couldn’t see them anywhere on the floor.

“Where are my panties, Mrs. Stevens?” I asked, searching frantically.

“I tossed them out and one of the housekeepers disposed of them. They were soiled anyway. You will just have to go home without them,” she told me.

Dejectedly I replied, “Yes, Ma’am.” And we walked to the front door. Sharon was waiting there for us. I had my clutch purse in my left hand while Mrs. Stevens held my right hand. I felt a hand on my right leg and looked down to see Sharon kneeling behind me. She had my shoes and stockings with her. I shifted my weight and allowed her to put my stocking and shoe on, then shifted again so she could do the other foot. Mrs. Stevens leaned in and kissed me again. I felt her tongue brush my lips and parted my lips to allow her access. We kissed for several seconds and I felt Sharon adjust my dress. When the kiss broke, Sharon put my hair back up in the bun as it originally was.

“I will speak with my parents and explain the position you are offering. I will not mention the other that you told me about. I will call you tomorrow with my answer,” I told her. With that she took my right hand and raised her dress slightly and placed my hand on her stomach again. A wave of dizziness overcame me and I nearly collapsed. The driver quickly caught me in his arms and carried me to the car setting me gently into the back seat of the limousine.

I leaned my head back against the seat and closed my eyes. When I felt the driver shaking my shoulder waking me I stepped out of the limousine, thanking the driver I rushed into the house. I kicked off my heels and ran up the stairs to my room.

I had been in my room for only a few minutes and had just removed my dress when my mother knocked on the door. When she entered I was standing there nude. I tossed the dress on my bed and turned to face my mother. “My mind is swirling in confusion and indecision. Inform Father that I wish to consider the offer overnight and will speak to him after breakfast tomorrow.” I told her.

“I will do as you ask, my daughter,” she replied as she turned and left the room.

After putting the clothes in the hamper and the shoes back in their place in my closet I got a regular pare of panties from my dresser and a long t-shirt.

I sat on my bed leaning against the headboard and clutching my pillow to my chest. I sat there for a few hours considering everything Mrs. Stevens told me. About the alien, about the duties and what would be expected of me. I have watched children before but I have never cared for a newborn infant. I was scared of doing something stupid and harming the child.

“Aiko, do not be concerned about harming me. I will be easy to care for. Take the position. I will need you to help me reach my destiny. As for my mother, she will not hurt you. Be good to her and she will make your life pleasurable,” I heard a voice speak in my head.

I screamed into my pillow freaking out at hearing a voice in my head. “Ohmygod! I’m losing it. I’m hearing voices now. What did they put in my drink?” I said to myself. I really was freaking out. I was crying hysterically into my pillow now. I did not want to alarm my parents so they wouldn’t commit me or something.

‘Aiko, my love, you are not crazy. I am Samantha. The child you will be taking care of. Please do not be upset. When you touched my mother’s belly a second time I bonded with you, which allowed me to connect with your mind. Be calm and sleep. I will watch over your mind and your heart. In the morning you can tell your father that after considering the offer you would like to accept it. You will still have the opportunity to continue your education if you choose. You will be able to continue your martial arts training with the best instructors. Sleep, my love, we will talk again,” Samantha said gently to my mind. I crawled under the covers and promptly fell asleep.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Even without an alarm clock I have always been an early riser. I removed my sleep shirt and panties and put on a pair of spandex shorts and a halter top. After putting on some ankle socks and my running shoes I went down stairs out the front door and started doing some warmup exercises. I am proud of my slim athletic build. I love looking at my body in the mirror so I work hard to keep it this way, watching what I eat, as well.

I don’t normally run on Sundays, but with so much on my mind I needed the time to think and clear my mind. During the run I reconsidered what Mrs. Stevens told me and what baby Samantha said last night about my continuing education and training. By the end of my ten mile run I had decided to accept the position.

I quickly made my way to my room. Stripping out of my running clothes I took a quick shower and dressed in denim shorts and a cotton t-shirt. I got downstairs just as Mother was serving breakfast.

“Daughter, while you were out on your run Mrs. Stevens called. She is concerned about your age. She mentioned that you have to be eighteen to be a nanny in this state.” Father started out saying.

Oh no! Just as I had decided to accept the position she is going to withdraw the offer.

“I see the worry on your face. Do not be alarmed. You are just fourteen months away from being eighteen so there is no reason to pursue emancipation. She has asked our permission to allow you to move in and be a live-in babysitter. We have come to an agreement that will benefit all of us. Mrs. Stevens will explain everything the next time she sees you. When you turn eighteen they will officially make you the baby’s nanny. Your mother and I have agreed to this if you do,” he finished.

The look of relief on my face was noticed by all. I was even smiling. I told them both that I had decided to accept the position and agreed to the new terms. “Father, meaning no disrespect, but all of my life you have been most strict with every aspect of my life. Why do you agree to this arrangement so readily? I have not even discussed with you what Mrs. Stevens and I talked about,” I said, apprehensive about how my father may react.

“Daughter, after you went on your run, Mrs. Stevens called and talked to us most extensively. She told us about your pay and benefits, about your continuing education and the instructors that will further your martial arts training,” he explained. “We had agreed to allow you this opportunity of a lifetime before you finished your shower. Even if I had refused her offer you would most likely have left for college when you turned eighteen. We knew eventually you would be out from under our rules and on your own. I knew her offer was better than you going off to college like every other high school graduate. You may miss out on the college lifestyle and experience, but I believe this opportunity will be much better. She also said that you will not need to bring anything with you except your birth certificate, Social Security card, and state issued ID. Your room has already been prepared and a new wardrobe will be provided for you,” Father told me.

“Thank you, honorable Father and Mother,” I said as I bowed my head to them in respect. I quickly finished my breakfast and hurried to my room.

“I am coming, Samantha,” I thought to myself, smiling. A wave of warmth and love washed over me and my smile widened. I grabbed my phone and called Mrs. Stevens.

“Mrs. Stevens? This is Aiko Tanaka. I am accepting your offer, including what you discussed with my parents this morning,” I informed her. It didn’t occur to me that Father never told me the deal he had struck with Mrs. Stevens that I had just blindly agreed to. I most likely would not have accepted the offer if I had known then and would have missed out on everything. I am glad I didn’t know.

“That is wonderful news,” she responded. “I will send the car for you and will see you soon. Remember you need only bring personal items that are important to you. I will buy you a completely new wardrobe; formal, informal, workout, play clothes, everything; nothing is too good for the one caring for my child. She is due in four weeks and I want you settled in and ready to receive her. See you soon.”

While waiting for the limousine to arrive, I grabbed my backpack and began packing what I wanted to take with me. Since she said not to bring any of my clothes I changed into a pair of jeans and a light blue blouse and sneakers. Nothing I would miss if they were discarded. I packed my GIs, the uniforms I wore when training and competing. Since I carried my weapons back and forth to training they were already packed in their carry cases.

The Limousine arrived ten minutes later. She must have sent it before I called and had it waiting nearby. My father carried my weapons down stairs to the front door where the driver put them in the trunk of the car. I carried the small gym bag with my GIs and pictures of my family, my laptop and my cell phone. I made sure I had my chargers and took one last look around my room. I didn’t care about the trophies so I left them behind. When I arrived at the front door the driver took my bag and placed it in the trunk next to my weapons.

The ride was quiet since I had no one to talk to, so I just stared out of the window and watched the scenery go by. Now I see why she sent the car early, traffic was very heavy and it took almost three hours to get to the Stevens’ home. When we arrived the driver came around the car and opened my door and helped me out. “Mrs. Stevens is waiting for you in the sitting room where you had your interview. I will take your things to your room,” he said.

“Thank you,” I replied and walked into the house. When I first entered the house I was greeted by one of the housekeepers. “Please, Miss., Mrs. Stevens has requested that you remove your shoes and leave them here. Shoes are not allowed in the house except in the servant quarters,” she instructed then knelt in front of me and started untying my shoes. First, she lifted my right foot and gently removed the shoe and my ankle sock and set it aside stuffing my sock into the shoe, then she lifted my left foot and removed the shoe and sock. Stuffing the sock into the shoe she then set my foot down and picked up the shoes and walked away.

Thinking she was taking the shoes to my room I proceeded to the sitting room barefoot; after all, this is my home now. When I arrived I saw Mrs. Stevens sitting in the same chair with her eyes closed and rubbing her belly. Her dress was pulled up showing her legs and red lace panties. Without opening her eyes she said, “Please come in and close the door,” Wondering how she knew I was there I stepped inside and turned to close the door.

Leaving her dress pulled up the whole time she continued to address me. “Come stand in front of me,” she commanded. I walked slowly to where she was sitting and stopped directly in front of her. “Kneel down, place your hands on my knees and spread my legs apart. Move forward on your knees until you can touch my stomach.”

Not understanding why she was having me do this my body moved as commanded before I realized it. I was now kneeling on the floor between her legs; face just inches from her panty clad vagina. My hands had slid up her thighs and now rested on either side of her stomach. The scent of her vagina causing me to become dizzy and somewhat aroused; my nipples were hard and my vagina was getting wet, yet I made no move to show it. I closed my eyes and breathed in her scent, another wave of dizziness came over me and I swayed a bit. I leaned in closer to her and kissed her belly. Mrs. Stevens put her hands on my head and moved my air out of the way. I was moving my hands around her belly rubbing and gently massaging it; all the while kissing around it. I had moved up some more to kiss the top of her belly and felt my right breast rub against her vagina.

I stopped kissing and turned my head and laid it on her belly gently, making sure not to put too much weight on it. I knelt there listening to Samantha’s heart beat for a little while when I heard her speak to me again. “Aiko, it is good to feel you close to me again. I can feel your love for me in your caresses and in your kisses. I not only welcome you to my home, but I welcome you to my family. You belong to us now,” Samantha said to me.

I raised my head and looked up at Mrs. Stevens. “What does she mean I belong to you now?” I asked.

Mrs. Stevens sat up in her chair and lowered her dress. I scooted back and continued to kneel there in the floor at her feet my hands now folded in my lap. “When I spoke to your father this morning and explained the job to him he was not inclined to let you have the position. He was pretty closed minded about the whole idea. So I made him an offer,” she said looking me in the eyes.

“He mentioned that he had spoken to you. What offer?” I inquired.

“Please don’t get upset, but I offered him 10 million dollars if he and his wife would sign over their parental rights. He agreed,” she told me.

That explains why he was so willing to let me go. My parents sold me like I was a piece of furniture. With tears in my eyes I jumped up to flee the room. Just as I reached the door Mrs. Stevens called out to me, “Young lady, you will stop right there!” I froze with my hand on the door knob. With tears running down my face, shaking with fear and anger I released the door knob and turned to see her standing just inches from me. She reached up and pinched my left ear and twisted it. I cried out in pain and followed her leaning forward. She led me back to the spot in front of the chair before releasing my ear, then she slapped me with her left hand. At first I was shocked and pissed. I was about to slap her back when I realized my vagina was wet. Her rough treatment of me was turning me on even more than I was earlier. I am a virgin and never knew I had such a submissive tendency. I lowered my eyes to the floor submitting to my new mistress; for I now believed I had just been sold into slavery by my parents.

What my mistress did next surprised me even more, she reach for the front of my blouse and ripped it open popping all of the buttons off. When she had jerked it off my shoulders and down my arms she tossed it to the floor several feet away. I covered my bra clad 36C breasts with my arms and she slapped me again. “You will never cover yourself. If I want you naked and on display then you will stand there and be on display. You will learn to overcome your shyness; you will overcome your embarrassment and fear. So from now until I say otherwise you will go naked 24 hours a day.” She produced a pair of shears from somewhere. “Now, I told you I did not want you to bring any of your clothes with you. That includes what you are wearing.” She used the shears to cut the front strap of my bra and removed it from me. Tossing it next to my ruined blouse, I now stood before her completely topless. She then knelt in front of me and starting from the bottom of my left leg she cut upward to the waistband, then did the same to the right leg. When she was done with the legs of my jeans she cut both sides of the waistband making sure I could never wear them again. Tossing the worthless jeans next to the rest of my ruined clothes she then cut my panties from me leaving me standing completely nude in front of her. “Now, that’s more like it. Oh wait, one more thing,” she stated matter-of-factly. Going to the table next to her chair she returned with what looked like a collar. She put it around my neck and fastened it in the back with a small padlock. “You will remain like this until I say you can wear clothes again. Is that clear Miss. Stevens?”

At hearing her call me ‘Miss. Stevens’ instead of Miss Tanaka I jerked my head up and looked at her questioningly. “Yes, I called you Miss Stevens on purpose. When your parents agreed to sign over their parental rights Frank had our lawyer add in adoption papers. For some reason Samantha has chosen you. She has not only chosen you to be her caretaker, but to be her sister was well. Welcome to the family, Aiko Stevens,” she informed me.

By now my vagina was so wet I could feel it running down the inside of my legs. I’m sure my new ‘mother/mistress’ could smell it in this closed room. If she could she made no mention of it.

“Until the baby is born you will help the housekeepers clean the house, you will help the groundskeepers with the yard and you will help the driver wash the cars. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I answered.

“I am not your mistress and you are not a slave, the collar is a sign that you belong to this family. As you will notice all of my servants wear one just like it. As soon as the paperwork is filed with the courts you will be my adopted daughter; however, I will still punish you if you need it so don’t start getting a snobby attitude just because you are wealthy,” she told me.

“No, mother. I was not brought up that way. I will continue to be the dutiful and respectful daughter,” I told her.

“See that you do. This evening when your chores are done for the day one of the other servants will show you to your room. Until then you can pick up those disgusting rags you wore here and I will show you where to discard them. She walked to the door and opened it and I followed her through carrying what used to be my clothes. I was thinking about what she said about me not bringing ‘any’ of my old clothes and wondered if she expected me to come here naked.

I followed her through the house; the other servants would look at me briefly and go back to their work. We soon came to a utility room with a large door mid-way up the wall. The word incinerator stenciled above it. Mother opened the door took the rags from me and tossed them in. There on the ledge inside the door were my shoes and socks. She pushed them into the incinerator with my clothes and closed the door and pressed the button to ignite the burners. “Normally we only run the incinerator at the end of the week, but this time I want to make sure you can’t retrieve those rags,” she said.

“I would never disobey your orders, Mother. You said I had to stay naked until you say I can get dressed. I will obey,” I replied.

She placed a hand on my left shoulder and spun me around and gently pushed me from the utility room. She led me to the kitchen where she introduced me to the family chef, Sheri. We then went outside; the sun was warm on my naked skin so I didn’t mind it too much. Even though I was not all that ashamed of my body, I liked it as a matter-of-fact; it was still embarrassing to walk outside for others to see me. We walked around back where she introduced me to the groundskeepers, Juan, Carlos and Julio. She then took me to the garage where she introduced me to the driver, David. I wondered what his name was; he doesn’t talk much so I never knew it.

She didn’t take me to the gate house. It was a quarter mile down the driveway and too close to the street for my tastes. I didn’t mind being an exhibitionist for the family and servants, but I was not ready to be one for the general public. When we had completed the rounds outside of the house she took me back inside and introduced me to Sharon, the head of the household servants. The servants went to her, then she approached Mother. It was easy to see that the women ran this household.

“Sharon, this is Aiko Tanaka, the newest member of the Stevens household. She has not been shown her room yet; you may do so only at the end of the day. She is to remain undressed until I say she can wear clothes again. She is under your command until the adoption papers are filed. Treat her well,” Mother told her then walked away leaving me standing naked in front of Sharon.

“Until the adoption papers are filed you are under my command just as your mother said. That means you are nothing more than another servant in this house. Come with me, Aiko,” she told me, then attached a leash to the loop on the front of the collar and started to walk away. I followed her upstairs to one of the bedrooms where one of the housekeepers, a young girl about my age was changing the sheets on the bed. “Aiko, this is Chrystal, she will be your trainer until you are no longer under my command. You will obey her in everything just as you would me or your mother. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I replied. Then she turned and left, leaving the leash hanging from the collar.

Chrystal stepped up to me took the leash in her hands and said, “I see you are getting the same treatment we all got when we started here. If it will make you more comfortable I will be nude with you.” I didn’t say anything but just nodded my head. I considered her lithe body and decided I would like to see it nude and having us working together. I hoped she would be my friend, too. “Great! Follow me and we can go to my room I will leave my clothes there,” she said with a broad smile.

And so began my new life as she led me to her room by my leash.

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