My Mom's Best Friend
Chapter 1

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A teenage boys fantasy about his Mothers best friend.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   High Fantasy  

Auntie Brenda (Lesson One)

I was seventeen years old and was, I suppose I was more than a little naïve for my age. I had left school a year earlier and was still a virgin. I had had a few girlfriends, but except for a couple of groping sessions my sexual experience was virtually non-existent. This was back in the swinging sixties but I was certainly missing out on the permissive side of it. At the time I was living with my parents in Wolverhampton and working on the railway, working odd hours and weekends, so I was quite often at home during the day while my parents were out at work. One of these days, I remember fondly, it was the start of one of the most memorable parts of my life.

I was in my bedroom, reading one of the porn magazines of that era. Parade and forum were my favourites at the time. I preferred reading about sex to just looking at pictures. I was probably wanking over one of the stories in one of them and fantasising that I was the chap getting all the fun. It was a warm day and my window was open and I heard someone outside in the back garden. I got off the bed and looked out over our back yard. My mum's friend was hanging out washing. They lived next door but one to us. She was a good friend of my mums and would regularly be round our house so I saw quite a lot of her. To me she was old, she must have been in her late thirties or early forties but to a seventeen year old any one over thirty was old. She had short blonde hair and I don't think I ever saw her without at least a small amount make up on. I only ever saw her wearing skirts or dresses unlike my Mum who often wore trousers. My brothers and I used to call her Auntie Brenda. You didn't use first names for your elders in those days. We had respect for anyone older than we were then.

Anyway Auntie Brenda was the object of many of my teenage wanks. I watched her for about five minutes before she went back indoors I checked out the washing and when I saw what she had hung out and my cock grew stiffer in my jeans. There were about half a dozen of pairs of knickers and a couple of bras and sundry items of female under wear. She'd been washing what my Mum called her smalls. I went and lay back on the bed, my cock, rock hard. I started to read again and found the next story I turned to was one about a young lad having sex with an older woman. It doesn't much imagination to guess who I was thinking about as I read the story and stroked my cock. Thoughts of what Auntie Brenda would look like wearing just what she'd just pegged on the washing line filled my head. I was feeling really horny and suddenly decided that my fist wasn't going to be enough for me this time.

I was shaking as I walked up her front path. I almost bottled out as I thought about what I was about to do. But now I'm glad I didn't. I went round the back and knocked on the door. Auntie Brenda opened the door and smiled. "Hello Mike, no work today," she said. "Rest day," I replied, my heart pounding so hard I thought it would burst out of my chest. "What do you want, love," she asked. It was my Mums birthday in a couple of weeks and I knew that she would know this, so I told her I had bought Mum a present and wanted to know what she thought about it. She said okay and asked where it was. I told her it was at home and would she mind coming round and telling me what she thought. She told me she would be round in about ten minutes as she was a bit busy at the time. I went back home and was still shaking like a leaf when she finally knocked on the back door.

I let her in and told her the present was in my bedroom. She didn't bat an eyelid and followed me upstairs. My knees were nearly collapsing under me as I led the way. As soon as we got into the bedroom, I pushed her backwards onto the bed and like the young idiot I was went straight for her tits. Grabbing at them and squeezing them hard. She pushed me off, stood up and yelled at me. "What the hell do you think you're doing Mike?" she shouted. "What's come over you. If you're after what I think you're after, forget it I'm old enough to be your Mother." I just stood there, like a naughty schoolboy, hanging my head. "Did you think I was just going to let you... ," her voice trailed off. I mumbled that I was sorry and I think I even started to cry a bit. "Your Mother will kill you when I tell her," she said. She was right, my life wouldn't be worth living. "Oh please Auntie Brenda, don't tell Mum," I begged, "please don't tell her." "Why shouldn't I," she yelled, "you were going to rape me." I hadn't thought of it that way. In the stories I had read, the woman always gave in and invariably enjoyed getting fucked by a younger cock.

"I'm sorry Auntie Brenda, I'm sorry. Please don't tell Mum." "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't," she snapped. "I'll do anything, but don't tell her. Please." I was frantic now. I knew my Mum would lay into me something awful and my Dad would belt the living daylights out of me. She sat back down on the bed and looked at me. "Have you ever been with a girl Mike?" she asked. I hung my head again and mumbled that I hadn't. When I looked back up at her I could see a look amusement mixed with the anger. I stood there, hands behind my back as she looked at me with an almost pitying look. "You mean you've never used that?" she laughed, nodding at my crotch, where my cock had now totally collapsed. When I'd pushed her onto the bed it had been rock hard but now after the humiliation of the bollocking she'd just given my it was totally lifeless. I saw her smile. "I tell you what," she said, "let me see if it was worth you getting into trouble over and I might not tell your Mother." I stood there frozen to the spot, she'd called my bluff and I didn't know what to do.

"Don't tell me you've gone shy," she said, "you were going to make me see it at the very least see it ten minutes ago." I was still frozen to the spot though and was sweating like a pig. "Come here," she snapped, her eyes steely. I took a step towards her and she put her hand out to stop me. "That's near enough," she said. "I can see from here, now show me." I was shaking but I managed to lower my zip. I was still completely soft so it took a bit of a struggle to get it out and when I did, she just burst out laughing. "And just what did you think you were going to do with that," she laughed. I must having been scarlet, she was really putting me through it now and I felt like a proper idiot.

"So you've never seen where that should go Mike?" she said, still laughing, "and I don't mean in a book." I looked down at my feet again and shook my head. When I looked back up again, she wasn't sitting up any more. She was laying back down on the bed, her head turned to one side looking at me. "Come here," she snapped. Almost in a trance, I took a step forwards her. "closer," she snapped again. I took another step towards her. "Well," she said, "there's one right here," patting the base of her stomach and pulling her skirt up slightly. "Would you like to see it?" I was gob smacked and just stood there like a goldfish, opening and closing my mouth, with no sound coming out of it. Back in those days, tights were not the thing that ordinary women wore, so she was wearing stockings. I knew this because I could see, what us lads jokingly called the 'chuckle band', the darker strip at the top of the stockings. The joke was that once you got past that you were laughing.

Although the sight of her lying there had frozen my vocal chords, it was having the opposite effect on another part of my anatomy. My shrivelled maggot of a cock was rapidly coming back to life again. Now although I didn't know it at the time there were a lot of men like me. My cock was tiny when it was soft but grew way out of all proportion when it got hard. Soft, I was not much more than two inches but when I had a good hard on I was a good seven. I'd been circumcised so my knob was always on show and that grew in proportion to my cock. I saw her smile when she saw my reaction. "Now that's more like it," she said, "not the best I've seen, but nothing to be ashamed of." Her compliments only made it grow even more.

"Closer," she said, "move closer." I stepped forward as far as I could, my knees were pressed against the side of the bed now. "Mmm, that's even better," she said and reached out with her hand. "My knees buckled under me as her fingers touched my cock and she wrapped her fingers round the shaft. Then it happened, I shot my load all over the bedspread and her hand. I felt like a complete idiot. She'd only touched me and I was done. "You wouldn't have even got it inside at that rate," she laughed, "typical teenager." She was putting me down again and it was having the same effect as before. My cock was shrivelling back to its maggot form. I was gutted. "Oh well," she said, "if you can't use that, you'll have to use something else then won't you." She wiped my sticky goo off her hand onto the bedspread and looked at me.

"On your knees, you can't do much from up there." She pulled her skirt higher and opened her legs. Now I could see all the way up to her knickers. They weren't the fancy sort the women in my magazines wore, just plain white cotton ones with a little flowery pattern on them but it was the hottest thing this seventeen year old had ever seen. All that was between me and my first sight of a woman's private parts was a thin layer of cotton. I could see a bulge above the junction of her legs and knew that this was her mound, as I had seen it described in my magazines and below it under her knickers was where, if things had gone right, my cock would have been. "Well come on then, get on with it," she said, almost like an order. I knelt there like the complete novice that I was, I genuinely didn't know what to do.

"Oh, here," she said impatiently, "let me show you." She moved her hand down to the top of knickers and pushed them down. I was as close to fainting as I've ever been. This was nothing like the women in my books, this had hair. The only pictures I'd seen had been of shaved pussies. She reached out and grabbed my hand, I think I even tried to pull it back as she guided it between her legs. She placed it on the hair covered mound and held it there. I froze, not knowing whether to move it or where she wanted me to put it. I heard Auntie Brenda sigh. "I can see this is going to be hard work. Here," she said," this is where it needs to be." With that she moved her hand off mine and, with the help of her other hand opened the folds of skin underneath my hand. "In there," she said, "that's where it needs to be." She took hold of my hand and pulled it down further between her legs and rubbed it up and down over her pussy. I hadn't realised it would be so wet and tried to pull my hand away. It was only when I heard her start to moan that I realised that I must be doing something right. "Oh yes, Mike, that's it," she said, "you're learning.

I carried on rubbing my hand over her and her moans got louder. "Now," she said, "push your finger in." She reached down to help me and I slid my finger into her. It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. "Now move it around inside me." Her voice sounded different now, softer and her words were interspersed with low moans. I did as she asked, rotating my finger. I was amazed at the way different parts of her felt. Some parts were wet and slippery, while another part felt rougher, still wet, but a totally different texture. When I touched this part, she gasped and I felt her get tighter around my finger. I thought I'd hurt her and pulled my finger out. "No Mike, don't stop. Put it in again, put it back where it was." I did as she asked again and she started to moan louder and wriggle about on the bed. She was moaning and gasping so loudly now that if anyone had been in the garden the couldn't have helped hearing her. "Oh my God Mike, you're making me come, I'm coming Mike, I'm coming." What happened next frightened the crap out of me. I didn't know what it felt like when a woman came, how could I, until fifteen minutes ago I had never even seen a woman's cunt in the flesh so to say.

When she did come she arched her back and I felt my finger surrounded by a warm, wet liquid. I thought she's pee'd herself but she had hold of my hand and her legs were clamped so tight around my wrist I couldn't take my finger out of her and she just kept squirting around it. She was bouncing up and down on the bed arching her back and yelling. "Oh yes Mike, yes, yes, yes. Oh my God yessss." I was actually frightened, she was making so much noise. Slowly she calmed down and her legs released their grip on my wrist, but she still held my hand in place with her own. She sat up and smiled at me. "That was good Mike, for your first time you did well." She moved her hand and I was able to pull my finger out of her. I looked at it with interest. I could see it glistening as I pulled it out. She reached down and took my wrist in her hand and moved it to her face and opened her mouth. Then as if she'd had second thoughts she moved it towards my mouth and ran it over my lips. It was directly under my nose and for the first time I smelt the scent of a woman's pussy. I nervously poked my tongue out and touched my finger tip. "That's right Mike, taste what you did to me, suck your finger"Auntie Brenda's voice was softer now and I did as she asked.

I slipped my finger into my mouth and sucked on it. "Do you like it Mike, do you like the taste?" I muttered a yes and carried on sucking. Auntie Brenda raised her hips, closed her legs and slid her knickers completely down. Now I could see her naked pussy in all its glory and my cock was rock hard. I genuinely thought she was going to let me fuck her and I stepped forward with my cock in my hand but she stopped me. "What do you think you're going to do with that?" she said. The sternness returning to her voice. I tore my eyes from her pussy and looked at her face. She was glaring down at me. "You can put that away," she said, "you won't be using it." I began to stutter. "I, I, I, thought..." "I know what you thought, but you can get that idea right out of your head. If I want one those I have your Uncle Clive at home."

I was gutted, I thought that at last I was going to get my end away. "You don't know enough yet to use that," she added, "your education is no-where near complete." I was foiled again, no pussy for me. Auntie Brenda reached down between her legs and, with her fingers, parted the folds of skin. I could see right up her hole now and although I wasn't going to be using my cock it was still rock hard at the sight. "Now Mike," she said, "these are my pussy lips, crudely called my cunt lips, but I don't like coarse language, so they're my pussy lips to you. Do you like them?" The question was a no-brainer, I loved them. I had never seen anything like them. They were pink, wet, and glistening and I was captivated. She pulled them apart further. "Do you see that little lump, Mike?" she said. I swallowed hard and managed to squeeze a weak "yes," out. "Well that's my clitoris, but we'll shorten that to my clit. You'll find out that it's a very important part of any woman when you are pleasuring her." This was like being back at school, in biology lessons, but biology lessons had never been this interesting.

She took my hand again and guided it towards her pussy lips. "Touch it Mike, touch my clit." I reached out with my finger and gingerly placed it on the little lump and immediately pulled it back, as Auntie Brenda let out a little yelp and arched her hips. "Don't worry Mike, that's what's supposed to happen. I told you it was an important part of a woman," she said as she returned my hand to its position. "Now stroke it gently and don't worry if I make noises, that just means you're doing it right." She guided my finger back to her clit and I began to do as she had said. She was right about the noises. If she hadn't warned me I would probably have stopped right then, but I ignored her moans and continued to to rub my finger over it. Her hips were bouncing up and down on the bed and she was gasping for breath. "Yes, yes, Mike. You're making me come again. Keep on doing that and I'll be coming soon." I did as she asked and was amazed to see her hole expanding and contracting as her hips arched higher. "Oh, yes, Mike, yes that's it I'm coming." I watched, enthralled as her hole contracted until it was almost totally closed then suddenly opened and a flood of liquid flowed out of it it. This time I knew she wasn't peeing herself, I knew she was coming and I had made it happen.

You can't imagine how this made me feel. I felt like a sex god. True this was the second time I had made it happen but this time I was watching the results of my efforts. Then she took me completely by surprise. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled it down between her thighs. All at once my lips was pressed against her pussy and her juices were flowing into my mouth. "Use your tongue like you used your finger Mike," she moaned, "put it into my hole." Again I did as she asked. Who was I to argue, with my teacher. I slid my tongue inside her and started to move it around. It didn't go in as far as my finger, but I could still feel the patch of slightly rougher skin inside her and her reaction was the same, if not more intense, than when I had found it with my finger. She was literally threshing around on my bed now as my tongue explored the inside of her pussy. "Now my clit Mike, suck my clit." I reluctantly removed my tongue from inside her and closed my lips round her clit. I swear I could feel it throbbing inside my mouth as I sucked on it. She was gasping for breath now and I was worried that I was going too far but she just kept urging me on. "Yes Mike yes, suck it. Put your finger back into me, finger me, make me come again."

I slipped my finger back into her and found the little spot again. She shrieked and clamped her legs together again, but this time it was my head that was trapped as well as my hand. She was grinding herself against my face, increasing the pressure on her clit, dragging my finger deeper into her. "Oh shit Mike, here I go again, you're doing it again. I'm coming, I'm coming." She eased the pressure on my head slightly and pushed my head down a little further. "Suck Mike, suck, suck. I pulled my finger out of her again. My lips were now completely covering her pussy as she came and she exploded into my mouth again. I swallowed as hard as I could, I didn't have a choice, I couldn't move my head so all I could do was swallow. I swallowed as fast as I could but there was so much in my mouth that I was beginning to drown in her juices.

I think she realised what was happening and relaxed the pressure on my head. I came up gasping for breath myself now and swallowing as hard as I could. This was my first real taste of a woman and I didn't want to waste a drop. I rocked back on my heels and looked at what I had just caused. Auntie Brenda's pussy lips were no longer pink, they were red and swollen and coated with the juices I hadn't managed to swallow. The bedspread under her was soaked and I wondered how I would explain it to my Mum when she came to wash it. Auntie Brenda had calmed down now but was still breathing heavily and moaning softly. I decided to try my luck. "Can I fuck you now Auntie Brenda?" I asked softly. She sat up and I expected the same curt response but instead, she smiled at me. "Not yet Mike, but I think you do deserve a reward for how quickly you've learned. She patted the bed beside her. "Lie down Mike."

I leapt onto the bed and did as she asked and lay on my next to her. My cock was straining at the inside of my underpants and she smiled when she saw it. Her hand went to my belt and unclipped it then unfastened the top of my jeans. My cock was bursting as she lowered my zip and slid her hand inside. I was praying that I wouldn't disgrace myself by cumming again. I was shuddering and gritting my teeth as I felt her stroking my hard on through my underpants and when she slid her hand under the waistband I was sure I was going to explode. Whether is was the fact that I had come not too long ago or my determination not to disgrace myself, I don't know but somehow I managed to hold out as I felt my cock move into the open air. Auntie Brenda pulled my underpants down and my cock sprang out. I saw her smile as she wrapped her fingers around it. "Mmm, it's not a bad one Mike. I didn't realise you would be this big." What she didn't know, was that I had never been this big before. I was amazed myself at the size she had caused my cock to grow to. She smiled at me again. "I know you want to fuck me Mike, but that will have to wait for another day, your Uncle Clive will be home tonight and I'm sure he'll know if there has been another cock in my pussy.

She began to slide her hand up and down my shaft, squeezing the knob each time she reached it. While her one hand was working on my cock, her other hand was unfastening the buttons on her blouse. Soon it was wide open and I could see her bra. Like her knickers it wasn't as sexy as the ones in the pictures I'd seen but she still looked as hot as hell. I could also see her nipples pressing against the inside of it. She shrugged the blouse off her shoulders and reached behind herself and unclipped the bra, allowing that to follow her blouse. My cock jerked as I caught sight of her naked tits and her hard nipples. She was still wanking my cock as she lay back down.

"Take your jeans and underpants of Mike," she said, "kneel over me." I didn't get what she meant but she told me to get on top of her with my legs at either side. I did as she instructed and straddled her body then she took my cock and pulled it down between her tits then trapped it between them. "Now Mike," she said, "you can tit fuck me." I looked at her, not sure what she meant. "Slide your cock up down through my tits," she said. I looked down at my cock nestled in her cleavage and got her drift. I started to slide it through the soft flesh, each time forcing a drop of pre-cum from my knob. This built up on her tits and my cock felt wonderful as it slid through them.

"Faster Mike," she said, "do it faster." As I was fucking her tits, she was playing with her nipples. "Tell me when you're ready to come Mike," she said, "just before you come tell me." I was fucking my cock between her tits faster and faster now and I was soon ready." "Now," I gasped, "I'm coming now." Auntie Brenda lifted her head just as my cock shot its first jet. She opened her mouth and caught it on her tongue and did the same with the next two spurts. The last couple didn't reach that far and fell between her tits. But that made it feel even better on my cock and I kept on trickling my cumm onto them until the flow stopped. I rolled off her and lay on my back beside her, my cock slowly softening. She looked down at it and smiled, then sat up and kissed my knob teasing the last drop of cum off it with her tongue. Then she got up and put her bra and knickers back an before putting her blouse on. I just lay there and watched her dressing. It was almost as sexy as watching her undress. She smiled down at me.

"When's your next rest day Mike?" Before I could answer though she added. "Don't bank on getting much rest though." Then she was out of the bedroom door and the next thing I heard was the back door closing. I lay there for over an hour not believing what had just happened and wondering by what she meant by her last remark.

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