Keily's Plant
Chapter 4: The Newborn

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 4: The Newborn - Keily finds a strange plant and initiates an exciting and complex reproduction cycle!

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Mind Control   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Group Sex   Orgy   Fisting   Pregnancy  

More days passed. Connie, one of the younger girls, was mounting the large pod. She had a wide tentacle buried in her ass and an even wider one entrenched in her pussy. She was hopping frenetically as her head bounced freely over her shoulders. Both phalluses were vibrating inside of her body, providing her exhilarating pleasure. She was bucking up and down, then back and forward so strongly, that it seemed the poor girl was going to break apart.

Suddenly, the huge cocoon below her collapsed and gallons of white slime splashed across the floor. Connie fell forward but she didn't hit the ground. She landed over something ... or someone. Upon hearing the loud noise, Keily rushed to the room. She removed the two tendrils from Connie's ass and pussy and helped her to stand up. The pod's broken skin was now dispersed all around the floor and on the young teen.

Keily looked down and saw someone else; a girl, lying on the floor, completely covered with a thick layer of slime.

"Who is she? Who was in the room with you?" Keily asked.

"Nobody. I was alone..." Connie answered, still bewildered from her interrupted bliss.

Keily wiped off the goo from the girl's face but she couldn't recognize her. She had never seen the young woman before. Suddenly, she knew! The girl was the mysterious figure developing inside the cocoon! She was the plant's offspring.

Keily knelt down to see if she was alive and she noticed a fat tentacle buried in the girl's pussy. Keily grabbed the limb and tried to pull it out, but it was firmly attached to the young teen's body. Keily pulled harder and it finally withdraw a few inches, causing a slight spasm in the mysterious girl. Keily stopped for a second and then continued removing the tendril. Connie was astonished to see twelve inches had already slid out of the slim woman's body and there was still more to come. Keily kept pulling. Abruptly, the mysterious teen threw her head back and coughed, expelling a gob of white fluid from her lungs. Finally, after an incredible length of nineteen inches, the tentacle was completely out.

More girls walked in and Connie explained excitedly what just happened. They helped Keily to carry the plant's offspring to the bathroom. They cleaned the girl meticulously and brought her back to the bed. They all observed the teen carefully. She had acquired the best features of every girl that was fucked by the cocoon. She was the image of perfection with a slim body, perfect breasts, long legs ... everything was flawless.

The young girl started to wake up. She opened her big blue eyes and looked around. The girls were curious to see what the pretty teen was going to do. But she did nothing. Keily approached and helped her sit on the bed. The confused girl looked at everything intently, trying to learn about her surroundings. Keily encouraged her to stand on her feet but when she was almost up, the newborn lost her balance and fell backwards on the bed. Watching the girl, Keily quickly realized that the she was like a baby who would need to be taught everything.

Keily decided to name her Flower, which was appropriate considering her origin. In the following hours, Flower quickly learned how to walk. That night, the teen stayed in Keily's room while everyone went to their rooms to sleep. Keily was eager to teach the teen about sex. She already knew that Flower's body was different in some way. A normal girl could never fit nineteen inches of a long phallus in her pussy as Flower did.

Keily also suspected that there should be a reason for Flower's existence. If sex was the reason, Keily was determined to find out. Keily stripped and laid on the bed next to the girl, admiring her perfect naked body. Keily caressed one of Flower's nipples and it immediately hardened. So far, so good. Then she moved her hand lower and touched Flower's pussy. It was warmer than normal and it was extremely wet. Flower's clitoris turned red and stood up significantly as the young girl looked lovingly into Keily's eyes.

The teen started to moan softly and her eyes turned hazy as Keily positioned herself between Flower's legs and inserted one finger into her pussy. It was not tight at all. She then inserted two, then three fingers. Flower was panting now and she responded by opening her legs wider. Keily tried to introduce her whole fist and it went in almost without effort. White slime was pouring out from Flower's pussy and lubricating the warm tunnel. Keily pushed harder and her hand penetrated deeper until it reached the teens cervix. This was amazing for Keily; she could feel the teen's muscles pressing softly at her hand and wrist.

When she tried to pull her hand out, Flower grabbed her arm tightly, encouraging her to stay there and then pulled her arm deeper inside. Keily understood the message and pushed harder. Her hand moved forward, past her cervix and into Flower's womb. She was buried up to her elbow. It felt so weird and so pleasant at the same time. Somehow, Flower's body was constricting Keily's whole arm rhythmically, like trying to squeeze juice out of it. She could even see the bulge on Flower's belly where her fist was. The mysterious girl was out of her mind, making strange noises, arching her back and her eyes rolled back into her head intermittently. Keily was truly amazed by the elasticity of Flower's body but the strong pressure that she felt in her arm was beginning to hurt and she pulled it out, not without a big effort. Flower was breathing heavily and looking down at Keily with adoring eyes.

It had been several days since Keily last visited the plant. Several girls wanted to join her and she decided to take Flower along. Keily wanted to know how Flower would react when presented to her parent.

When they arrived at the plant's room downstairs and turned on the lights, Keily was staggered. The plant had grown too. The center phallus was now bright red and it measured at least twenty inches long and four inches wide. The room was saturated with the intoxicating plant odor and all the girls' bodies immediately showed signs of arousal with nipples swelling and vaginas moistening abundantly.

Keily approached the plant hesitantly, followed closely by Flower and the rest of the girls. Beth and Martha stepped just inches from the plant and inhaled its scent deeply. Then, both girls licked the gooey tube filling their tongues with the pleasurable taste. Their eyes were glassy as they dropped to the floor and began sucking and swallowing the substance that formed a puddle around the plant's base.

Flower was spellbound looking at the plant just three feet away from her. Her pussy was leaking slime already, which glided down her inner thighs and legs to the floor. Keily became aware of this and it was then when everything started to make sense. Only a girl with the flexibility of Flower could fit a pole as big as the one displayed now on top of plant.

Keily moved behind Flower and pushed her forward until she was standing right next to the plant. She made the girl step up over the big green trunk of the base and straddled the plant's phallus. The bulged head was positioned only two inches below Flower's dripping pussy. A few drops of white slime fell from the girl's cunt over the tip of the red tube and instantly the big ball below began to contract like a breathing lung, almost making the girl lose her balance and fall.

Keily grabbed Flower by the hips and forced her to sit down on the extremely wide phallus. The first inch penetrated through her pussy lips easily, extracting a loud gasp from the young girl. But as the rod got wider, it became difficult to slide it further in. Flower was breathing heavily and she was eager to be fucked by her parent but she was afraid. She thought that the huge pole could hurt her. Keily pushed harder, almost letting her whole weight press down on the newborn. Flower's pussy adjusted slowly and stretched, letting the first seven inches fill and expand her vagina. The teen screamed but Keily knew she could handle more. The plant's oil was taking effect on Flower, replacing her fear with excitement and the teen began to moan as the fire in her pussy spread through her entire body.

Keily asked Isabel to grab one of Flower's legs while she grabbed the other, and instructed the nurse to pull down hard. Flower's insides squished and an abundant river of slime poured from her pussy down the shaft. The slim body yielded to the large phallus as she was impaled deeply, past her cervix. Flower screamed in pleasure throwing her head back and clutching her abdomen is at accommodated the enormous mass inside her womb. Flower's belly was distended and the shape of the tube was clearly visible to the astonished girls sitting around on the sofas, their pussies dripping wet from their own excitement. Some of them joined Martha and Beth on the floor, satisfying their hunger for the tasty plant sperm.

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