Keily's Plant
Chapter 3: The Tendrils Pod

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 3: The Tendrils Pod - Keily finds a strange plant and initiates an exciting and complex reproduction cycle!

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Mind Control   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Group Sex   Orgy   Fisting   Pregnancy  

Later that night, Monica woke up, asking what had happened to her. She could not remember anything after she entered the Principal's office. Isabel explained the whole experience to the girl, and, far from being frightened she wanted to see the worm. Isabel insisted that she eat something first, and the girls went to the dinning room, Keily stayed behind, thinking.

Keily was concerned about the worm. After the incident with Monica, the situation was getting dangerous and she didn't want to hurt anyone. She had to make a decision about the animal's fate.

Keily found the worm under the bed, surprised to see that it had changed shape. It was shorter and stouter, with its length only two feet but now it was at least 6 inches wide. Keily pulled it out and placed it over the bed to study it. Now the animal resembled a watermelon. The skin was different as well, displaying a pale pink color, partially covered by the usual layer of white slime. It smelled delicious, just like the plant it came from. The pod seemed to breathe, contracting its form like a lung.

A squishy sound caught Keily's attention as a small opening appeared in the upper side of the pod and a little tendril came out. It was very thin an about five inches long. Slowly, the tendril fattened and grew as more slime was pumped inside of it. Soon, it was nine inches long and two inches wide. It resembled the pink phallus from the plant; Keily's plant. It definitely looked like a penis waiting to be mounted and Keily got the message. Just the smell of the creature excited her. The girl stripped and jumped onto the bed, straddling the pod. The tendril detected the proximity of the girl's anus and aimed without delay. Keily gasped as she moved down and the tendril penetrated her sphincter. Immediately the fire started to increase in her body. The deeper the tendril went, the more she wanted inside of her. She could feel the tentacle expanding her rectum as it moved forward. She felt like she was in heaven as her ass cheeks finally rested onto the baggy pod and the full nine inches were impaling her body. The teen could feel it squirming around, rubbing and stretching her insides.

Martha entered the room and looked at the strange scene. She got closer and Keily looked back at her with infinite passion in her eyes. She barely managed to say between pants; "It ... has ... change..."

Martha was thrilled by the new form of the animal and soon realized that there was a phallus coming out of it and penetrating her friend's ass. When Martha was in reach, Keily grabbed her friend and pulled her closer, holding her tight. Martha felt Keily's erect nipples rubbing against hers, building her own excitement. Martha kissed her friend on the mouth, sticking her tongue inside. The moment their lips touched, and incredible rush overcame Keily's brain. Her body started to shake as the waves of pleasure increased. Her brain became too overwhelmed and her arms went completely limp. Only muttered grunts escaped her mouth.

Martha broke the kiss recognizing that something was happening to her friend. She had to support Keily's feeble body. Suddenly, a huge surge of white fluid gushed out from Keily's mouth, spilling over her tits and belly. Keily looked vacantly at Martha, her mouth wide open and her tongue slightly sticking out. Then, the teen's eyes rolled back into her head as a wide tendril came out. Martha was only a few inches away from Keily's mouth and the tentacle reached out for Martha's lips.

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