Keily's Plant
Chapter 2: The Worm

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 2: The Worm - Keily finds a strange plant and initiates an exciting and complex reproduction cycle!

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Mind Control   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Group Sex   Orgy   Fisting   Pregnancy  

When Keily woke up, it was almost dusk. She had slept practically all day. A little woozy, she sat on the bed and the feeling of her panties rubbing against her clit made her body shiver with pleasure. She was puzzled as her clit had never been so sensitive before. In fact, she realized that she was in such heightened state of arousal, that she could hardly hold back the need to jump on the bedpost and impaled herself on all of its length.

Keily put on a small bathrobe and walked out of her room into the empty hall. Since most girls had already left for vacations, when she walked inside the study room the only person there was Beth. She was an introverted young girl wearing thick glasses that masked her beautiful blue eyes.

When Beth realized that Keily had entered the room, she quickly closed the book she was reading, trying to hide it. Keily saw this and approached the teen, asking,

"What are you reading Beth?"

"Nothing," the teenager answered. "I mean ... just a book".

"Let me see it," Keily said and grabbed the book before Beth could react.

"Ohh, look at this... 'The Joy of Sex, '" Keily said mockingly.

Beth nervously tried to justify it, "No ... I just..."

"Look girl! If you want to learn about sex you can't read about it. You have to experience it!" Keily said with an aggressive tone.

Keily looked at the embarrassed girl for a moment and then, almost instinctively, she grabbed Beth by the head and kissed her forcefully in the lips. The astonished teen managed to push Keily away, but not before feeling a probing tongue inside her mouth. Beth stumbled, falling backwards to the floor and knocking herself on the head.

Keily was somewhat surprised at her own behavior but she felt so horny that she couldn't help it. She was breathing heavily, looking down at the helpless teen lying unconscious on the floor. Keily had never been into girls; but watching Beth's beautiful face, with her full lips partially open, she was so tempting; almost impossible to resist. Out of nowhere, an image formed in her mind and she knew exactly what to do. Keily pulled off her already damp panties and knelt down, straddling Beth's face. Then she placed her hot pussy over her friend's mouth and the feeling of the young teen's warm breath blowing at her soaked pussy felt so incredibly good that an orgasm started to build up fast within her.

Suddenly, Keily gasped as she felt a strong contraction in her belly. Her muscles pressed inward, moving down to her pelvis. She remained still for a moment trying to sort out this new sensation. It felt like an orgasm but not quite. Then she felt another contraction. Stronger this time. Keily's heart jolted with amazement by this delightful sensation. Before she could recover, a third contraction shook her body and clouded her mind.

Keily was again in some sort of trance, her eyes partially open, staring forward. The spasms continued for a few minutes. Within her haziness, she felt something sliding down her womb and into her vaginal cavity. She moaned. She couldn't move but she didn't want to move. It felt so good. All the time, her crotch remained firmly attached to Beth's face.

Keily's pussy became full from the inside while a white warm substance flowed out and dampened her pussy lips. Keily heard a squishy sound as her slit stretched open and something slipped out of her, pressing against Beth's mouth and forcing its way in. The semi-conscious teen began to struggle as she was having trouble breathing but Keily didn't care about anything but her own bliss. An overwhelming feeling of pleasure possessed Keily's mind as the final orgasm approached relentlessly.

Then it happened. Keily exploded in ecstasy, her legs trembling around Beth's head and another gush of fluid pouring out of her.

As the delightful sensation slowly faded and Keily's mind was freed, she was able to lift her body and look down at her innocent friend. The brunette's mouth was overflowing with a white fluid that looked very much like sperm. Beth's eyes were half open with a blank stare. A gratifying sense of fulfillment rushed in Keily's brain and she moved away from Beth.

After a short rest, Keily felt completely recuperated. Unfortunately, Beth showed no signs of recovering from her semi-conscious state. Keily grabbed the teen's body and pulled her up, trying to wake her. Beth slowly came back to consciousness and tried to stand up, helped by her college mate, and managed to stand unsteadily.

"Beth? Are you ok?" Keily asked

"I'm ok. I feel tired," Beth responded, unaware of what just happened to her. Her eyes still looked vacant.

"Come on. Let's go to my room," Keily said.

Beth followed her obediently and lay down on Keily's bed.

Keily undressed her friend, and immediately after, the young woman fell sleep.

A few hours later, almost at midnight, Beth woke up, this time fully conscious. She was wearing just her panties. Keily woke up too and sat on the bed, turning the light on.

"What happened? Where am I?" Beth asked.

"You are in my room," Keily responded, "you fell down in the library and knocked yourself out".

"Oh yes, I remember," Beth said, rubbing her head.

Beth also remembered the book she was reading. She blushed noticeably, looking around the room.

"Don't worry. I put the book away," Keily calmed her.

"Thanks..." Beth answered barely audible. She sat on the bed too, resting her back on the headboard.

"Keily, why did you kiss me?" Beth asked.

"I don't know. I just couldn't help it. Did that scared you?" Keily answered.

"Yes ... I mean ... I don't know," Beth said, lowering her head.

Keily observed that Beth's nipples were erect, showing an unexplained excitement. She reached out and caressed one of Beth's nipples with the back of her fingers. Beth gasped and opened her eyes wide but she didn't move. Keily kept her hand caressing Beth's creamy breast. The young woman stayed still, looking at Keily's hand working delicately. The inexperienced teen, who was by then breathing heavier, felt a fire growing and intensifying in her groin.

Keily bowed her head forward, licking Beth's oversensitive nipples. This made the teen moan and arch her back, pushing her tit against Keily's face. Keily began to nibble the swollen teat as Beth grabbed her friend's head, pulling her closer. It was the first time someone touched Beth's breast and the teen had mixed emotions. She believed it was wrong to be caressed by another woman; but it felt so good, and she just lacked the strength or will to push Keily away.

Keily began to move down Beth's body, pushing the sheets away, until she was over her crotch where she pulled her panties aside and started biting and sucking her clit. Beth jerked and automatically spread her legs. Her friend's tongue was sending her closer to heaven every second. All feelings of guilt began to dissipate. She wanted more; she needed more. Keily's tongue moved up and down Beth's pussy lips and around her clit, then she nibbled it gently with her teeth like a true expert, giving no mercy to the teen.

Soon after, Beth's body was contorting with the spasms of a strong orgasm, clamping Keily's head with her legs. Electric shocks traveled up and down her arched spine as her climax thrashed her body. Finally, she fell flat on the bed, trying to catch her breath.

Keily looked at Beth and said, "I want you to do the same to me".

Beth immediately jumped forward reaching for Keily's pussy, pulling her panties off and sinking her face between her legs. Beth was very inexperienced but her eagerness was enough to compensate for it and she didn't stop until her friend reached her climax too. Keily's body shivered from head to toe for long moments until she crumbled exhausted on her back.

After that, both teens held each other in a lovers' embrace, falling asleep for the rest of the night.

The next day, the girls woke up and started chatting enthusiastically, as if nothing happened the night before. Keily was considering telling Beth about the weird plant inhabiting the other side of the castle and after a while, she decided to tell her.

"Beth, can you keep a secret?"

"Sure, what is it?" Beth answered.

Keily started to share her new secret and Beth listened attentively. As she told her story, Keily noted that Beth's eyes became glassy and her breathing accelerated noticeably. Something was happening to her.

"Beth ... are you ok?"

Without a response, Beth fell backwards onto the mattress. She clutched her belly and slowly moved her hand down to her pussy, ripping her panties away. She massaged her crotch for a moment and turned over the bed, onto her stomach. Keily was staggered by Beth's actions. The teen's hips began to rock up and down slowly, rhythmically. It gave the illusion that someone was fucking Beth in the ass. Keily looked closely at her friend's butt, and observed that her anus was leaking a thin thread of white slime that flowed down to her pussy lips. Beth was moaning in the most sensual way.

Then, to Keily's surprise, Beth inserted one finger in her flooded anus; first just the tip and then the whole finger. Next, she inserted two fingers. Keily was fascinated watching the young girl fingering her own anal cavity. Beth kept waving her hips slowly with her soaked fingers buried completely in her rectum. After a short while, Beth stopped moving and pulled her fingers out. Immediately, Keily heard a squirting sound and saw a small pink-colored worm coming out of Beth's anus. It was almost one inch wide and began the ripple its way out of the teen's body. Beth was arching her back and her mouth was opened wide but she was silent, her eyes stared vacantly. Her expression revealed fear combined with pleasure, incredible pleasure. Keily jumped back startled as the slimy worm kept squirming out, inch by inch, while Beth reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart, facilitating the animal's effort to escape from the tight space. Finally, after seven inches, it was completely free and slid down to the bed between Beth's thighs, followed by a stream of thick white goo.

Keily witnessed with astonishment the whole episode, but far from feeling disgusted or scared, she felt a strange warm fascination toward the newborn worm. She reached over and lifted it carefully from the bed, admiring its flexibility. After a quick examination, she learned that the worm's skin was soft but its body had a firm consistency. Her fingers got all sticky with the slime exuding from the worm's body and it was the same white substance that she had seen leaking from her own pussy the day before and from Beth's ass just moments ago.

The worm snaked through Keily's fingers and moved closer to her face, waving in front of her eyes, dancing rhythmically. Keily watched its movement, unable to recognize the awkwardness of the situation. She felt strangely calm and lovingly attached to the creature squirming in her hands. Unexpectedly, the worm reached forward touching her lips, tapping at them. Keily was caught by surprise but she didn't pull the worm away. She was again in some sort of trance. She willingly parted her lips and the worm crawled in, waving through her mouth and down her throat. The moment it touched her throat, Keily felt tickles spreading through her skin, around her neck, up to her face and to her brain. Keily saw the whole worm disappear between her lips as she felt the motion down her esophagus. Her mind was spinning and she felt waves of pleasure build inside her body. Her nipples were fully erect and her pussy began to dampen abundantly.

The worm kept squirming inside of her and as it reached her stomach, she felt it moving around for a moment and then it froze. She felt bloated and full but her belly was still flat. The fire in her pussy was raging. Her vaginal juices were dripping down her inner thighs. She was so excited, that she ended up turning Beth over and sitting on her face, just like she did the day before. But this time Beth was a willing partner and she instinctively complied with Keily's needs, burying her tongue in the girl's wet hole, until Keily exploded in a hard orgasm, plummeting satisfied on top of her friend. Beth's face was smeared with Keily's love fluids. Both teens relaxed for the rest of the day.

The new friends slept together again and the kissing and caressing continued well into the night. The following morning, Keily woke up very aroused. She felt a tickling on her lower abdomen that made her clitoris swell. The worm was lodged in her intestines and she could clearly feel it moving inside of her. Somehow, Keily knew that it was reaching her sphincter. She knelt on the bed, feeling hornier by the second.

As Beth had done the day before, Keily started rubbing her engorged clit, but soon she felt the need to stick her fingers in her leaking ass, first one, then two and three. Keily was easing the way for the worm to travel down and pass through her anus, thus providing her the satisfaction she needed so badly.

The worm did as expected but this time, it was wider and longer. Her sphincter was stretched harshly but, instead of causing her pain, it originated unbelievable bliss. The thickness of the worm only increased the flood of sensations that swarmed the teen's brain as it moved out of her rectum. Keily could feel the slimy worm sliding and rubbing against her inner thighs as it writhed out. When the last of the twelve inches was leaving Keily's body, she was almost going berserk from ecstasy. Finally, a strong orgasm ripped through her body, making her fall flat on the bed and her contractions helped to push out the fat worm. The animal was covered with the usual thick layer of white slime that also coated Keily's ass and pussy.

Beth was observing the scene very closely, unconsciously rubbing her clitoris.

When Keily regained control of herself, she knew exactly what she had to do. At least she thought she knew. She lifted the worm from the bed and put it close to Beth's lips, who quickly understood and opened her mouth with excitement. But nothing happened. To Beth's disappointment, the fat worm didn't slip inside her throat. Instead, it freed itself from Keily's hand and crept through the bed, reaching the far end and curled around itself forming a slimy white and pink ball under the sheets. Both naked girls looked at each other confused.

At that moment, Keily's best friend, Martha, knocked on the door asking if anybody was in. Keily motioned that Beth should hide in the bathroom while she slipped under the covers.

"Come in!" Keily said.

Martha walked inside and asked surprised, "Are you still in bed?"

"Yes. I was just getting up," Keily responded.

Martha walked to the bed and jumped on it, lying next to her friend. Keily moved to the corner of the bed trying to hide the worm, but she felt the animal moving by her leg. Keily was discretely trying to find it beneath the sheets when Martha screamed as she felt something touching her calf and leaped out of the bed, pulling the covers along with her. Finding itself uncovered, the worm froze instinctively.

"What's that?" Martha asked pointing at the motionless worm.

"Relax! I found it in an old closet. And I think you know what is it for," Keily said with a grin on her face.

"Wow! Is it a dildo? It looks so weird!" Martha exclaimed.

"Of course it is" Keily replied. "Do you want to try it?" she added.

"Now? Are you crazy?" Martha asked surprised.

Keily and Martha often dared each other with things like this. They were friends since childhood and always shared their sexual adventures. Nonetheless, Martha was astonished by her friend's bold proposal.

"I'll give you anything you want in this room it you try it now," Keily said daringly.

Martha thought about it for a moment. The situation was highly bizarre, but Keily did have a great collection in her room.

"Ok. I'll do it for the gold pin with the eagle," Martha responded.

"Ummhh. Ok, I'll give the pin but then you have to take it in your ass," Keily said.

Martha laughed and looked at the well-lubricated 'dildo' placed over the bed, thinking about the offer. She really wanted that gold pin.

"In my ass, eh? ... Shit! I must be crazy but I'll do it ... but only the tip and you will stop when I tell you, ok?" Martha said.

"Ok," Keily answered with a sneer.

Watching Keily grab the oiled worm, Martha pulled down her panties.

"Ok, Bend over the bed and I'll stick it in your ass," Keily ordered.

Martha would not admit it but she was a little excited about doing it. "We are so crazy," she laughed nervously, bending forward. "Do it slowly, bitch!" she added.

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