Simon & Jayne - the Beginning

by Spv9

Copyright© 2014 by Spv9

Erotic Sex Story: A married man is seduced by a horny lady he meets in a lift

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Jayne struggled with the boxes, praying she wouldn't miss the lift. She was already late and it was just the beginning of a hectic Monday morning. The man who held the doors open for her was attractive with stunning blue eyes and the streaks of grey in his hair only made him more distinguished. She set the boxes down at her feet with a sigh as the doors shut and he pressed the button for the 14th floor.

Her auburn hair was loose around her shoulders, softly curled. Her blouse was a sheer purple, the hint of her lace bra evident in certain lighting. Her grey skirt fell mid-thigh but had a slit up one side that blurred the line of business-appropriate. The top of her thigh-high stockings peeked out when she moved. Dark brown eyes raked over the man who shared the elevator with her appreciatively, from the top of his head to the smooth leather of his shoes. His slacks certainly fit him well, definitely tailored. She would bet that beneath that suit he had a delicious body. Her gaze fell on his left hand, noting the glint of a wedding band. That had never stopped her before - if anything it made things more fun. "Rough night?" she asked, noticing as he rubbed his temple. Simon liked to consider himself a connoisseur of fine things: wine, cars, art ... and the female form.

The lady who had entered the lift definitely qualified in this category he thought as he eyed her appreciatively, especially the manner in which her skirt tightly clung to her rear-end.

Was that a glint of lace top stocking as she bent over to place the boxes down?

It'd been a long while, too long, since his wife had worn anything as sensuous as stockings. Still, that's where the drink comes in handy he thought morosely, unconsciously rubbing his temple again.

He started, somewhat guiltily, when the woman turned around and spoke to him. "Ah, no, well yes - stayed up for the late game and Mondays always roll around too soon don't they?" He said with a self-deprecating smile. "I'm Simon, Simon Vaughn, by the way - of Levy Stein and Vaughn on the 15th. I'm not sure we've met before Miss -?" he said extending his hand towards hers. "Whitmoore," she replied, taking his hand firmly in her. "Jayne Whitmoore. A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Vaughn," she added with a smile. She was fairly certain he had been eying up her legs. She glanced up at the number ticking away the floors. The 14th was coming up soon. Shifting her eyes back to his she shook his hand and let her hand linger a moment more than necessary. "I hate Mondays, honestly." The lift chimed at the 14th floor and the doors slowly rattled open. "Well, Mr. Vaughn," she said, "I do hope to run into you again sometime..." Her eyes sparkled with a hint of mischief and she bent down to retrieve the boxes, giving him ample time to admire her ass. Standing, she held to doors open with one patent stiletto. "Enjoy your Monday." As the doors shut after Jayne, Simon shook his head with a smile, she was certainly something else.

If he'd been ten years younger and still had his good looks, he could have sworn she was actually flirting with him

"forget it fella" he said to himself "No way a hot cutie like that would be into you these days!"

Still, her expensive perfume lingered in the air reminding him of her, and he was acutely conscious he had a hard on in his trousers as he left the lift.

Simon thought no more of the enigmatic Miss Whitmore until he realised he had a meeting scheduled with old man Harrison downstairs on the 13th regarding a sponsorship contract in the diary.

"What the hell, I might bump into her again" he thought as he sprayed on some extra cologne and checked his tie was straight in his reflection.

He went down to the 13th, nonchalantly looking around trying not to be obviously looking for someone, but no sign of the auburn haired beauty,

Sighing he went to the appointed meeting room, knocked briefly and entered.

Instead of Jack Harrison though, Jayne Whitmoore was sat at the table...

Jayne looked up from the computer in front of her and a grin spread over her lips as she shut the lid of the laptop and set it aside. "Mr. Vaughn..." she purred. "I apologize but Mr. Harrison had to step out for personal matters and asked me to take his place. I hope that won't be a problem." She could smell a hint of spicy cologne and she took a deep breath. Jayne loved a man who smelled good. "You'll have to excuse me but I'm not one hundred percent up to speed with the contents of the meeting so you'll have to fill me in." Leaning back in the chair, she crossed her arms beneath the swell of her breasts. "Please, have a seat." Simon was non-plussed for an instant, but smoothly re-gained his composure.

"'Simon' please, 'Mr Vaughn' makes me sound like a stranger!" he said smiling.

His eyes flickered downwards to her breasts, "damn, she is flirting with me" he thought.

Then another darker thought entered his mind, "not likely you fool, she's simply playing you along like a matador plays a bull"

He pushed both voices down, not every woman was a bitch he reminded himself.

Still, no reason why he couldn't enjoy the meeting, she certainly was easier on the eye than Jack... "Simon it is then," she replied and tucked a strand of hair behind an ear. "Just what was this regarding?" She asked as she poured him a glass of lemon water from the pitcher on the table. She poured herself one and took a sip, watching him over the rim of the glass. Swallowing, she shuffled through some notes. "I don't even think Jack - er, Mr. Harrison - left me the right paper work!" With a groan, she shoved the papers away and offered an apologetic smile. "By the way, how's your head?" Jayne asked, after taking another sip and licking off a droplet of water that had clung to her bottom lip. Her steady gaze had caught his eyes drifting to her breasts, and she subtly shifted, giving him a better eyeful. "My head? Oh, that's fine now" he said laughing "I've a good constitution!" As he pulled a sheaf of papers out of the file.

"I can talk you through the critical points" and with that he got down to business.

Simon always prided himself on not being identified by the girls in the office as a lecherous old man who would leer at them the way some of his other colleague did.

That's not to say he didn't look, he absolutely enjoyed perusing the delights of the younger members of the female staff - he was just subtle about it.

The ensuing hour definitely qualified as one of the more enjoyable meetings he'd had lately - not only did Jayne clearly have a sharp mind, she was also vivaciously good company.

It also helped that he was able to snatch views of what he thought was inadvertent displays of her cleavage, and the fact that he was now adamant she had on lace top stockings had him slightly giddy at the end of the meeting.

"Well, Simon ... it was a ... pleasure doing business with you." Jayne said, standing and moving around to the front of the table where he sat. She perched herself so she half sat on the edge of the conference table. Jayne was surprised he hadn't been more blatant with his assessment of her body, as most men were wont to be when it came to her. The top of her thigh highs and a peek of creamy skin was clearly visible in this position and she watched his face to see if he noticed.

Holding out her hand for him to shake, she offered her best smile. "Perhaps we'll meet again?" "Same here Jayne - I think we've got most of the outstanding issues put to bed"

Simon cringed inwardly at the un-intended double entendre, "oh smooth fella, really smooth now she'll think your either a dick or creepy old man"

To conceal his embarrassment Simon busied himself putting the papers back away, not realising Jayne had moved around the table.

When he looked back up, he was confronted with a view of two inch deep lace, and a glimpse of her smooth thighs.

He quickly moved his glance up to her face, oh man busted!

Then to his surprise she smiled, and proffered her hand to shake.

Standing He smiled back, shaking her hand, "Actually Jayne, I usually take Jack out for lunch after a meeting - I wouldn't want you to think I was rude, would you... ?" He left the question hanging in the air.

She chuckled at his double entendre and the expression on his face when he realized he'd been caught obviously ogling her thighs. "Simon, if there's something you like, please do share." A slow grin tilted her full lips upward and she pushed herself off the desk. He was awfully flustered around her and it made him seem sweet.

Jayne licked her lips wondering if he tasted sweet, too.

Releasing his hand, she nodded. "Lunch sounds wonderful. I'm ... starving."

Simon relaxed when Jayne accepted the lunch invitation - the last thing he'd want was a stiffened reaction of "oh my god this guy is hitting on me" from her.

"Great - what's the point of having an expense account if you can't use and abuse it once in a while?" he wise-cracked

"I like the Olive Press - do you know it? It's not on the typical office lunch-time circuit so I think the quality of food and service is better - and here's less likelihood of getting hassled about work from colleagues"

... or from being talked about being seen in the company of this stunner he thought.

"Let me take these files back to the office, and I'll meet you there, in what - 5 minutes? If you speak to Mancini the maître d' he'll sort us out with a decent table"

Jayne nodded at his joke and replied, "My sentiments exactly! Besides, I could really use a drink." She grinned and told him she'd get them a table and see him in a few.

She stopped in the restroom on her way out, running a brush through her hair and adding a touch up of her lipstick. Straightening her skirt and smiled at herself in the mirror. She'd have him begging for her in no time - wife or not, she thought and pushed out into the afternoon sunlight. She decided on walking as the Olive Press was fairly close.

Upon entering, she spoke to Mancini and got them a table in a quiet back corner where they would have privacy. Sitting down she ordered herself a vodka tonic and waiting for Simon of the sexy eyes to arrive.

Simon walked back to the office shaking his head.

This was crazy - no way Jayne was into him in that way, she was simply being nice.

Still it was more than a pleasant change to have a woman at least feigning an interest in him, Helen couldn't even manage that anymore, no matter how much of an effort he made.

Damn it! He thought, so what? It's only lunch, she's great company and hot as hell - there was no harm in looking, and at least he'd have something new to fantasize about when he had his usual evening ritual and jerked off in the bathroom tonight!

"Jackie" he called to his secretary "I'm going out for lunch, and then I've got meetings out of the office, so I won't be back. Anyone needs me, catch me on my cell phone".

Arriving at the Olive Press he couldn't immediately see Jayne, expecting to see her seated in a window table, or the "beautiful people's seats" as Mancini jokingly referred to them.

Mancini glided up to him "Ahh, che piacere vederti Signore Vaughn!"

"Ciao Mancini" replied Simon "I'm supposed to be meeting someone?" he queried looking around

Mancini gave him a knowing look, which Simon wasn't quite sure what to make of "si Signore, la bella signore I sit at the tavolo privato" and gestured towards he rear of the restaurant.

Simon smiled at Jayne as he sat down, thanking Mancini for the gin and tonic he brought he missed entirely the wink Mancini made - but was it directed at him or Jayne?

Jayne could see Simon from where she sat but knew he couldn't see her. So she took the opportunity to admire the man from afar, taking in those stunning blue eyes that were sharp and intelligent. She imagined what they'd look like hot with desire, the sounds he'd make if she sunk to her knees and took him in her mouth. Would he be gentle? Rough? Would he scream her name? The thoughts made Jayne squirm in her seat, desire dampening the red silk panties that clung to her pert ass and the swell of her hips. She was proud of her body; naturally womanly with more than a handful of breasts and curvy hips. Her stomach was not muscular but it was flat and her legs were shapely.

Taking another sip of her vodka, Jayne watched as he finally spotted her and made his way over. When he finally took a seat, she smiled. "Parla italiano molto bene, Signor Vaughn! Impressionante..." A man who could speak another language was sexy as hell. "I tuoi occhi sono belli..." She purred, raising her glass in a toast.

Unable to help himself, Simon took the opportunity in sitting down to have a full-bloodied ogle of Jayne's breasts, the angle of their respective positions giving him an unfettered view, surely nothing to do with the way she was sat... ?

Feeling his cock, yet again sit in his trousers as a result of her voluptuous form, he sat down hurriedly to avoid the obvious state of his arousal.

"solo una piccola" Simon replied laughing "you've exhausted my vocabulary from my vacation in Napoli"

For reasons he wasn't willing to confront he didn't want to mention to Jayne that he and Helen had spent their honeymoon on the Amalfi coast.

His eyes were entranced by her bewitching hazel gaze, as he proffered his glass in toast towards her:

"To expense accounts"

Jayne laughed, a true musical sound, her lips spreading into an ever wider grin. "I simply said you have beautiful eyes, Simon. I noticed them immediately when you held the elevator for me this morning." She clicked her glass with his, her quick gaze catching a slight squirm in his seat and she felt a blush colour the creamy flesh of her chest as he blatantly stared at her chest. "To expense accounts and..." She paused, canting her head to one side with a mischievous glint in her gaze, "new found friends."

Jayne took a sip and leaned back in her chair, watching him. "So, Simon, let's play a game..." She bit her lower lip, thinking, and then added, "Tell me a secret. I like secrets and I'm very, very good at keeping them."

Simon swirled the contents of his glass meditatively, what to tell Jayne, and what was she expecting?

His mind raced through with images of their encounters today: her peachy ass framed in her tight skirt, the generous flashes of cleavage and of course the unforgettable view of her stocking tops.

Was she now asking for some sort of sexually related secret or was that wishful thinking on his part?

He was far from a blushing virgin - the stash of porn he'd accumulated since his marriage had turned barren could attest to some of his more deviant tastes, but still...

Reaching a decision he drained his glass

"Ok, I'm waxed" he said "there" he added pointedly.

She signalled the waiter for a refill for Simon's glass and her delicately arched brows rose as she bared her teeth in a wolfish grin. "Mmmm. Very nice, indeed." Images raced through her mind of what his bare cock would look like framed by bare smooth skin for her lips to devour.

"You know what, Simon?" She asked with a smirk, leaning close across the table conspiratorially, "I am, too," she whispered.

With a wink, she drew back and took a slow sip from her quickly draining glass.

"Your turn. Ask away."

Simon grinned, this was turning into a lunch more intriguing than he could possibly have imagined...

His cock was stiff in his trousers, straining against the tight material of his jockey shorts.

But what to ask Jayne, how open was she - she'd just admitted to having a shaven pussy, did that mean anything was fair game?

"what's your darkest fantasy?"

"My darkest fantasy, hmm?" Jayne thought about it, swirling the ice in her glass. She ran the tip of her stilettos slowly up his calf under the table. The alcohol on an empty stomach was making her bold.

"Sucking off a man I hardly know in public until he can't take anymore." She finished her drink just as the waiter placed Simon's refill in front of him. She waited until they were alone again before adding, " ... and then he fucks me like an animal." Jayne said this with a perfectly straight face, eyes intense on his enigmatic blue ones.

Her foot slowly made its way up his leg ... And over until it met with the thick bulge of his arousal in Simon's slacks.

Simon felt like his cock was going to tear through his underwear he was that hard.

Jayne was getting him more aroused by the second.

He felt her foot travel up his leg as she spoke, his eyes fixed on her luscious lips as she mentioned blow jobs, and the travelled up to her eyes when she mentioned fucking.

His dick throbbed against her foot as he spoke,

"I guess that's the thing about fantasies, do you act on them on risk the reality being a disappointment?"

"my turn?" He questioned, deciding to be bold and rubbing his hand up her calf under the table "I have a ... thing ... about ladies lingerie - what panties are you wearing Jayne?"

Jayne's foot twitched beneath the jerk of his erection, her other leg shifting slightly into his touch as his hand met her stockinged calf beneath the privacy of the table. Her sensitive clit was aching beneath the lace of her panties, pressing up against the damp fabric and she couldn't help a little wriggle as she took her foot from Simon's crotch.

"Mmm ... Well, you don't look like a man who disappoints, Simon," she purred and slowly ran her tongue along her full lower lip. A smirk formed as she looked at him and she chuckled softly. "They're red, Mr. Vaughn, red lace. They fit my ass like a glove and sit low on my hips ... And perhaps, if you're good, I'll let you see them for yourself," she added.

Calmly, though inside she was tense with a desire she hadn't felt in quite some time, Jayne finished her drink.

"When was the last time you made love to a woman that wasn't you wife?" she asked, her amber gaze darting pointedly to the wedding band that glinted in the light.

Simon was entranced, the thought of seeing Jayne in the red panties she described was more intoxicating than his gin, he was already fantasising about pulling them down her thighs, peeling them from her wet pussy, leaving her stood just in her hold up stockings.

God he'd love to get on his knees and taste her...

And then the cold dash of reality, as she looked pointedly at his wedding ring.

His shoulders slumped, realising the impossibility of the situation.

He took his hand from her calf,

"Your right, I'm sorry Jayne if I've been inappropriate - if things were different perhaps..." He trailed off not sure what to say.

Just then his mobile, which he'd placed on the table, sprang to life - the home screen lighting up to reveal the picture of a cute 6 year old girl, with striking blue eyes, unmistakably like her fathers.

"Excuse me - that's the office I'll just take it and be right back" he said, moving towards the patio doors for better reception.

Jayne cursed herself for the comment. She should have kept her damn mouth shut but she had not been able to resist knowing if he would go through with the thoughts she knew were flashing through his mind or if he was just teasing her. As his hand withdrew from her calf she tensed, watching the screen of his cell phone light up with the photo of a little girl who was unmistakably his. Fuck. Maybe he was happy, maybe she would be a home wrecker if she pursued this.

Jayne sat back in her chair and watched as he stepped outside to answer the phone. With a snap decision, she shoved the chair back and followed him onto the little patio behind the restaurant. She paused, listening to the conversation to make certain it wasn't dire before she snatched the phone from his hand, pressed END and tossed it onto one of the outside tables.

"You want me, Simon. And I'm not letting you walk away without a fight." Her hands gripped his tie, tugged him forward and she captured his mouth with hers. It was a rough, hungry kiss, fuelled by both desire and anger at the fact he thought he could so easily dismiss her.

Simon was only half listening to what his secretary was saying over the phone, his mind still reeling with the erotic play which until a moment ago had been playing out in the restaurant.

God, Jayne was sexy, and more importantly seemed to find him alluring - for too long he'd felt demeaned, emasculated by his wife's frigid reaction to any overtures he'd made in bed, or anywhere else.

But what choice did he have? His daughter was everything to him, he couldn't bear to be apart from her, relegated to the bit part role of the divorced Dad, especially since knowing Helen should quickly sink her claws into some other schmuck to replace him.

Dammit! Life could be cruel!

Then she was there grabbing him, her lips fiercely pressing against his.

Instinctively, he returned Jayne's kisses - if anything more intensely, plunging his tongue crudely into her mouth.

He pushed her against the wall, his hands running up her thighs, hiking her skirt up around those oh so alluring stocking tops...

With a muffled moan against his mouth, Jayne felt his eager response and knew she had won. He was hers--for this moment at least. Her back slammed against the wall and she did not even register any pain. She was far too turned on to focus on anything save the pressure of his mouth on hers, the taste of him mixed with gin. Her hands buried fiercely into his hair, her teeth latching onto his lower lip and biting down before she tugged gently and ran her tongue along it to soothe the hurt.

His hands on her hips were firm and he had her skirt bunch up onto her stomach before she even realize what he was doing. The air against her lace clad lower half was cool and she shivered both from the temperature and the arousal flooding her body and trickling down her thighs. "Oh, God," she panted, tipping her head back and steering his lips to her throat - a special arousal spot that she loved.

"Are you hard for me, Simon?" She whispered.

He pinned Jayne against wall, his pelvis pushed hard against hers, as though seeking to impale her to the bricks with the strength of his raging hard-on.

A spark of erotic pain, flared in his lip at her bite, he returned the favour gently worrying at her neck and throat with his teeth.

"Are you hard for me Simon?" she asked

"I want to fuck you senseless Jayne" he answered, his voice thick with arousal.

The momentary pause enabled Simon to gather some common-sense - getting seen rutting like a teenager in public wasn't smart.

"The firm has a flat we use if we're working late on deals, it's a block from here - let's go there."

Jayne was panting by the time Simon pulled away and suggested going elsewhere. She nodded, tugging her skirt back down and straightening her blouse. Smoothing down her hair she have him a devilish grin. "Hurry up Simon before I drop to my knees right here."

She handed him his phone, pinched one cheek of that delightful ass before heading back inside to grab her purse.

"Ah, Mancini, got that was work we're going to have to scrub lunch - put the drinks on my account" Simon said to the smiling maitre d' as he chased after Jayne.

"Si signor, but-ah maybe you want to take this?" Mancini replied holding up a bottle of champagne.

Simon didn't pause, took the offered bottle and headed out.

The apartment was the next block down, Simon fumbled with the key card and pulled Jayne into the lift.

Jayne had him pressed against the elevator wall before the doors to the lift even closed. Her hands fumbled excitedly with the buttons of his shirt, before yanking his tie loose and tucking it into his pocket. She thought that tie could definitely come in handy ... Her gaze was hot on his as she slid her hands along his bare chest, fingers trailing circles along his nipples. "Remind me to say thank you to your wife for giving me such a delicious present..." she purred, as the elevator dinged and stopped on their floor. She let him open the door before stepping inside and closing it behind them. The lock clicking into place was loud in the otherwise silent suite.

Simon half stifled a moan as he felt Jayne trace his nipples.

God he loved that! but he'd been too inhibited in the past to admit it.

Trembling with excitement, he opened the door to the suite and let them both in.

He pulled her in close to him, kissing her lips, tasting her breath and inhaling her heady perfume. Nose to nose he looked into her eyes

"Why don't I open this champagne? And miss Whitmoore, I believe there was mention of red panties?" He added with a boyishly mischievous glint in his eye.

Jayne returned his kiss and nuzzled her nose playfully against his. "You do that." Drawing away, she unzippered her skirt and let it fall down her thighs, before stepping out of it. She picked it up and draped it over the back of a chair, standing in those lacy panties that were a bright stunning red against pale creamy flesh. They rode low over her stomach and hips, covering her ass cheeks with just a hint of them to be seen, not a thong, not quite full panties either. She did a slow spin in her heels and stockings, and grinned. "Well, I do hope they are up to your satisfaction," she said as she undid the buttons on her silk blouse until the halves parted and the matching bra was shown. Her nipples were hard and peeked through the lace like pale pink pebbles. Simon drank in the vision of pure sexual femininity in front of him like a man in a desert would drink spring water.

"You're beautiful" he simply uttered.

Remembering what he was supposed to be doing, he opened the champagne and poured two glasses, his eyes transfixed on her body the whole while.

He slipped his already opened shirt of his shoulders and presented Jayne with her glass.

He was breathing deeply now, his smooth chest toned, but not overly muscled, his own much smaller nipples were also erect.

He clinked his flute against hers "I hope your diary is free all afternoon"

Those two words made Jayne's heart skip a beat, and she grinned a genuine smile that lit up her entire face. Taking the glass he proffered, she clinked it against his. "I'm sure I can pencil you in, Mr. Vaughn," she teased and then took a sip of the bubbly beverage. It was delicious and expensive, judging from the taste as it slid down her throat. Her dark gaze flowed over his revealed chest, and the fact that it wasn't hard as a rock did not bother her in the slightest. He was fit enough for her tastes, no overly bulging muscles which she didn't care for anyway. Those little nipples made her lick her lips. She moved closer to him and dipped her face down to run her tongue teasingly over one. It felt like a tiny pebble beneath her tongue.

Simon twitched involuntarily with pleasure when he felt her tongue caress his hard nipples.

He quaffed his glass of champagne quickly, Mancini may well have given him a decent bottle, but he was eager to taste something else.

Placing the flute down, he adroitly unfastened Jayne's bra and slipped it over her shoulders and free from her body.

He sunk down to his knees, bringing him eye level with her firm round breasts, each topped with a perfect bullet hard nipple.

He delicately brushed his lips across each nipple making them stiffen further, before crowing each with a tender kiss.

His lips fastened around Jayne's left nipple and he sucked it into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the end of it while it was there.

The right breast wasn't neglected either, as he gently rolled and pinched that nipple.

With his spare hand he cupped her buttocks, feeling the sheer material of the panties and her equally soft cheeks, he pulled her closer to him.

Jayne reached over and set her glass down lest she drop it when he reached for her and unfastened her bra. It slid off her arms and fell to the floor. As he sunk to his knees before her she watched him with a hot dark gaze.

His lips brushing over her nipple made her gasp and her fingers found purchase in his soft hair, winding around the strands. His mouth was soft and hot and wet across her nipple and she arched into it.

She let out a soft pant as his hand busily toyed with her other nipple, pinching and playing with the hardened peak. His hand on her ass was heavy and warm, fingers sinking into the soft lace encased flesh and she gladly allowed herself to be tugged closer.

Simon released the left nipple from his mouth, and after a quick smile up to Jayne, greedily sucked on her other nipple.

His hands moved around from the soft swell of her buttocks, tracing up and down her stocking clad thighs. He paid special attention to the top of her thighs where the lace finished and her pale thighs were exposed.

As he ran his hands up her thighs, he gently pressed her legs apart, giving him better access to the front of her panties and the treasure hidden there.

He traced the outline of her through the fabric of the taut material, her evident wetness turning him on greatly. Gripping and cupping her pussy lips he felt the dampness seep into the palm of his hand and he groaned with lust. The skin above where her stockings ended was a highly erotic zone for Jayne and she shivered as his fingers teased there. As he positioned her legs open further the obeyed, steadying herself in her heels with the hand that splayed over his dark head

His palm cupped the hot wetness of her and her hips tilted into his palm, seeking pressure on that sensitive bundle of nerves. Her free hand idly traced patterns on his bare shoulder as she gazed down at him. The nose he made sped her heart rate up and her lips parted with an answering purr of arousal.

Simon's cock ached with arousal, urgently wanting release from his trousers and jockey shorts.

But he wanted to see more of this gorgeous creature.

He took his mouth away from Jayne's breast and released his grip on her pussy. sitting back on his heels he smiled lustfully at her, especially the now darkly drenched part of her red panties.

"Show me yourself" he uttered, voice gravelly with emotion "show me all of you"

The fact that his voice was thick with lust made Jayne bite her lip and shot a burst of arousal through her body. She slid her fingers beneath the sides of her panties and slowly slid the over her thighs, down her calves, and then stepped gracefully out of them. She stood there, the air cool against her fevered skin, bared to him.

She was cleanly waxed, nothing to hinder his view. Her hands trailed over her full swollen breasts, down her stomach, her hips, and settled between her thighs. "Taste me, Simon. Make me come with your mouth..."

Simon took a moment to savour her nakedness but for the heels and hold ups.

Then he leaned into her, holding her hips on either side as he kissed her stomach, working quickly down to her hairless pubic area, he nuzzled into her pussy with his nose, using it to part her labia ready for his tongue.

She was so aroused, his face was already slick with her juices, they sky scent of her pussy at once similar to other women's but also uniquely hers.

He licked at the outside of her lips, teasing her arousal to greater heights, before delving the tongue back and forth between them, enjoying the wetness of her trickle into his mouth, all the while holding off directly licking her clit.

Her thighs tensed as his mouth made its way down over her stomach and trailed lower to her pussy. She let out a soft whimper as his nose trailed between her slit, her hands once more gripping his hair.

His tongue was sinful bliss between her wet slick lips and her hips involuntarily bucked toward him, her head falling back as he worked magic between her thighs. Every lick, every stroke was agonizingly arousing, and she shifted her hips, desperately seeking the feel of his mouth against that aching bundle of nerves between her thighs. But he would not give in to her and continued teasing her slit relentlessly, and she groaned, clenching her jaw.

Simon couldn't hold off any longer the burning compulsion to make this goddess climax - he wanted her to cum while his face was buried in her pussy.

His tongue tracked up through her parted labia, her clit readily accessible in her aroused state.

At first he started to tenderly kiss the little nub, before slowly and languorously circling it with his tongue.

As he felt Jayne's body respond, he switched to a faster pace, quickly flicking his tongue over and over.

Simon brought one of his hands around from its grip on her cheek, and dipped two of his fingers into the wetness of her pussy, before circling his hand back around and gently pressing his two fingers at the entrance of her asshole while he carried on licking.

Judging her to be close, her sucked her clit between his lips in a kiss accentuating the pressure on her pleasure, while his tongue strummed it as fast as he was able ... Jayne's hips thrust forward as his mouth finally touched her clit. His tongue was wet and slowly sinful as it trailed in lazy circles over that hard little nub before his mouth latched on and he suckled her.

One hand reached behind her to brace herself against the wall as the other sunk deeper into his hair, gripping tightly, as her entire body tensed with building anticipation.

She let out a strangled noise, half surprise, half arousal, as she felt a wet, probing finger at the entrance of her ass. "Fuckkkk," she groaned, the combination of his clever mouth and those naughty fingers overwhelming her senses.

Jayne felt the orgasm building quickly, her hips grinding against Simon's mouth, and with a sharp cry it washed over her. She bucked against his mouth, her creamy juices running over his tongue as the spasms of a hard orgasms flooded her.

Simon felt the onset of her orgasm, Jayne's sphincter muscles spasming around his fingers foreshadowing it.

He revelled in the sensation of her grinding her pussy against his face as she climaxed and greedily lapped up the flowing juices.

Slowly he removed his fingers from her still twitching ass, and rising up from his knees, he scooped her as she seemed unsteady on her legs.

His face still glistening with evidence of her orgasm, he kissed her fully on the lips, letting her taste herself on his tongue

"Now I think it's time you sucked my dick Jayne, don't you? He said carrying her through to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, Jayne stepped back from him when he finally set her back down on her feet. Her fingers made quick work of his belt and zipper, yanking down the expensive slacks. She steered him towards the edge of the bed and shoved him down to sit. Removing his tie from the pocket where she'd stuffed it, Jayne grinned and clasped his hands behind his back, looping the tie around his wrists. "No touching." She slid down his underwear, revealing the hard, rigid length of his erection, and she licked her lips in anticipation. Simon chuckled as she lightly bound his hands with his own silk tie "naughty..." he murmured. He groaned lightly as she pulled his pants down, his hard cock springing up once free of the elastic constraints.

The day's events had been sweet torture and now he was looking forward to release, his cock quivered in anticipation as Jayne licked her lips. Almost of its own violation his foreskin began to pull back slightly and pre-cum oozed from him.

"I'm going to fuck you, Simon, until you can't see straight. Until my scent is embedded in your skin, and I've memorized every inch of you," she said, trailing her fingertips lightly over his lips. The scent of sex was already in the air around them as she leaned over and brushed her mouth along his jawline. She trailed her lips gently down his throat, kissing and nipping softly, over the hallow at the base of his throat, his collar bone, running her tongue over one small nipple before biting down lightly.

Jayne worked her way down his body until she had to kneel before him at the foot of the bed, her hands making patterns on his thighs as her mouth and teeth continued their journey down his stomach, his inner thigh, the silky skin of his erection brushing against her cheek. She raised her eyes to his as shifted, planted a kiss on the crown of his cock as it lengthened further from the foreskin and then flicked her tongue along the slit there. He tasted like sugar and salt, all male, and she loved it. An appreciative hum came from her throat as she slid of lips over the tip of him and slowly eased him into her mouth where she held him for a moment at the back of her throat. Rolling her eyes upward, she watched him with a gaze heavy with desire.

Simon watched as Jayne's auburn hair trailed down his chest as she worked lower down his body with her kisses.

He was panting with lust, and arched his pelvis upwards, desperate for her to pleasure him directly.

He groaned louder as she first kissed the crown of his dick, and then slowly licked up the pre-cum

"Oh you naughty little slut, I like that" he uttered through teeth clenched with pleasure.

As she sank down on him, taking his shaft into her mouth, he arched up to meet her.

As she turned her eyes to meet his, he ran his fingers through her hair and said

"Please make me cum Jayne"

Jayne hummed around his cock, opening her mouth wider as he bucked up and thrust further inside her mouth. He met the back of her throat but she stayed relaxed and didn't gag. She slid him slowly out with a wet pop then she slid his length back in, teeth gently grazing the length of him.

As she found a rhythm one hand slid between his thighs to cup the heavy sac of his balls, teasing them as she continued to work him with her mouth. He was coated with her saliva and easily slid in and out between her lips. Then she eased him out of her mouth again and trailed wet kisses along his thigh until her tongue flicked over his balls.

"Beg me."

Slowly she sucked one into her mouth while her hand continued the rhythm her mouth had stopped.

Simon threw his head back in frustrated ecstasy as Jayne slowly wanked his cock while sucking his smooth balls.

"please, suck my dick Jayne..."

Maybe she liked to hear him talk he thought, looking directly in the eyes he began to talk

"I want you to make me cum you whore, I want to shoot my cum in your mouth - so much of it you can't swallow it all, I want to see it dribble down your face and you lick it up"

He was beginning to squirm now, unsure how much longer he could hold out before cumming,

"use your mouth like a cunt Jayne and fuck me, fuck me you cunt"

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