Teddy's World
Chapter 23: I Said I'm On Vacation Hold All Calls

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 23: I Said I'm On Vacation Hold All Calls - Meet young Teddy, who is just trying to end his virginity and ends up opening a whole new can of worms, complete with a hidden family mystery, cheating, lots of sex.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Blackmail   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Historical   Cheating   Revenge   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   Cousins   Grand Parent   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Group Sex   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   White Couple   Black Couple   Black Female   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   Indian Female   First   Oral Sex   Squirting   Lactation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Size   Hairy   Violent  


Travis and crew were taken out to the attached garage after dark and loaded into two ordinary cargo vans. When we got to the site, it was just before dawn, at first light Kronis and his bunch were let out of the RV their hands were un-cuffed. They were shown knives on the ground, and were told to do what they had to do after they got Travis and all his crews out of the vans. The vans were stolen so we had Kronis’ crew prepare them to burn them after they were through killing Travis and friends. We knew we would burn them after we got everything else done and the pit was set afire.

I said to Kronis. “I have never lied to you and I am not going to start now as your wife and daughter know we are meeting this weekend, and if you came up missing it wouldn’t be very peaceful in my home. Plus you brought your son which was the main reason you will walk away from here. I will even give you the money promised to you as you are doing a priceless job for me, and the price is right to me FREE. As the two million dollars belongs to Travis. I am retrieving my money from him as we speak.” I told him.

“As you have figured out by now I knew about both of your plans to make me blue. ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’.” I smirked.


“I have given my word, and my crew is here to make sure the job your doing gets done, and to make sure you really see that I can kill you if that was my intention. Carmanza will come back when I decide to release her now as you need to see a punishment out of this, and if I was you I would be putting together a fund to pay her should she want to be away from you permanently.” I said.

“First chance you get to a phone you can use safely you tell whomever you need to tell that you and me are now partners in all your interests until you can pay me enough to go away. That is now your TOP PRIORITY! Fail to do this VERY quickly and I will see to it personally you have no empire left using your friends, and enemies. Are we clear about this?” I asked.

“Yes very clear.” Kronis sadly said.

Kronis and his boys got busy quickly. While that was going on the gas trucks arrived, Kronis’ son moved the truck where we wanted it, so we would be ready for the final layer of trees after Travis’s group went in the pit. Kronis pulled out the chainsaw and did what needed to be done. All of us were looking a little green about the gills as Kronis ordered the tossing of the heads in the pit as some of them used to be attached to the wives of the men that got them involved in the shit down at the bank. But they were now all on vacation together forever. Chaulie and Tristopher were manning the shredder to take care of the other body parts.

The other men Kronis brought with him, I didn’t ask their names cause I didn’t want to know, but they all worked to get the site taken care of. They watched as my Uncles drained the gas trucks of jet fuel, after everything that was going in the pit was in the pit. When the trucks were empty, they headed back to where they came from. Kronis and his group changed their clothes, but were not allowed to shower. All the trucks were then moved well away from the pit.

They drew straws to see who would light the pile after all the trees were added as a layer on top of Travis and those he brought with him. Chaulie lost and was chosen to light it; Tristopher was given the task of lighting the stolen vans that had gas poured in them already. Chaulie asked what the eyelet that was screwed in the corner under the toolbox on the back of the truck, it was for the chainsaw they put back in its hard-case. After that they chained the saw up so it wouldn’t move, they put all their bloody clothes in the toolbox they moved back so I could lock the box.

I told them I would give them the money when we got to the road, they all saw the money in the box. The explosion singed Chaulie’s hair as well as blew him off his feet, he stumbled to the RV; Tristopher didn’t get hurt as he lit the vans on fire. We all trouped out of there, all of us glad to be gone from there, wanting to be away from there before the fire was reported. Chaulie wasn’t feeling too good, but when we got to the road, those millions in the boxes made both the pain, and shame go away while they were loading the money, sugar was added to the chipper, the truck, and RV. The boxes the money was in was heavy from both the money and the weighted steel on the bottom of each box.

“You didn’t believe me when I said I wouldn’t kill you did you? Plus give you the money also did you?” I asked him.

“No I just knew you were going to shoot us,” was his answer.

“I am a man of my word, as all you have is your word.” He had no idea I was just giving that sugar time to work on that gas. “You will find out I am the guy you won’t soon forget. We locked the toolbox sides, and padlocked the on the latch holding the chipper to the truck when they had finished changing their clothes. We also super glued the padlock on the chipper and the toolbox. They were leaving with all the evidence, and no way to get to easily dispose of it.

Sad to say this they seemed to develop some troubles with the pickup truck, then while they were trying to see to the pickup trucks trouble the RV quit running. Kronis and the others now had vehicles they needed to be away from, but four large boxes containing two million dollars they didn’t want to leave behind. This road had next to no traffic on it, and they had no weapons to use if they came upon a car to take.

We sat there a few minutes after they left and our other cars came up, and we started out to follow Kronis while the cars they knew about went the opposite way. About a mile down the road, they were stopped almost on the shoulder of the road. We drove around them as they tried to flag us down. About 5 miles further down the road two police cars screamed by us soon followed by the fire department. My Uncles had come across a phone on the side of the road and called in the fire. We turned on a scanner and heard they had found both the fire, and Kronis and his friends. So they would be answering questions as they all had been detained. They asked for a school bus for transport. We knew what that was for Kronis and friends as they also asked for three wreckers, one big one, and two normal one ton wreckers. We were sitting nearby with binoculars watching as the bus pulled in, with a news crew chasing them. Kronis and all those with him were cuffed and shackled. The wreckers brought the truck, and the RV into a fenced off part of the parking lot. The Detectives called in a locksmith right quick; we had already seen the boxes of money go in the front door. When the toolbox was opened, we left as our PIs were hanging around as we could see them. We went back to the hotel and changed our clothes and put them in a bag and poured bleach all over them, and put them in the trash after dark. We got dinner and came back and went to bed.

(SATURDAY, MORNING.) I left things to the PI’s as I was supposed to be gone. I got on the plane for Ohio. We landed in time to be seen again at Cedar Point. We spent the day there enjoying ourselves.

I was relaxed as I knew Travis was gone and would never be a problem again. After we left the park I went to a pay phone and requested a meeting in New York in a few weeks and warned them Kronis was in just a little bit of trouble, and his territory might be needed to be looked after until I can get there and nobody was to move on it as I may want it and would not be happy if I had to go to war about it but I was willing to if I had to. So I asked that the word get around.

(SUNDAY, MORNING.) We got on the commercial flight home; Lynette met us along with Lisa. Some of our people had their cars in long term parking. The Disney crew wasn’t back yet. We got the info we wanted to hear, they had recovered the monies due us from Travis’s schemes plus owed interest, they left $100.00 in all the accounts that didn’t have enough money in them. All the other accounts had more than enough to repay the Trust. They took the needed money from Travis.

Pam came to Sandy’s with the crew including Fallon and Sonja. “We had a great time.” Shelly panted.

We had dinner then we left for downtown. When we got downtown Lynette, Lyvonne, Lisa, Fallon, and Sonja came in the room with me. Lisa wanted to be first to get her pussy attended to. Lyvonne came over to Lisa and began working on her sister to get wet and ready for me. I looked over at Fallon as she and Lynette were attached to Sonja as Sonja started panting I wondered if they were really drinking milk as they were sucking and Sonja was moaning something awful and her hips were dancing on the bed. I walked over to the bed I climbed over Fallon I opened Sonja’s legs and plunged in. “Awww yes,” Sonja moaned. As I started fucking her softly we speeded up as she demanded. “Fuck me harder honey!” As I aim to please but she is a wild ride when she gets going, I can’t until she officially becomes one of my girls.

Well I did fuck her hard like she asked me to, when she grabbed me as she wrapped her arms and legs around tightly as she massaged my dick as she came down from her climax. Lisa came over to see if there was life in my dick and from the smile on her face she liked what she saw. She laid face down as I got over her back I realized that these night games were my favorite time of the whole day.

As I sank down into Lisa’s tight pussy I just kept thinking she was a virgin like her sister’s until we met. I was using firm strokes, and changing directions trying to find which stroke felt the best to us both. I hooked my arms through her armpits and held her shoulders from below giving the leverage to begin hammer her pussy with no thought of mercy as that is what she wanted; she tried to help but really was just along for the hot ride as she was helpless and out of control cumming continuously and then I released my load spraying her insides. She held my dick deep inside her and the noises she was making had her sisters laughing at her.

When we finally stopped moving Lyvonne asked. “Gurl what language were you speaking over there? I have known you your whole life and I have never heard you talk like that before.”

Lisa answered, “And you never seen me taking on my BIG/little brother in a fuck fight before either. And as he is the only husband I intend to have I may want to speak out again, like that I hope very often. And I hope he has already bred me too, while he was turning me every which way but loose. Let’s see what you do if our little brother gets a hold to you like he did with me just now, I bet you and English will part company too.” Lyvonne got real quiet after those comments.

Lisa rolled over on her back so Lyvonne could get at her creampie. I looked a Lynette as she laid next to me half on me. “Are those two always like that?”

“Yes, until you, we have been our best friends/lovers all our lives other than the times we slept with our mothers, we were untouched until you came along. So you will see us say crazy shit to each other, soon we will be picking on you as you are our man as well as our ‘little brother’ so you need to be ready because you’re stuck with us.

We continued to talk, and then kiss, to making out after I got hard she sat down on my dick sliding down taking me all at once. Our fuck was a slow grind Lynette was swiveling her opposite of the way I was swiveling mine, I swatted her ass when she tried to speed up. “Let’s just keep doing what we doing it feels so good.”

“Please let’s go faster, ohh please, please!” Lynette moaned loudly.

“No this feels got almost like torture we both want to cum, but let’s ride it out.” I said.

The way she was moaning and trying to get loose from my hold on her hips I am not sure she was even aware of anything other than we were joined at the hip and fucking. And all the feelings she was getting riding her clit over the length of my dick on the different angles were driving her nuts. And speeding this up would make her cum, and most likely me too. I wanted the torture to last as long as possible.

Lyvonne came over on to the side of the bed and ask Lynette what her problem was. “I’m cumming so hard you silly bitch! But you can take my place as I am ready to let you have my spot,” Lynette said. I let her up and Lyvonne took her place.

“You got our two sisters seeing stars or something, what have you got for me,” Lyvonne asked.

“The same thing I was doing to Lynette before she gave up, do you want what she was getting?”

“Yes,” was Lyvonne’s answer. It took a few minutes to get our offset fucking going on but when we locked it up in a groove, it was on and the poor baby, she tried to sit still on the slow groove but in the end I had to restrain her as I did our sister. It wasn’t the same as with Lynette we were like more in tune with each other, it was too good for both of us I came before she did but my cumming set her off thankfully. I was ready for sleep as it embraced me for the night.

(MONDAY, MORNING.) Monday I got up and showered, too wired and tired at the same time I felt strange but just wanted to get back to my normal jobs of which was school, and the MasonGroup, and my ladies. Today’s suit was dark gray with a light-gray shirt and a dark-gray tie with the black leather Maxi coat. We went to Meijer’s for breakfast and then on to school where I saw more than a few suits. Pam tripped me up this morning with a black briefcase to complete my new business look.

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