Teddy's World
Chapter 14: the Fallout From Getting Fallon

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 14: the Fallout From Getting Fallon - Meet young Teddy, who is just trying to end his virginity and ends up opening a whole new can of worms, complete with a hidden family mystery, cheating, lots of sex.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Blackmail   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Historical   Cheating   Revenge   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   Cousins   Grand Parent   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Group Sex   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   White Couple   Black Couple   Black Female   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   Indian Female   First   Oral Sex   Squirting   Lactation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Size   Hairy   Violent  

As the plane touched down and motored over to where it could be serviced, we stood around less than five minutes waiting for the courtesy van to take us to long-term parking. We cruised the lot until we found the two Broncos next to my dad’s 1976 Cadillac Sedan Deville, I had keys to the blue Bronco, and so I unlocked the doors. We put all the luggage in my truck Pam and my ladies got in her truck, My parents and their ladies got in the Caddy; they let me drive my own truck Whoopee!

We all drove over to my mom’s parent’s house as that’s where Shelly, Regina, and Tina spent the weekend. The Mississippi crew was introduced to everyone there; my Uncle William just happened to drop by, after he stopped drooling, he asked were there anymore at home like them. My Dad told him no, and these six are already spoken for.

It was not his fault as we didn’t disclose everything to everyone, so he didn’t know quite all the dynamics involving these women. William turned to look at me. “Boy your plate is already overloaded and then some; you won’t live too long boy with the upkeep of all these women. No need to be so selfish, save some ladies for the rest of us fellows,” he joked.

I looked at my dad at this point, and thankfully he grinned. “William, thanks for your concern but Teddy had to share a few this time; these three are mine from back in the day, but our three daughters are with Teddy.” Notice how my dad had sidestepped the fact the older women in question were also his sisters. All of my grandparents knew but thought it would be best to let Teddy be the only one knowingly playing with his siblings.

It was decided that all six of the Mississippi crew would move in my parent’s house until the new house was ready, with one of them coming to Sandy’s each night. So tonight after we got home, I was glad I studied during the plane ride home. Stella welcomed me with open arms, as I latched on to her left tit, Lynette walked into the room to see why Stella, and I left the others watching television.

Lynette looked and after about a minute of looking at Stella’s face, and the way she was holding my head to her breast. “Girl you act as though you are sincerely feeding him. Are your nipples really that sensitive?” Lynette asked.

Stella was panting when she said. “That’s because I am, all the women in our group also drink from me. After I had my daughter, I found I loved to breastfeed as about as much as I loved to fuck which I love to do by the way.”

“My late husband kept me drained after my daughter was born. After he died my cousins have kept me drained as we all became widows the same day as all our men were on the plane that went down.”

Lynette didn’t have to be invited twice as she latched on to her right breast and moaned to let us know she had been converted. Stella told her. “Mama will make sure you get some whenever you want.”

We went back out to watch television and have family time. Shelly came and sat in my lap. “Are you going to be my new daddy,” she asked.

My reply was to ask. “Do you want me to be your dad? I hope so as I want to be.” With the big hug I got, my eyes watered as I felt the wetness on my cheeks. I looked around the room, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Pam later told me she loved me, and so very glad that I was raised with the values I showed this evening. She gave me her word that whatever it took she would make a serious effort to make friends with my mom. That shocked me as the two of them were civil to one another, but each was her own queen, and had no interest in being friends with each other. I think more went on during that plane ride than my dad or me will ever know anything about.

Sandy put Shelly to bed, when she came to bed they all told me to love Sandy tonight, but come Wednesday night, no basketball, it is homework, followed by wall to wall catch up fucking. Lawd have mercy I hope they remembered there is only one of me; it is not like they have a pill to keep my dick hard to service them all. That is just a silly dream that will never come true I laughed to myself.

“Thank you Master, I love what you did for Shelly tonight.

“I loved doing it my pet.” When I kissed Sandy then I kissed all her hurts away. While we’re kissing I was fingering her pussy. “You know just a few months ago you were a hot fantasy I jacked off to many a day. I would try to be standing where you would walk just to be near you, I knew my mom would kill me if I stepped over the line.

“I am glad we got together, but I have hated forcing you that first night, and I want to apologize for doing it that way, but I couldn’t just walk up and ask you to go with me.

She soothed me and then said, “Master you didn’t do anything wrong; I was so hot to fuck that night, I may have come to you if you had not taken the lead to fuck me. While I didn’t want to get pregnant, I did want to spread my legs and get fucked, and when you came in me, I came so hard it made me want to get fucked all that much more. By the end of the weekend, I knew a pregnancy was most likely going to be a very real thing.”

As Sandy liked to bump and grind that is how our lovemaking started off that night. Later as I plunged into Sandy and began hammering her pussy as we were laying on our sides as I didn’t want to get too wild as we had been in the past as she was pregnant. The short stroke I was using was frustrating me; I wanted to get deeper into her. I made her get on top of me, and we got down and dirty hugging, and each pounding the other hard and moaning up a storm. When we finished Cathy cleaned my dick for me while Lynette has shown us that she wants to be the creampie queen.

The next morning I dragged myself to the shower and cussed as I got in the lukewarm water that was turning cold if I wasn’t kept up so late I would get up like last week early. I sleepwalked getting dressed, glad they were picking my clothes. Even I had to admit they dressed me better than I did. I stumbled out to the truck like I had been drinking. To help wake me up, we had breakfast in the Cafeteria upstairs at Meijer Thrifty Acres. I said we had to do this more often as I ordered three breakfasts for my morning meal.

When we got to school, I felt much more awake it was about 8:15 so we were late for us but what the hey. When I saw Fallon and her group, I stopped short of her little group and crossed my arms and waited to be noticed. One of her girls pointed to me, and she turned around spoiling my view of the beautiful ass she turned around showing me a camel toe, when I looked up into her face, she put her hands on her hips like I should be walking to her. My answer was to shake my head no, then looked at my watch. When I shrugged my shoulders and began to slowly turn away, Fallon quickly made her way over to me and grabbed my arm. I lead her over to where my girls were, her girls followed I had all of them crowd around her and myself.

Nobody knew what I was going to do but me; I reached down and swatted her ass. Those close but outside the circle quickly turned their head as Fallon gasped loud enough for them to hear her. Whispering in her ear, “There are three girls that you can see, do you think I will take any grandstanding from you? I am a private person, so if you tell your girls things it will be all over school, and you will be standing around, saying ‘damn I should have listened’.”

“Are you willing have a whole new crew? As you may come to hate the ones, you ran off at the mouth to and got you on the outs with me. Now send them on their way this morning as we only have a few minutes left before class.”

After her friends left moving away out of earshot, though they could obviously still see us. I pulled her down into my lap and kissed her. “I asked her if she handled her weekend assignments.” She said she had. “And tomorrow afternoon,” I asked her.

“I will be there. Why did you hit me on my ass? I had not done anything wrong.”

“To me it looked like you were posing for your friends. They are your friends not mine.”

“To be with me, you are going to both see and hear things that you are going to be dying to tell somebody. It scares me to some degree that you are a loose cannon, the world I am moving into demands secrecy we have no leaks now, so when you do start talking remember that.”

“I promise you no matter how much they say they won’t tell, they will. Remember you were not supposed to talk, but you let something slip. If this is your life, and if you can’t keep quiet, you can’t expect them to sit on hot gossip. Test it out by telling an out-and-out lie, when it comes back, then you can tell them why you will no longer be answering these questions if you want to remain my friend. Tell them the truth about the swat on your ass as the first test of not telling your business, tell them you were grandstanding, dress it up any way you want to see how fast it gets all over the school.”

The bell chose that moment to sound off. After four quick kisses from the girls, we all went off to class.

By the time lunchtime rolled around I was getting a lot of strange and hard to read looks. I was just sitting at the lunch table sitting on the attached stool at one end of the table, when I got hit on the left-side of my head from behind, my head bounce off the left-side of Cathy’s head as she was sitting to my right.

Dazed, I leaned back only to be hit again on the right- side of my head. I fell to the floor lucky for me; I didn’t bounce my head off the floor. I had no idea who, what, or where I was right along through then. As the cobwebs began to clear I could very clearly hear him taunting me to get up and stop hiding behind a bunch of the bitches! Cathy had to be restrained as a couple of boys were trying really hard to do just that.

As I tried to stand I staggered just a little bit. Teachers were being held at bay by the unmoving crowd as he was shouting trying to hope they came to his rescue as Cathy it seems had tagged him twice already. I yelled for everyone to step aside. As he wanted my attention well, I was now willing to give him a lot more attention then he wanted.

Standing just under six feet and light in the ass by nearly 100 pounds, he was beginning to see this was not the brightest idea he ever had. As a group of boys were behind him, he stepped up to do something, what he will never know as he walked into a strong right telephone pole jab followed very quickly by a ‘Smokin’ Joe Frazier left hook as he was already beginning to fall the left hook made his head glance off the table edge and hit the black molded plastic attached seat face first.

The lunchroom teachers had sent for reinforcements to get to the center of the action. By the time they got there the bell was ringing end of lunch. My girls and I were headed for Mr. West’s office, by the time Lyle Wallace got to the office; Mr. West had the gist of what had happened. Lyle came in with a few of his friends and swore I started all of this pushing him as he walked down the aisle and hit him when he wasn’t looking.

“Ok now that I have heard both sides of this little dust up Mr. Wallace you be a guest for a week in the new B.C.C. Room (Behavior Correction Center.)

“You can’t do that, I told you he hit me unprovoked!”

“I have way too many witness statements saying you were the one who hit Mr. Mason as he was sitting down, and you hit him from behind both times. You Mr. Mason have two days in the B.C.C. Room for continuing the fight after you got up off the floor.”

“Mr. Wallace what brought all this on anyway now that you know the punishment?” Mr. West asked. I was interested to know that myself.

“Well I been going with this girl Fallon Benson since last spring, she’s kinda high maintenance, but she is hot as hell, I even bought her a car just after school let out for the summer. All she has to do is drive said car, then this weekend she tells me that she is through dating me; it has been fun and all, but she has to move on.”

“When I asked about the car and the other things I had gotten her, she said I wouldn’t look too good in the clothes, and as I gave her the car, well you can figure how that went as the car is in her name. And this morning she is sitting in that motherfucker’s lap, and it is all over the school grapevine, he hit her this morning also.”

“Language Mr. Wallace!” Mr. West said. “Mr. Mason is this true you that hit this young lady?”

“No sir.” I said then turned to Lyle and asked.

“Let me get this straight you fighting over a girl who left you, because of a car you gave her? Before you answer, think of the words, I just said, because if you don’t learn from this, you are going to wind up dead or in jail about some pussy. Pussy that will be fucking somebody else before the door closes on your cell door.” I said.

“Gentlemen no more cussing please. However, Mr. Wallace he is right, fighting over a woman can, and will often lead to one of those two options. It is about 20 minutes until the end of the day, you will both report to this office in the morning to go to the B.C.C. Room, be on time just like you were going to first period.

“Do you really want that car back? I can have it here for you in the morning I will have the keys to hand over to you if you want.” I asked Lyle.

“Yeah I wanted it back; I bought it, and she deserves to walk so she will remember what she gave up to be with you, bet she won’t be with you long after that I’ll bet.” Lyle said with sarcasm just about dripping off every word.

“Ok then while we have a few minutes Mr. West can I make a quick phone call it is local.”

“Ok we still have a few moments before I walk you two out of the school.” I didn’t ask for privacy so Mr. West was curious about the phone call.

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