Teddy's World
Chapter 13 : Playing Hard In Mississippi

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 13 : Playing Hard In Mississippi - Meet young Teddy, who is just trying to end his virginity and ends up opening a whole new can of worms, complete with a hidden family mystery, cheating, lots of sex.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Blackmail   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Historical   Cheating   Revenge   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   Cousins   Grand Parent   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Group Sex   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   White Couple   Black Couple   Black Female   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   Indian Female   First   Oral Sex   Squirting   Lactation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Size   Hairy   Violent  

When we landed there was a rented Ford LTD wanting for us, my Dad and I loaded our light luggage in the trunk. After we got off the Airport property my dad called one of his cousins who told him to stay where we were he would be right over to get us.

My dad had warned me but seeing was definite believing his two cousins got out of a full-size Ford F-250 visibly raised up an inch or two after they got out of the truck. No offense to Mr. Ford, but sitting in the truck, their shoulders were nearly touching. I wondered, were they riding the truck, or was the truck riding them?

Both these guys stood six-six and at, near, or just over 400 pounds, wearing t-shirts and jeans it was clear there wasn’t much fat on their frames. (Think of the late Michael Clarke Duncan.) Now my dad standing at six-four and packing 295 pounds with no fat on his frame was dwarfed by these two men. And he did disappear from sight several times as the three hugged and jumped around like school kids having not seen each other but a few times in nearly thirty years. And the get together in Detroit seemed like forever ago.

The rest of us were out of the car by the time the three of them calmed down enough for the cousins to notice us.

Being twins we couldn’t tell them apart but Dad didn’t have no such trouble introducing us to first William, then Harold. They looked identical to me. William said. “Damn cousin, Marilyn really can still stop traffic, we thought you lied way back when.” Both my parents had the nerve to blush for different reasons though.

“Do you live the gym or just stop by often?” Harold asked Pam.

“Do all you Mason boys think alike? Ted asked me the exact same thing the night that he first met me.”

When we got to Aunt Bessie’s all dad’s cousin and their families came out and met us. Most of the hand clapping was over by the time Aunt Bessie came out of the house. “I know you all got home training, that said, I know how I am leaving my house, I expect to find it in the same condition come Sunday morning is this clear to all of you?”

We hugged Aunt Bessie and Pam came forward unsurely. Aunt Bessie said to Pam. “Baby I was including you in all that I just said, I can see you was raised and know right from wrong plus I met your girls and they showed their home training. You didn’t come in the family with Ted but you here now. And that’s all we are concerned with now.”

Pam had tears leaking down her face as she hugged Aunt Bessie who seemed to be leaking also.

“Well Ladies,” my dad said as he held the door open we found the ladies in the living room. My dad walked up and confidently said hello to Lucinda, Luwella, and Luvennia and yes the names went with the lady he named. All six looked very much alike; the moms didn’t look much older than their daughters. All of them about the same height about five feet-eleven inches, The moms were a few shades lighter than their daughters. All of them had the same light brown/green eyes. The moms all looked to have DD breasts while the girls had C/D breasts as they were all still sitting down; and other than hair to their shoulder blades I could tell nothing else.

I introduced Pam and myself; Lynette was the spokeswoman and introduced Lyvonne, Lisa. Lynette asked me was I only with Pam?

I said, “No there are more than Pam. Is there somewhere we can go to get away from our parents? It is kinda creeping me out courting in front of them while they are also courting.” I said.

Lisa said, “We can go out on the back porch if you want, it is screened in, and we would be away from them.”

“Please lead the way,” I said.

As the three of them got up and started walking away Pam snapped her fingers. Eight pairs of eyes looked our way. “Please forgive him, he is so glad he came down here, trust me, I know my baby well, his mind is no longer thinking pure thoughts about you girls. He will be alright in a few moments though.” Pam was saying while laughing at my sudden embarrassment.

Ted started laughing at his son. “What are you laughing so hard at, I know the three of us have had you in much worse shape, and I would think Marilyn has seen as bad or worse after all these years.”

“I have when he started chasing me,” Marilyn said.

“Weren’t we headed out back and yes I will be admiring all the views thank you all. And you four women will remember you had a chance at a little kid.” Was all the lame noise I could think of.

Then Pam said, “The shit is getting way to thick in here let’s go.”

“Is there something we should know about your son?” Lucinda asked.

“And what about that Pam woman she looks to be nearly as old as we are?” asked Luvennia.

“And all those muscles are you sure she is really a girl under those jeans? Or should I say a natural girl?” asked Luwella.

Marilyn also showed her mother’s love as she defended her son, and by extension Pam also, that part she didn’t really like at all. “No, my son is as normal as any fourteen-year old that is getting a lot of pussy regularly. Pam is actually a few years older than all of us. If I had not came on the scene and Ted started chasing me, and your Grandfather not moved you away, then you three would know what she looks like under those jeans as Aunt Bessie believes Ted would have had kids with her and two women after you had those girls. One of those two women had a girl with Ted that is a year older than Teddy. And yes she is all woman, as she has four grown children one of which works with me for the State of Michigan.

“Two of those grown children are women and young Teddy is fucking them both, and one is pregnant for sure. And he is also fucking her sixteen year old daughter. Almost forgot to say Miss Natural Granny is also carrying my Grandchild too.”

She went on to explain Teddy’s new life.

“So where do we five go from here as I don’t want to lose Ted I can’t believe I have to share him, but I won’t leave him so let’s talk about us to find some common ground so we can live together please,” Marilyn asked.

Outside on the back porch we all set down after a minutes Pam took the lead. “May I ask all three of you a very personal question?” The women looked at one another and nodded. “Are any of you three extremely horny right now? I mean to the point of maybe leaking in your panties right now?” Again they nodded.

“Do you know how to make it go away? Please say you do as this has been happening off and on for months mostly at night though,” Lynette was near in tears.

“I am Pam Mason as you can see I am older than you are; I am forty-nine years old I am just one of Teddy’s women. There a more than a few of us, you three would make sixteen of us. To make the hunger go away you must have sex with Teddy. I’ve been where you are, and so has one of my daughters, and three of my cousins, we all stopped the cravings after sleeping with him.”

“Are you sure, we have never had sex with a man; the only sex we ever had was with each other and sometimes with our Moms,” Lyvonne volunteered.

“I’m sure, I am pregnant with my fifth child at my age I knew I was fertile at the time I hadn’t used birth control in years, but I couldn’t keep my legs closed. Within a week I quit trying to, as I was truly like a bitch in heat, and once I got pregnant the craving slowed, but now I am hooked on his dick.”

“Aunt Bessie said Teddy is our brother,” Lynette said.

“I heard the same thing; later on ask your moms if Ted is your dad then if they say yes then you know if he is your brother.”

“So can we get to ending this craving, please,” Lisa asked Pam.

“Well Lisa you should be asking the hog with the big nuts about that.” Pam said teasing at me.

Lynette stood up and reached for my hand. “Let’s go upstairs the parents have a room downstairs here.” When we got to the room and closed the door, they had put two beds together. Pam undressed so I followed suit, our hostesses were busy staring at me, until Pam let the three of them know if they wanted some dick laying down would help and removing your dresses certainly would be even more helpful.

Lynette pulled the dress over her head I liked what I saw, she had a gap between her legs and more than a little hair on her pussy. Lynette got on the bed when I eased a finger in her pussy I knew she was wet enough.

I got busy easing my thickness into her tight pussy slowly, until I bottomed out and then I began right then pounding her pussy hard. The sighs and whimpers were like music to my ears, but she was trying to draw blood on my back, damn she was trying so hard to undo me and I wasn’t ready to come, but I didn’t want to stop fucking either she had some good pussy.

She had came once so when I felt the end was near I threw caution to the wind fucking her like there was no tomorrow. As she had wrapped her arms and legs around me I hooked my arms around her shoulders and held on tight as my sperm began to flow into her pussy, “Ooh baby I can feel it, it is so hot.”

When I pulled out of Lynette, Lyvonne started licking her first creampie, as Pam began licking my dick, damn that felt so good. Lisa was watching closely as Pam was making my dick want to stay hard. The moans from Lynette proved that Lyvonne knew her way around Lynette’s pussy. Pam whispered something in Lisa’s ear and Lisa took her first tentative swipes with her tongue I myself whimpered as she was licking my very sensitive head she started licking the shaft. By then Pam had begun licking her hairy pussy to make sure she was ready for me. As I didn’t want to even get anywhere near cumming I stopped Lisa as her style of licking me was new to me and something to focus on another day.

Lyvonne had final took pity on Lynette allowing the poor woman to attempt to catch her breath, but the smile on her face and just looking at her half closed eyes spoke volumes that this maybe punishment to some, but Lynette looked like it was the best thing since sliced bread was first invented. I just wondered what she will do when Min gets a hold of her as so far none of the women could stand up to her tongue, and my man meat was off limits.

That woman got a hold of me to give me her first blow job by the time I got loose I had felt both great pleasure, intense pain, and saw stars, and was whimpering as well as babbling like a newborn baby. At some point some of other women had finally notice my feeble attempts to get away from Min. It took some hair pulling and talking to get her to turn loose of me as she had left the room with us, and was off in her own little world. I never did find out whether she was enjoying giving the blow job so much, or my reactions to it.

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