Pool Party Invasion
Chapter 2

Copyright© 2014 by Frank Speaks

Horror Sex Story: Chapter 2 - The title will do. There is a pool party with incest, orgies, and a little bdsm. All is in good dirty fun until the killings start. What is doing it? Why? How will it be stopped? Read the codes!

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Rape   Fiction   Science Fiction   Mystery   non-anthro   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Torture   Snuff   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Bestiality   Water Sports   Pregnancy   Double Penetration   Size   Caution   Violent   Nudism  

Mom brought out the cuffs and she, Haley, Madison, and Sarah put one on each of Rachel's wrists and ankles. They were comfortable but were tight enough that Rachel couldn't slide out of them. My dad then collared her. Her wrists were attached to the collar by snaps and a spreader bar was attached at her ankles. She couldn't walk but had to shuffle because the bar was long and kept her feet far apart.

Her brothers lifted her up and took her into dad's study. Once there, she was laid across an ottoman. The ottoman was sturdier than it appeared and had attachment points. Rachel's wrists were released and her elbows were shackled at the edge forcing her front up from the ottoman. The ottoman was raised up and then her legs were pulled close to it by the spreader bar until she was forced to stand bent over on to the ottoman on her elbows. It didn't appear uncomfortable at first but the position placed an amazing strain on the legs and lower back. A person locked into that position couldn't move but was totally open in many ways.

Jacob knelt in front of her and said, "Should we gag you?"

"No. I want to scream and suck." He nodded and stood. He nodded to Paul who had a leather strap in his hands. He hit her ass with the strap making it pop and forcing a grunt from Rachel's lips. A faint red line appeared across her ass cheeks. Brandon took his place and the strap. He gave her a spank with it making a louder popping sound and a darker red line at the bottom of her buttocks. Rachel's head came up and her eyes were wide as she screamed in pain. By the time each person had given her a single spank with the strap, she was sobbing with pain and her ass cheeks were bright red. Sarah took salve and softly rubbed it on her ass to ease the pan. Sarah stepped back.

Haley came forward with her right hand greased to the elbow with a white lubricating grease that the girls frequently used when playing among themselves. She teased up and down between Rachel's legs from her ass hole to her cunt until she pushed two fingers into her cunt. Rachel moaned at the intrusion knowing more was coming. She was right. First, were those two fingers going deep in her teen cunt quickly followed by a third. Haley was slowly finger fucking her boyfriend's sister twisting and turning in her cunt trying to open her up. Rachel moaned at the fourth finger more in anticipation than in any actual pain. Haley brought her fingers together into a cone shape including her thumb and forced her hand into Rachel's cunt. Rachel was moaning with arousal and some pain from being stretched to take the fist that continued to push deep into her body.

Haley spread her fingers while Rachel panted with the size and stretching. Haley then rotated her arm and hand inside Rachel making her scream out her first painful orgasm. Haley continued to push and stretch Rachel's pussy with her fingers. She moved her fingers constantly carrying Rachel helplessly from one orgasm to another as she gradually opened even more to the Haley's relentlessly questing hand. She had found Rachel's cervix and played with it opening, teasing it until she was able to get two fingers deep into her womb. Rachel moaned, "Oh shit!" She panted. Haley stopped moving further in but continued to flex and wiggle her hand and fingers in Rachel's body. Rachel moaned and continued to pant.

Madison slathered her left arm in the white lubricating grease and approached Rachel. Without warning, she pushed two fingers into Rachel's ass to the webbing at her palm. Rachel groaned being stretched more and differently. Madison fingered her ass for a few moments loosening her hole for more penetration. She pulled back and then forced three fingers into Rachel's ass. Rachel's groans took on a new note as the stretching in her backside began to be enough to affect her. Madison rotated her fingers opening her even further.

With the fourth finger, Rachel's sphincter was tightly stretched and looked strained. She was panting trying to relax that part of her body knowing that more was coming. She was right. Madison folded her fingers together and added her thumb and pushed. Rachel screamed when Madison's knuckles went through her sphincter and her fist was lodged in Rachel's ass to the wrist.

Rachel moaned, "Give me a second. I need to get used to it. I can take it. Ohh! That's so much in me!" She got her breathing under better control and said, "Okay, give me more!"

Madison began to rotate her hand in Rachel's ass bumping against Haley's arm only separated by the thin membrane. Slowly, she pushed further into Rachel's bowel making Rachel moan. She was orgasming helplessly and moaning.

Haley didn't try to penetrate further into Rachel's cunt but wiggled her hand inside her keeping her orgasms going as Madison pushed further and further into her anal tract. Madison reached the point at which her hand had to bend to go further and did only stopping when her arm was in Rachel to the elbow and her hand was bent at the wrist when it went further into Rachel.

My mom looked at Rachel writhing helplessly on the two girls hands and arms and said, "That's beyond hot. Only Sarah and I have managed to take that much and not on the first night. Rachel, are you okay?" Rachel was moaning but nodded. "Are you ready for more?" She nodded again. Sarah stood over her head with a paddle in each hand. Mom nodded at her and she brought them down hard on Rachel's ass cheeks. Rachel screamed and orgasmed again even harder.

Her voice could be heard. "More! Want more!"

Sarah used the paddles again just as hard. Rachel came again. Two more strokes of the paddles and Rachel went limp after screaming one last time. You could hear her breathing but the sensory overload had gotten to her and she passed out.

Mom gave her some smelling salts and she returned to consciousness with a start and a moan. "I've never come so hard in my life! What are you going to do to me next?"

Mom said, "Not knowing is half the fun. You can't anticipate what is coming and you will never really know whether it is pleasure or pain." She nodded at Haley who began to slow process of extracting her hand from Rachel's cunt. When Haley's fingers left her womb, Rachel moaned. She moaned louder when Haley's knuckles came out of her cunt allowing the walls to close back to a more normal position.

Rachel looked back and realized that Madison was in her ass to the elbow. "Shit! That's your elbow! Where the hell is your hand?"

Sarah said, "Wiggle your fingers, Madison. Let her feel how far up her bowel you really are!"

Rachel screamed with another orgasm. "Shit! Oh! Shit!"

Sarah said, "It's intense! Her hand had to bend at the top of your intestine and start across!"

Rachel moaned. "Shit! Shit! Shit! I still feel full. Wiggle your fingers again before you take them out."

Madison wiggled her fingers and Rachel moaned through another orgasm. Madison began to extract her fingers but kept wiggling them and Rachel continued to orgasm uncontrollably. Madison finally extracted her hand and fingers from Rachel. Rachel was still bent over the ottoman moaning and both her holes were still open obscenely.

Brandon stood over her. "Are you willing for more?"

Her breathing was under control. She said, "Hell, yes! I want it all! Do me until I pass out, then bring me back around and do me some more."

He laughed and then stood over her and pushed deep into her ass standing as far in front of her as he could. Paul came up behind him and pushed into her ass with his brother until she had both cocks buried in her butt.

"Shit! I've got both of you in my ass! Do me! Shoot your loads in my ass!" Sarah squatted down on one side of her while Mom was on her other side. They put their hands on her breasts and began to squeeze her tit flesh and twist her nipples until she began to scream and orgasm some more. All her orgasms had been accompanied by some amount of pain to punctuate the pleasure. She moaned as her brothers thrust mindlessly into her open ass until they each shot their loads in her. Dad and Will were next taking her ass the same way and slamming in her butt as hard as they could until they came with a rush. Jacob and I were last and we fucked her ass together just going for our climaxes to fill her with our loads of cum, too.

Rachel collapsed upon her stomach moaning and quivering from her orgasms. My mom went to her butt on her knees between her spread legs. Mom lowered her face to Rachel's ass and began to suck and lick the cum loads in her ass swallowing everything. When she finished cleaning her butt, Jacob gently lifted her into his arms and carried her to a bed and crawled in with her.

I joined Taylor in my room. She was glad for me to join her. She asked, "Am I ready for a Friday?"

I gave her a kiss and said, "Not yet."

She pouted a little. "Rachel is younger than I am."

I said, "She has two older brothers to train and help her get into the life."

"Train me, Joe. Teach me and make me do everything you want me to do. I want to be a total part of everything."

I said, "You may not like all of it." She nodded. "You may find some of it painful." She nodded. "You may find that, in the end, you don't want to do it." She gently shook her head.

"Joe, I want to be with you. I want to be with you fully. I want to be with your family. I want to be with our friends. That means that I have to join with everyone in what happens. You know I love the sex. I just need to get into the rest of it."

I said, "Strip! Get on the bed on your hands and knees."

She was only wearing a tee shirt and panties so it didn't take much effort. She got on the bed in position and I went around to her rear. I slapped her ass twice reddening each cheek nicely. She moaned. "Shit! Do it, Joe! Do me! Fuck!"

I pushed my cock into her ass hard until I was all the way in her rectum. She groaned. "Oh! Shit! Do my ass!"

I started fucking her ass hard and slapping her butt cheeks as I did. She was moaning happily with the pleasure and the pain she was feeling. We bucked into each other until I filled her butt with my last load of cum for the night.

During the night, I softened and fell out of her butt. I woke up to her groans and a few of my own. Madison and Haley were sucking us while their guys were fucking them doggy in some hole. I did notice that Paul was in Haley while Brandon was doing Madison. I watched as I hardened. Haley was working her tongue in both of Taylor's holes while Madison was moving between sucking my cock and skewering my ass hole with her tongue. Taylor came explosively with a hard, wet cum that wet Haley's face. My cock was fully hard and I made no attempt to hold back my release. Madison's cheeks bulged as she swallowed repeatedly to get my load down her throat.

As I was coming down from my climax, I saw Haley continue to suck and Taylor couldn't stop her bladder from releasing. She pissed into Haley's mouth making her cheeks bulge until she could swallow enough to catch up. Madison hadn't stopped sucking me and I pissed in her mouth. She swallowed my piss greedily. Brandon shot his load into his brother's girl and then intentionally began to piss. She groaned loudly as she was filled at both ends.

Paul gave Haley a load of piss, too. She moaned into Taylor's cunt causing Taylor to get off again. The two girls pulled back and waddled to the bathroom followed by the brothers.

Taylor said, "I wonder where Rachel and Sarah are this morning."

I said, "Get up and we'll go look." We did and heard grunting of someone getting fucked.

We followed our ears to my parents' bedroom. All five of the others in the house were there and fucking. Rachel was riding my dad. Sarah was on top of my mom with her cunt at her mouth. Will was fucking my mom while she ate her daughter. Taylor went to her knees and got me hard. She hissed, "Fuck Rachel's ass!"

I moved behind Rachel and pushed into her ass making her grunt. Taylor straddled my dad's mouth and planted her puss on his mouth. Rachel's mouth was at Taylor's ass and she pushed her tongue in her ass making her moan with happiness.

I slam fucked Rachel's little ass just going for a cum. Her ass was still open from last night and my cock could ram her easily. I did. Dad shot his load into her cunt and, a few strokes later, I gave her ass what I had. When I pulled out, I went to Taylor who began to suck my cock clean of all the juices on it. Sarah had risen from Mom's mouth and was sucking Rachel's holes to get the loads from them. Mom and Will had cum and were resting with him still in her cunt.

All in all, it hadn't been a bad Saturday morning thus far.

Taylor and I went in the bathroom and showered. Then we went into my room and put on outer clothes and went outside to enjoy some sun. We just liked to have clothes with us out there. We were joined by Sarah and Will a little later. Brandon and Paul and their girls joined us later with a tired Rachel joining us with Jacob even later. Jacob said that some of our other friends would join us soon for a day out by the pool to swim and fuck.

Mom and Dad joined us too. Mom was wearing a tiny thong suit and Dad was wearing a Speedo. Will lay down next to Mom fondling her tits while Sarah was dry humping Dad. They were doing that when the rest of our group came to join us.

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