Pool Party Invasion
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2014 by Frank Speaks

Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The title will do. There is a pool party with incest, orgies, and a little bdsm. All is in good dirty fun until the killings start. What is doing it? Why? How will it be stopped? Read the codes!

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Rape   Fiction   Science Fiction   Mystery   non-anthro   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Torture   Snuff   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Bestiality   Water Sports   Pregnancy   Double Penetration   Size   Caution   Violent   Nudism  

I eased out of my sister's ass letting my jizz slowly slide out of her dilated hole. "Shit, Sarah! You are really gaping now!"

She moaned. "Joe, how many fucked me?"

"There were eight of us. We filled your ass full!"

"Yeah! I loved it!" She started to get up.

I said, "Stay there. Taylor just came in the room. She will eat you out."

I moved to Sarah's face and pushed my messy cock into her mouth. She began to suck my cock to get it clean of cum and anal juices. I said, "Taylor, Sarah's butt is full of cum including mine. Would you like to suck it out!"

Taylor is a skinny teen with small breasts, slim hips, and a generous mouth. She smiled happily and knelt behind Sarah and began to suck the cum from her friend's ass hole. Sarah sucked my cock and I never totally lost my hard. While she cleaned me, I came back to full hardness. I pulled out of her mouth as she began to moan as Taylor's efforts were getting to her bringing her arousal back. I knee walked behind Taylor and pushed deep into her cunt. She had been well fucked by someone. After thrusting a few times, I pulled out and pushed my cock deep into her ass. She groaned into Sarah's ass feeling me go further up her ass than most cocks.

I began to pound her ass just mindlessly going for my climax. It took a while and she finished my sister and had two orgasms of her own while I pounded her ass. Finally, I shot a load into her ass and we collapsed to the floor wasted physically.

It was only lunchtime and the three of us cleaned up and wandered into the kitchen. We made sandwiches from the items on the table. We sat around that table naked.

Sarah said, "I wonder where everyone else is."

Taylor said, "Will had to work. That's why he went first on you this morning. Brandon and Paul were going home to get their sister and bring her over. Steve and Jeremy were going to pick up their girl friends. I don't know where Jacob or Nick went."

Our house was a favorite for hanging out. We lived just out of town in a forest that my parents owned. It had a pool by the house and even a small pond about a hundred yards away. My parents had bought the property shortly after Sarah was born before the prices in the area had gone up. I knew it would be hard to find this much land now. If you could, the price would be high. A couple of years after purchasing it, my parents built our house. I very faintly remember the house before that and Sarah has no memory of any other.

Our friends liked it because we could be noisy and naked without people seeing us. Three years ago, my friends and I had built a shed and porch at the pond. It gave us a place to change clothes, hide out when it rained, and get out of the sun if we wanted.

We three were still naked but grabbed clothes and bathing suits along with our phones and headed down the path to the pond. My phone rang when we were half way. "Hello?"

"Joe, where are you?"

"We're walking down to the pond."

"Okay, we'll join you."

"That will be good. If you drove, be sure to park out of the way of my parents' spots in the garage."

"No prob. See you there."

"Bye." I thumbed the button to off. "That was Brandon. He's coming over and probably bringing others since he said, 'we.' As long as he doesn't block the garage, he will be okay. If he does, he gets fucked."

We got to the pond and tossed our clothes and suits out of the way. I sat down on a lounge and Taylor mounted me taking my cock into her cunt.

Sis looked irritated until Billy Budd, our male Irish setter came down the path. Sarah saw him and smiled. She went to her hands and knees saying, "Come here, Billy. Lick me good." Billy had been in this position many times and used his long doggy tongue to get her even more aroused. Moments later, she moaned, "Yes. Suck my cunt juice." She came and he slurped and licked her juices. Then she said, "Mount, Billy. Oh! Wow!" She had been in the position and Billy moved behind her pumping his cock at her cunt until he sank inside her. Billy howled as he sank his dog cock deep into her cunt.

He began to fuck her cunt the only way a dog can; hard and fast. Taylor and I were watching when he grinned and Sarah exhaled harshly. We knew he had tied with her pushing his knot into her hole. He howled softly as he pumped his cum deep into her cunt trying hopelessly to impregnate this bitch. Sarah moaned as she orgasmed to the hot cum being pumped into her body. She lay forward limply and Billy stepped over and around to start pulling his cock from her cunt as his knot slowly shrank. It pulled out with a popping sound and he walked to the shade to lick it clean.

Sarah stayed on her knees cradling her head as her body came slowly down from its orgasmic high. Taylor hadn't been asleep during this time and we were fucking hard going for our climaxes. "Shit! Joe, fuck my pussy! Give it to me! Fill me! Yes! Fuck!" I unloaded my jism into her cunt with a last thrust up grunting. She took every fraction of my eight-inch cock as she had since our second date. On our first date, she hadn't been willing to do anything other than let me fondle her tits. I had Sarah explain that there would be no second date unless she spread her legs for me.

On our third date, she said that she wanted to be my girl. I told her that meant being part of the group. I brought her home to Sarah who had Will with her. I asked Sarah to suck my cock. She took me into her throat until her nose was buried in my pubes. I told Taylor to suck her cunt. She was a little hesitant but did. I nodded to Will who pushed his cock into her cunt. After we had all cum. I had Sarah eat her cunt to clean it of Will's jism and her cunt juice.

She went down on her eagerly and Taylor enjoyed it. We have been together ever since. Sexually, we do everything with everyone. Her favorite is for me to fuck her pussy while the other guys run a train on her ass. Sarah and Rachel are her two favorite cunts to suck. She is happiest when it's my load that she is tonguing out of them.

We are always naked at my house. My dad has done her a number of times and Mom loves to eat her out. Her favorite time was the night she stayed over and I fucked Mom and she fucked Dad. Then she and Mom ate each other out. When Will brought Sarah home, we three guys made her airtight and filled her with our loads. Mom and Sarah ate her out and she sucked on Sarah for a while. Sarah and Will had been playing with other couples and she had loads in her cunt and ass. I fucked my sister one more time that night before we all went to our beds. I woke up that morning to Taylor sucking my cock. I gave her my load and she continued to suck so I began to piss in her mouth and she sucked and swallowed all my morning piss, too.

She did draw the line. She watched Sarah lick Will's ass after he finished shitting. Taylor told me that, while she might try it some day, she knew she wasn't ready for that yet. I told her that Sarah and Mom did it but that I wouldn't force her. She took me in her ass then until I blasted a load of semen up her anal tract. When I pulled out, she sucked me for a long time.

She stayed at our house a lot knowing she would get fucked by everyone and loving it. She always slept with me but others joined us in bed frequently. Her parents didn't have a clue.

Brandon came to the pond with Haley, his girl, Paul and his girl, Melissa, and Rachel, the guys' sister. When they came onto the patio area, all five stripped. Haley mounted Brandon taking his prick into her cunt while Paul was on top of Melissa pushing his prick into her cunt. Rachel came to Sarah and began to suck her cunt.

Sarah moaned. "How do you like Billy Budd's cum, Rachel?"

She moaned. "Love it as always!" She sucked every drop from Sarah's sixteen year-old cunt into her mouth and swallowed it happily to let it rest in her fifteen year-old stomach. To Rachel, cum was cum and she loved every drop she could get. Her brothers had told her about Sarah having a train run on her ass earlier and she was a little miffed because she hadn't been there to suck her ass. She moved her mouth to Sarah's ass and tried to suck anything else from it without much success.

It didn't take long for her brothers to cum in their girls. The girls moved back to suck the cocks clean and Rachel moved behind them to suck her brothers' cream from the two girls' cunts.

We all lay back and rested for a while getting our tans to be even all over our bodies.

When my dad and mom came home, they went into their bedroom and stripped before joining us. Dad mounted Sarah who had been lying on her stomach filling her ass with his cock and making her groan. Mom got on top of Brandon taking him into her cunt. Paul moved behind her and shoved his cock into her ass. The two brothers pounded my mom's holes until they came hard in her. Sarah was sucking Dad's cock and Taylor was between her legs eating Dad's load from her ass.

I moved behind Taylor and began to fuck her pussy. Her head came up long enough to moan, "Fuck me, Joe. Fill me with your load!" I fucked her pussy hard and shot my load into her puss. I was still half hard so I pulled out and sank my cock into her ass deeply. I forced my bladder to let go and pissed into her ass giving her a piss enema and another orgasm. When I pulled back, Rachel put her mouth to her ass and then her cunt sucking my piss and cum from Taylor's teen body. She even came while sucking her holes!

Madison had mounted Paul and they were fucking slowly when Brandon came behind her and sank his cock into her ass making her moan. The brothers fucked her until all three had climaxed before pulling out. The boys didn't cum much having just filled my mom's holes but Mom didn't hesitate to put her mouth to Madison and suck everything she could from her body. Rachel sucked everything she could from anybody.

Will came in from work to join everyone for the evening. Jacob joined us in time for supper. No one wore any clothes. It was Friday night and my mom announced that one would be punished tonight for the evening's entertainment. She said, "We will now entertain nominations for victim."

I said, "I nominate Sarah for allowing a train to be run on her ass and fucking a dog."

Brandon said, "I nominate Rachel. She wouldn't suck Haley's ass after she went to the crapper and bitched about not getting to suck the cum from Sarah's ass this morning though she did suck dog cum from her pussy."

It was quiet. Mom said, "If there are no other nominations tonight, then we will vote. Rachel, you may withdraw but then you may not participate in the group on Friday nights. Sarah has been our entertainment off and on for years so she won't get out. Well, Rachel, are you in?"

Rachel nodded and said, "Yes, I'm ready for anything. I made sure Brandon would nominate me tonight. I want it. I want it all."

"Let's vote. All in favor of Rachel for tonight's entertainment say 'aye!'"

There was a resounding aye. Mom said, "The aye's have it! Rachel is it. Sarah, take her and prepare her."

Sarah took Rachel by the hand and led her away. Taylor squirmed close to me and whispered, "May I watch?"

I said, "No, Taylor. You must go to my room and wait there. I will join you later. You have limits and you must decide to remove those before you can stay or be chosen. You know this. Alternatively, I can take you home but I must return quickly."

She said, "I'll stay in your room. Join me when you can." She kissed me hard and left for my room.

Will looked at her departing body and said, "She isn't willing yet."

I replied, "Not yet. I'm not going to rush her. It's not that important to me. She will be in my room when we finish with Rachel." Then, Sarah and Rachel returned and the entertainment was ready to begin.

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