Avril Must Do as She Is Told
Chapter 5: SWEET SIXTEEN and never been...

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 5: SWEET SIXTEEN and never been... - A 36 year-old housewife and mother of two teenagers is mistakenly caught in a government-sponsored security sweep and her darkest, naughtiest sex fantasies become real as the security agent in charge of her file is bored and wants to play mind-fuck games on this would-be submissive lady.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Teenagers   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   BiSexual   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Swinging   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Water Sports  

Avril thought herself lucky that Dom had early soccer practice and so went right from his morning jog to the school's athletic field. So she missed him when she and Joe returned around 7 a.m. Dom had made it clear via a text message the previous afternoon that he expected to get a 'special nighty-night kiss' from mummy that night. But, of course, Avril had been similarly engaged at the stag party all through the evening, night and wee hours of the morning giving 25 young studs blow jobs and being the target of bukkake sessions. Dom would just have to wait his turn.

Avril rightly figured her 17 year old son would be pissed at her for neglecting her bitchly duties. She reckoned her still sore ass would get yet another beating to satisfy Dom's MILF/B&D desires and her mouth would entertain Dom's cock soon enough. But she would have to deal with that later. Today she had to concentrate on Elizabeth's sweet sixteen birthday party.

Elizabeth was so sensitive! She was shy and often picked on by bully-girls in her school because she refused to dress sexily (like a tart, she called it) or wear make-up beyond bland lipstick. Her social life consisted of membership in the swim club and hanging out with her bff, Janice who was just as shy and socially backward as she.

Nonetheless, Elizabeth managed to come up with five names for her sweet sixteen party; that list included herself and Janice, so only three other 'losers' would be there. That is, her personal invite list included only those names. That morning special e-mail invites, sent from Elizabeth's i-phone but not sent by her or Avril, went out to four other girls in Elizabeth's school.

Those invite additions were to girls who had complaints against them concerning bullying. In fact, they were the main culprits who made Elizabeth's life one of misery and terror. Official school records were within her spying grasp and i-Bad had done her homework.

The malicious and mischievous agent was busy today, planning and twisting shy Elizabeth's special day and Avril's greatest humiliation. On top of the enhanced guest list, there was catering to arrange, interesting presents to order for timely delivery and party games to plan. Around ten o'clock, i-Bad phoned Avril with instructions.

"If I knew you were cumming, I'd have baked a cake..." i-Bad sang into the phone and Avril understood her dirty meaning just by the way the agent said the word 'cumming'.

"What is it now, i-bitch?" said Avril, resentful but resigned.

"Is that anyway to talk to your party planner?" i-Bad replied in a totally fake sincere voice. " Get tonight right, sweetie, and I just might let you go and leave you alone."

"Party-planner? Pervert- planner, you mean!" but Avril knew she'd do whatever she had to make this nightmare end. "So what's today's plan?"

"That's better. You need a birthday cake but you've so much to do today, you won't have time to bake. So I have ordered one for you from the Sexy Pastries Shop; it should come about four o'clock." i-Bad couldn't keep from giggling and she so loved her sophomoric, dirty little puns.

"Now don't open the cake box and spoil the surprise! Just keep it in the fridge until it's time to serve. " Her double entendre of 'time to serve' was not lost on Avril.

"Even though this is a special day, I want you to dress informally; wear only that floral summer dress, the one that zips down all the way in front. No bra or panties, of course, and this time I want you barefoot too."

Avril was actually relieved to not be forced to wear slutty, revealing clothing as she had been the other night. The floral dress was actually quite tasteful. It did not immediately occur to her that she would be wearing only one piece of clothing.

"I know you've bought some expensive but gaudy trinket for your daughter, but I think she deserves something she'll appreciate more and will find useful in the years ahead." Again, i-Bad could barely keep from laughing. " Four separate presents in one box will come by courier this afternoon; and no peeking! We wouldn't want to spoil the surprise, would we?"

Avril could tell, as much from i-Bad's giggles and smarmy tone of voice as from her words, that this party was going to be one she and Elizabeth would long remember.

i-Bad had one more party-plan detail: " Don't you worry about entertainment and such. I'll be in touch with instructions throughout the evening. Elizabeth and her friends are much too old for charades or pin the tail on the Donkey games; so I've devised some others."

"What other kinds of games?" asked an increasingly anxious Avril.

"If I tell you now, there would be no surprise. And where would be the fun in that?" No giggles, but outright, full-bellied laughter down the phone line followed. She hung up without telling Avril about the four guests she had added to the invite list.

Despite what i-Bad had said, Avril actually had very little to do today as the agent had taken total control of the party, leaving Avril with a lot of time on her hands. She sent the entire morning cleaning the house and doing laundry. She had just settled down to a third coffee and a bite to eat when, unexpectedly, her son arrived home for lunch. Dominic usually at the school cafeteria, but just before noon he'd received a text from i-Bad who told him to man-up and show his mum who's boss.

"Your mother didn't give you a good-night suck, last night, Dom." continued the text message, " See if she's hungry for you now."

So Dom rushed home bursting into the kitchen with fire in his eyes and a bulge in his jeans. He came to the point right away.

"Strip, bitch! Everything off and get on your knees." Her son shouted as he undid his belt from his pants loops and, as his mother dutifully got to her knees, unzipped his jeans and waited.

Avril sighed before doing what was obviously expected of her. She was becoming inured to humiliation and degradation, so with sad but dry eyes, she pulled her son's pants and underpants down to his knees, took hold of his rising cock and stuck out her tongue in invitation. Dom accepted the invite and guided his cock along his mother's tongue shoving it in until the tip touched the back of her throat.

His hands were grasping the back of her head, moving it slowly back and forth as he said, " Suck it like the slut you are, mum." The first thing that came into her head (other than her son's cock, that is) was " Dom's right. I am a slut. I can't seem to help it, but I am enjoying this; the humiliation and especially sucking his cock."

It was a short lunch for the two of them and ended with Dom relieving his sexual tension by shooting his cum on to his mother's face and telling her to not wipe it up but let it dry there. " Don't wash your face until tomorrow morning, bitch." was his parting words to her as he walked out the door to return to class. She obeyed.

When Elizabeth arrived home from school it was just before 4 p.m. With her were her best friend, Janice, who was also 16, and two other equally shy and socially awkward pals, Helen and Vivian who were only 15 years old. Five nicely wrapped presents were sitting on the living room coffee table with an odd and, Elizabeth assumed, humourous note which read, ' Do not open until after Birthday Spanks!'

"My mum is such a great kidder," explained an embarrassed Elizabeth who really had no idea her mother could be so uncool. " But it is a tradition in our family to not open presents until after the cake is presented. Birthday spanks we haven't done since I was a kid." Elizabeth was, after all, sixteen now and, by law, free to make many decisions on her own ... even to have sex, if she wanted. Not that the occasion for that had ever presented itself nor was she inclined to seek it out.

Just then Avril entered the room holding the pre-ordered birthday cake still in its box. She also was holding on to her sanity, but just barely, as she was in the dark nearly as much as her innocent daughter. i-bad had called in a few times with directions and dark hints of what was to be, but nothing definitive.

One telling text from the bitch-agent was most troubling. It came shortly after Dom came and went at lunchtime and read, 'Nice facial, sweetie, it does wonders for your complexion. Your daughter's skin is pasty like yours, isn't it? Maybe she could do with some sexy cosmetics too. LOL.'

Avril put the cake box down on the table and was about to open it when the doorbell rang. Elizabeth ran to open the door and was surprised when, standing in the archway were her greatest schoolyard bully nemeses: Leanne, Katlyn, Victoria and Darleen.

Those girls, each 16 and 17 years old, had teased and taunted both Janice and Elizabeth for two years and done so both separately and together. The worst incident, which Elizabeth and Janice kept secret from their families, involved being made to engage in oral sex with each other when the bully girls trapped them naked in the gym shower room. Katlyn and Victoria held all the girls' clothes and Darleen and Leanne held large pinking sheers. The bullies threatened to cut all their clothes to ribbons and leave them both buck naked if they didn't so as they were told. Given the circumstances, Janice and Elizabeth felt they had no choice and went submitted.

They spent 15 minutes on the locker room tiles in 69 position getting a taste of friendship. As they were otherwise occupied, the two 15 year olds did not notice that Darleen and Leanne began cutting their bras and panties to tiny pieces and cut huge holes in the girls' blouses and jeans. Holes large enough and positioned just right so the unfortunate girl's boobs, asses and pussies would be showing.

After their forced sex-fest Janice and Elizabeth were given their altered clothing back as their tormentors wailed with laughter. Left alone in the locker room, the abused pair found some soiled hand towels in the laundry bin, so they managed to cover themselves awkwardly and ran home without being seen any anyone else.

So when Elizabeth opened the door she was not just surprised, she was scared shitless. Before she could close her mouth which was gapping wide much less say anything, Katlyn said, "Happy birthday, Betty. We got your invitation just this afternoon so we didn't have time to buy you a present." And in they walked passed the birthday girl and right into the living room where Avril was looking as confused as her daughter.

"I think there's been some kind of mistake," sputtered Avril, " umm sorry, I didn't catch your names."

"I'm Katlyn," the oldest of the three answered. " Thus here is Leanne, that's Victoria and this is Darleen. We've been Lizzie's friends for ages; didn't she tell you how ... intimate we all are ... not a close as Janice here is ... Hi, Janice, did your mommy like the alterations we did on your wardrobe?"

At that moment the phone rang and Elizabeth answered it. " Mum, it's for you. It's your party-planner?"

"I'll take that," Avril said frantically. " Hello? Yeah, I know it's you. What is it? I'm having a hard time right now."

i-Bad was calm as she explained to Avril that the four mystery guests got last minute invitations and that Avril better treat them nicely..." Or else!" said the agent between gritted teeth. " I sent them a few hints on how to make the party more fun. So it'll be easier for you if you just let them run things ... oh, by the way, they think the invitation and hints came from you, so you'd best let then keep thinking that. Go along with whatever happens. Got it?"

"I guess so," said Avril, " but I don't know what's going on."

"I know! And isn't that great?" i-Bad was beside herself and could hardly contain her laughter. " First order of things: your family tradition of birthday spanks. Get going on that and I'll call you with more fun things to do shortly. TTFN ... or as Darlene said to Elizabeth the other day, ' Tough Titties, Fucking Nerd.' Go on now, get spanking."

By the time i-Bad had hung up one of the newly invited guests had noticed the note on the coffee table. She and her friends had big grins on their faces.

"So how do you do this family tradition, Mrs. P.?" asked Katlyn. " OTK, on the bare ... or first stripped totally naked?" Lots of laughs our loud.

"Usually just bent down and hand smacks on the kids' bottoms ... on their clothed bottoms, that is. No undressing," answered Avril with little hope that her reply would hold any authority.

"Well, this is hardly an ordinary birthday, is it Lezzie Lizzie?" Katlyn moved to in from of Elizabeth as Leanne bumped into her from behind. Leanne reached her arms around Elizabeth's body and grabbed the birthday girl's boobs and gave them a squeeze.

"Hey, stop that ... Mum make them ... OWWW!" Elizabeth's high pitched scream had been preceded by Katlyn pinching the poor girl's nipples and twisting them. Avril lurched forward to protect her young daughter but was held back by Victoria and Darleen who gripped her by the arms.

"But it's just fun and games, isn't that right, Mrs. P?" Katlyn said. To her daughter's horror and amazement, Avril just nodded and told her daughter that she'd invited these girls, they were guests and should be respected. Avril hoped the 'fin and games' wouldn't go too far.

"As I was saying," continued Katlyn. This being a sweet sixteen birthday I think your mother should give you 16 of the finest OTK and on the bare. Here, let us help by pulling down your jeans and panties."

And with that all four bully-girls grabbed Elizabeth, stripped her from the waist down and, after getting Avril to sit in one of the armchairs, pulled her daughter on to Avril's lap.

"There! " said Leanne, " Ready for her birthday spanks."

Avril lowered her head and began the ceremonial slaps, one for each year, on her daughter's bare buttock cheeks. When she got to ten, Victoria shouted out, " Wait, you're doing it all wrong. Here you go." Victoria handed Avril a paperback book from off the bookshelf. " I find you get a more even tanning with a paperback; it's easier on the palms too. Please continue, but you'd better start over from one, please."

Elizabeth tried to get up off her mother's lap. She had no idea why her mother was letting this happen but it had to stop now. However, her efforts were I vain. Her mother kept a firm grip on her and, besides, some of her real friends joined in and held her down too. They may have been understandably intimidated by the bullies or they might have actually thought it as a family tradition and just good clean fun. In any case, Elizabeth just had to lay down and take it.

Avril got to sixteen spanks in no time and was about to let her daughter up when Victoria reminded her it was sixteen spanks, one for each year, PLUS a pinch to grow and inch. At which point Victoria reached behind and under the ass-bare prostrate birthday girl and rubbed her nubbin enough to grow an inch and then Victoria pinched it ... hard.

Elizabeth nearly jumped off her mum's seat and just managed to scramble to her feet when Darleen commented on her attire, "It's your birthday, Lizzy. You should be in your birthday suit."

"Right! Of course" shouted Kayln. And the four 'friends' began chanting. " STRIP, STRIP, STRIP, STRIP!" And much to the surprise of both mother and daughter, the other three guests joined in... " STRIP, STRIP, STRIP, STRIP!" Elizabeth looked up at her mother who nodded and silently mouthed the words, 'just do it.'

"Well, ' figured Elizabeth, ' this is no worse than the other day in the locker room." And she took off all her clothes and handed them over to her mum who, after a toothy smile from Darleen, handed them over to Darleen's outstretched hands.

As soon as Elizabeth was naked the phone rang. It was i-Bad who informed Avril that three large pizzas ( extra sausage ) were ordered and would be delivered within thirty minutes, so they would have to start opening presents right away before the pizza boy arrived.

The present Elizabeth's real friends brought were opened first and consisted of books, CDs and DVDs all of an educational or cultural nature. Her mum's present was a turquoise link bracelet and matching earrings. Then it was time to open the four special delivery gifts. Each was numbered 1 to 4 and were obviously meant to be opened in that order.

The first opened was the smallest. Inside the jeweler's box were two sets of nipple clamps; one was alligator clip variety, the other screw vice type. The note said, 'Try these on after pizza.'

At first Elizabeth thought they were more earrings. That is, until Katlyn set her straight. The birthday girl's pale complexion turned quite rosy.

The second mystery gift turned out to be a vibrator dido; it's accompanying note said, ' Insert and enjoy after pizza.'

That needed no explanation as the sex-toy was similar in size and manly shape as the one used on Avril the night before ... but this one lacked the leather strips of a pussy-of-nine-tails. Elizabeth was horrified by the gift and by her guests' reaction. To a girl, they were laughing and making very naughty jokes. Her real friends were just giggling for the most part. But Katlyn and the rest of her crew were making lewd comments like, " Hope it fits, sweetie," " Enjoy the good vibes" and, most embarrassing of all, " It's not as soft and Janice's tongue, but it is bigger."

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