Avril Must Do as She Is Told
Chapter 3: Dom and His Sub-Mum

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 3: Dom and His Sub-Mum - A 36 year-old housewife and mother of two teenagers is mistakenly caught in a government-sponsored security sweep and her darkest, naughtiest sex fantasies become real as the security agent in charge of her file is bored and wants to play mind-fuck games on this would-be submissive lady.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Teenagers   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   BiSexual   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Swinging   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Water Sports  

The next morning Avril slept in. She didn't get up until 8:30, not until after Joe had left for work and she'd heard the screen door slam twice as her son and later her daughter had gotten off to school. There was no way she could face Dominic today, not after disrobing right in front of him, not after confronting him about his MILF interests, and definitely not after telling him some unknown girl knows his sex kinks and is snitching on him to his mum. How utterly humiliating that must have been for him! Even more than it was for her.

So she avoided the problem hidden under her bed sheets. But her dirty laundry was destined to be aired anyway and little did she know just how exposed, soiled, degraded and humiliated she would be, to say nothing of hung out to dry by the person she would least expect. But she was about to find out more about her fate as her cell phone started to vibrate. It was i-Bad again.

"I can ruin, but you can't hide." The bitch agent had a way with words and an evil sense of humour. She continued her wake-up call, " Time to get up, sleepy head. You have a full schedule ahead of you today ... and tomorrow ... and the day after that too."

"Please, i-Bad," Avril whined, " please tell me that you mean I only have three more days of this humiliation and then you'll let me go."

"Maybe ... Probably ... We'll see. " the mischievous miss wasn't giving anything away. Why should she? She had a captive audience, so to speak.

"In the meantime your one task for this morning is to send Dominic a text telling him 'WE HAVE TO TALK' ... Get him to come home for lunch today."

"I can text him, but I'm pretty sure it won't do any good. I don't think he ever wants to see me again, much less have lunch together."

"Oh, I bet you can be persuasive ... just tell him the girl who knows all about him called you and gave you a way to save him from utter ruin and humiliation."

"The girl who knows all about ... every-fucking-thing IS YOU, bitch!" Avril was clearly loosing and throwing caution to the wind. Humiliating her was one thing, she probably deserved it, but not her son!

"Yeah, ironic, isn't it?" Avril could almost hear the smug smile on i-Bad's face, a face she'd never seen but one she would love to punch. Now i-Bad continued in a more professional manner, " Yes, I am she who knows all and can ruin and humiliate your family on a whim ... ON A WHIM, Avril. Keep that in mind when you talk to me. And I am that girl who told you about Dominic's predilection for older women AND, did I mention this? His ultra-lewd Bondage and Discipline fantasies."

Avril was not altogether shocked at hearing that; after all, many teenaged boys were into all sorts of sex stuff on the web if not at parties. But she still did not care for i-Bad throwing it in her face.

"Can we leave my son's sex dreams out of this? They're just thoughts and maybe some web surfing of sexy photos."

"No and yes. No I won't let this go and yes, it's just juvenile porn ... Unless me make his dreams come true; which is exactly where you come in, Mummy dearest." (LOL –Big time )

And i-Bad went on in her needling way, " Now, you usually call him Dom, don't you? How appropriate. ( evil chuckle ) See, what I have in mind for your little lunchtime mother-son chat is a positive and supportive intervention to help your sex crazed son get what he wants ... what he really, really wants ... and you, Avril, will be just the Spice Girl to help him get what he really wants."

"And the beauty of my plan, " bragged i-Bad, " is that you will combine Dom's favourite kinks MILF and B&D ... You will be there for him, there in a big way."

Avril listened for ten minutes while i-Bad told her what to say to Dominic and how she must respond to her son. Avril felt miserable but not completely hopeless. She felt some relief in the fact that i-Bad was leaving her humiliation in the hands of her son. The mother-son tête-à-tête would involve Avril encouraging Dom to live out his fantasies in role play and do it with her.

Avril also clung on to the wisp of a hope that her ordeal would indeed be over in a few days and that i-Bad will have enjoyed her little humiliation games enough. I believe that's called grasping at straws.

Avril dutifully texted her son with her pre-scripted message and luncheon invite. Dom's text-back reply was short enough to fit a tweet but was not sweet, " 12 noon showdown, OK but no bullshit. I want answers, like who is this bitch and what does she want? " Dominic was a no-nonsense kind of guy and quite intuitive.

Twelve o'clock high and Dom would be home in ten minutes. Avril rehearsed her lines knowing i-Bad was listening and watching on the hidden cameras all over the house. She tried to look calmer than she actually felt as her son came up the drive.

Dominic stormed into the house with fear and loathing in his eyes. In his right hand he held out his i-5 cell phone which, before saying a word, he shoved in his mother's face.

"Who is this fucking bitch, Mum? What does she know and what does she want?" Dom was not one to pussyfoot around and when he came to the point he was blunt about it but he did so with a sharp tongue.

The small screen on his cell showed the following text, " Your mother is going to do an intervention for you, Dom. Go along with it, or else..." And it was signed i-Bad.

Avril was prepared already and so, blushing and with genuine tears in her eyes, she calmed her son down with a motherly hug and then led him to the living room sofa where they both sat as she answered his questions and more.

"You're absolutely right, Dom," Avril began. " She, this i-Bad girl, is a sadistic, mean little bitch. It's blackmail ... impure and simple. She's screwing with my head as much as yours, Dom. And there's nothing we can do about it but make the best of an i-Bad situation." She gave a soft laugh as she was trying to lighten the mood if possible with a little humour. It wasn't working.

"You think this is funny!?!?" Her son couldn't believe it; his mum was going along with this and maybe she was in cahoots with the mysterious blackmailing bitch!

"It's anything but funny ... strange, yes, but in no way am I laughing inside." Avril's words well matched the look of dismay on her tear streaked face. " This i-Bad girl says she is in your grade but at a different school." Avril made that up, of course. It stood to reason that i-Bad would be in her early twenties at least; the kind of IT training, to say nothing of security clearance would take years of on-job performance. But it seemed like a good cover that her son, used to high school cyber-bullies, would think plausible.

Avril continued her deception, " This i-Bad is a self-proclaimed cyber-geek hacker and she knows all your dirty little secrets. And from what she's told me, she gets her kicks out of humiliating high school jocks."

"Why are you going along with this mum? Can't you see this is blackmail of the lowest kind?" Dom's anger was gradually shifting from the mysterious cyber-bitch to what he now saw as her accomplice, his own mother.

"I'm just trying to do what's best for you and for our family," cried his mum who sincerely meant every word. " She's not all that bad, really. Okay, she is a bully and a little sick, yes, but she has some good ideas."

Dominic was stunned, angry and hopelessly out of his depth. He could handle school bullies, but cyber-ghosts were something else altogether. He wanted to punch something, he wanted to strike out, he needed to vent. His mother was a handy target. He glared at her as she continued the script laid out for her by i-Bad.

"Dom, she says she will delete all the files on you if you agree to what she calls an intervention."

"Go on," said Dom as he gritted his teeth.

"Okay, i-Bad knows about your MILF and B&D web surfing and... " this was almost too much to repeat, but she had no choice. " And your chat logs with Brad and a few other guys on your soccer team ... I don't know if she's sincere ... in fact," said Avril with loathing in her heart, " I'm not even sure she's sane. But I can see she is serious and dangerous." Avril knew i-Bad was watching and listening through hidden cameras, but she didn't care.

She went on sighing and lying, " But there is a kernel of truth in her demand. Dom, you do have to confront your demons ... Bondage and discipline of an older women ... one old enough to be you mother. In fact me."

"I don't get it. I better not get it! Are you saying what I think you're saying? Spit it out! What do you want of me?" asked an increasingly angry and confused Dom.

"I want ... no, that's not right ... I need to help you confront those fantasies. To live them out and perhaps, just perhaps, you can drive them out of your mind. If we do this, Dom, that bitch may be satisfied with just humiliating us both and leave us alone ... leave you alone, I mean." There, she did it.

"You're going along with this?" Dom, confused and angry, needed to lash out ... figuratively and literally. He couldn't take this much longer. It was TMI. Something flipped in the young lad's mind and his secret, dark and sometimes violent thoughts blended with his anger at the bitch demons tormenting him. His mother and i-Bad the bitch demons were bringing out his own demons.

"You're just as bad as her, mum. You want to help? Okay, you asked for it and I think you have it coming." Dom wasn't himself right now. Teenaged angst, insecurity, macho-hormone driven urges and most of all utter humiliation drove him, temporarily, out of his mind and into the mind-set of his darkest fantasies.

The last lines his mother had memorized in her script of shame were barely mumbled as she choked back tears, " Yes, sweetheart, I'm going to be your submissive intervener. You must beat your demons out of you by ... by beating me the way they do on those porn B&D sites."

The die was cast. But Avril didn't feel she was crossing the Rubicon so much as crossing the River Styx, for surely she was descending into Hell.

"One last time..." Dom was angry but not cruel. " Is this what you want?"

'Yes" she whispered.

"We both know that i-Bad's a bitch..." Dominic said with an eerie calm to his voice, " but right now, mum, YOU are my bitch. B&D for a MILF. All right, let's do this properly. Strip, bitch. Right now."

By the time Avril unzipped her dress and kicked off her heels, Dom had already undone his leather belt and was winding it around his clenched fist to shorten it to about an 18 inch strap. His naked mother looked very much like the MILF's he ogled while jerking off before the computer screen. His cock rose as did his anger and his self-loathing was subsumed by his rising lust and need to dominate and punish the bitches who were humiliating him. I-Bad was a cyber-ghost and unassailable. His mother, on the other hand, was vulnerable and in the flesh before him.

"On your knees, bitch." Dom's voice was cold even though he blushed from hot lust and hate. " Don't you dare look at me!" he shouted as his mum looked up at him with a pitiful expression on her face.

"Turn around and stick your bare ass up as high as you can. Put your hands on your back and kiss the floor, bitch!" He was less upset now and was beginning to get into it.

Avril dutifully but sadly obeyed her Dom son and got into a very servile pose as he undid his school tie and used it to bind her wrists. She was naked, kneeling, bent to the floor with her hands tied behind her back. It was just like she had occasionally imagined herself in some of her darker fantasies.

Dom was not gentle with his mother. The anger and humiliation he felt was vented on her bare butt and Dom did not let up until every square inch of buttock cheek was brilliantly red. Nor did he waver in his lashing out when he heard his mum sobbing and crying in pain. In fact, that made him angrier and he hit her all the harder.

But a bare butt-strapping was hardly the limit of his B&D desires. "She asked for it!," he kept telling himself, " and now she's going to get it! ... All she deserves the bitch ... everything and more!" The demons were, indeed, coming out of this 17 year-old boy who could barely contain neither his lust nor his anger.

He dragged his mum by her hair and frog-marched her to the kitchen door leading to their back porch. There he pushed her outside and told her to crawl over to the cedar tree some ten yards away.

Their yard was more or less hidden from a neighbour's view with an eight foot wooden slat fence all around. But Avril felt incredibly exposed nonetheless. She had often walked out here nude very late at night, never in the middle of the day.

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