Avril Must Do as She Is Told
Chapter 2: Day One

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 2: Day One - A 36 year-old housewife and mother of two teenagers is mistakenly caught in a government-sponsored security sweep and her darkest, naughtiest sex fantasies become real as the security agent in charge of her file is bored and wants to play mind-fuck games on this would-be submissive lady.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Teenagers   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   BiSexual   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Swinging   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Water Sports  

Joe arrived home shortly after his wife had returned from the Rio-waxing at the salon. She had had just enough time to shower and put a frozen casserole in the oven for the night's dinner before his car pulled up in the driveway.

Her son, Dom, was at soccer practice for tomorrow's big game and Elizabeth was having dinner at her friend's house, so bad widdle girl, Avril and her strict da-da husband had the house to themselves. All alone, except, of course, they were being watched on seven hidden cameras by agent i-Bad.

That was something Avril tried to put out of her mind as she submitted to one of Joe's favourite fantasies ... Over his knees she went as he sat on the sofa in the living room. Joe asked his errant wife if she wanted her first ten swats on her butt with her skirt on or spanked on her panties. He was most impressed when she told him she wasn't wearing any panties. He lifted her skirt to find out she'd been telling the truth.

"Naughty, naughty girl!," he said pretending to be angry. " I should swat this naughty pussy too and ... Oh my!... " Joe had reached down and grabbed his wife to give her a loving squeeze and, to his great delight, had found her mound was as bald as could be and her pussy as wet as a teenaged slut.

"One hundred spanks for you, naughty girl!" and Joe lit into her butt with strokes between her legs every so often to see if she was enjoying their role-play as much as he was.

Avril's face turned three shades of red before her buttock cheeks did. As noted, they engaged in spanking foreplay on special occasions, so it wasn't entirely new, but Avril couldn't help thinking about the cameras recording everything and how that bitch i-Bad was enjoying her punishment.

It wasn't all bad, though. Before the kids got home Joe and she managed to get in some hot sex in their bedroom until Avril's cell phone hummed with an in-coming text message which said ' Tell Joe you want him to finish off by cumming on your tongue  ... Do it now, I want to watch.'

Now Avril was no stranger to oral sex, but never so blatantly submissive. But she had no choice and dutifully she slipped to her knees out of bed on to the floor where she asked her husband to do her a little favour.

"What honey?" Joe asked.

"Please," Avril took a deep breath and continued, " I'd really like you to masturbate with your cock in my mouth. I want you to cum with your cock resting on my out-stretched tongue."

He didn't have to be asked twice.

Later that night, when the kids were getting ready for bed and Joe was watching the sports highlights on TV, Avril got a text from i-Bad.

"Just going over your file and came across a chat you had with a dare buddy last week. You said you did the Strip and Flip dare but actually you lied, naughty girl."

The infamous 'Strip & Flip' dare was where you walk ten blocks from home late at night. Strip off all your clothes and shove them down a sewer grate. Then you flip a coin; heads you run home and are allowed to cover up with your hands and arms. But if the coin comes up tails, you must slowly walk home with your hands clasped behind your head ... Avril had claimed to have done that with the coin coming up tails.

"Yeah, I remember that," Avril typed back.

"Well," continued i-Bad through text, " You're going to do that for real very late at night, in fact at 5 a.m. tomorrow. Wear clothes you don't mind losing and no bra or panties, of course. I'll call your cell just before five with the details."

The message came in on time and Avril was awake and up to get it for she had a hard time sleeping. The text message was simple: Avril was to walk to her kid's high school ( about nine blocks from their home ) and perform the dare at the corner facing the school's main entranceway, under the streetlight.

It was almost 5:25 a.m. when Avril got there and she quickly removed her tee-shirt, old cut-offs, and flip-flops ( all she wore ) and stood naked for a count of 100 with her hands clasped behind her head.

First part of the dare done, she then took the coin that was in her hand and flipped it. She breathed a sigh of relief as it came up 'heads', so she could run home covering herself with her hands. A lucky flip as the first light of day was dawning and early risers might see her.

Off she ran, but being barefoot it was rough going on the sidewalk so she took to the middle of the asphalt-covered roadways. At first it felt thrilling. She'd often walked naked at night in the privacy of her backyard, but this felt more daring and ... and then she saw them, the headlights of two cars just a block in front of her.

Quickly she dashed off the road and on to the yard of one the houses along the route. She waited, crouched and covering up as much as she could until the cars passed by. Then, to her horror, she saw one then two then three houses with lights on. Just her luck, this being Friday many office workers chose to take early shift so as to get off in the early afternoon.

She couldn't stay hidden for long; with every passing minute the sun was rising higher and she could see the streetlights were shutting down. They were on timers which meant dawn was just minutes away.

Avril took a few seconds to build up her courage then made a mad dash for it. More cars ... more houses with lights on ... and now few men were getting their cars out of garages and ... OH NO!!! She was only a block from home when she saw them, her son's buddy Gerald was jagging down the sidewalk ... and she knew where he was headed, her house. Dominic and Gerald went for jogs either early in the morning or right after school. Just her luck, today was a morning run.

She panicked and did the first thing that came into her head. Instead of running the other way, she ran into the back yard of one of her neighbour's homes and hoped they were not early risers. Her head peered from behind the corner of the house and she watched as Gerald jogged by. And there she waited.

The sun was rising. It was full dawn and soon everyone would be up and busy at their various morning routines. She was frozen to the spot and excited as all hell. This was the dare she'd lied about so many times: stark naked so near yet so far away from the safety of home.

It was five minutes before she saw her son and Gerald leave her house and ... OMG! they started their jog in her direction. She crouched down in hopes they wouldn't see her and they had just passed when Avril heard an old woman's voice behind her.

"Here, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy."

Instinctively, Avril put one hand over her crotch and her right arms up to cover her bare boobs. No, she had not been spotted, it was just old Mrs. Crankshaw calling her cat.

It was now or never. The road seemed clear of cars and if she waited any long, she'd been seen for sure. Off she ran in a mad dash, pumping her arms to get greater speed. She was no longer thinking of covering up, Caught naked covering would be little better than caught naked uncovered.

It took just a minute but seemed forever, but she made it to her front porch, grabbed the door handle and ... it was locked. She had left the front door unlocked when she went out an hour ago on her Strip & Flip dare. She had expected to get back before anyone was up. Dominic must have locked the door behind him!

There she was on the front porch, buck naked. Her immediate neighbours would be getting ready for work and school soon. She slumped down out of sight, hidden by the porch skirting and began to cry.

Her luck turned for once. Her young daughter, Elizabeth was not as athletic as her older brother, but she too went for morning runs when the weather was good. The fifteen year-old ran out the door, letting the screen door slam, and raced down the road without looking anywhere but straight ahead. She had also left the front door ajar. As soon as Elizabeth was out of sight, Avril rushed inside. Luckily Joe was in the bathroom, so Avril dashed upstairs and none of her family were the wiser.

In a little over two hours the house was her own again. The kids were off to school and Joe on his way to the office. He had given his dear wife an unusually long hug when he kissed her goodbye. He also winked and blew her a gallant kiss from the driveway. Avril had settled down to her second cup of coffee when her cell rang; it was i-Bad.

The mischievous agent said she had tons of shots of Avril carrying out the first part of her dare. The security camera in the front of the high school caught it all, but i-Bad was in the dark about Avril's run home until she had made it to her own front porch where the hidden home cameras picked up the action.

"Why did you wait on the porch for so long?" asked i-Bad.

"Dominic locked me out and only got back in because Elizabeth left the door open a bit later."

"Locked out of your house naked! That's right up your alley, isn't it?" i-Bad was being sarcastic as she knew Avril had posted a chat just like that about a dare gone wrong ... one she had lied about but which was now all too true.

"Are you ready for today's challenge?" she continued.

"No," replied a gloomy Avril, " but do I have any choice?"

"Not really. This afternoon I want you to phone Joe and ask him to pick up his father and bring him home for dinner. You're cooking up something special tonight. I know your children are going to be away ( kids tweet everything these days don't they? ) So it will be just the three of you. You will be throwing an Adult Entertainment soiree. (LOL) I'll send you details later." Then i-Bad hung up.

After lunch Avril called her husband's office. " Sweetheart, I was planning a special meal tonight. How about you pick up your dad and we can make an adults-only dinner night."

"What about the kids?"

"Don't you remember? Elizabeth is sleeping over with her best friend, Janice and Dom has that away-game under the lights and won't be back until after nine.

"No, not really. I've had a lot on my mind lately and the kids are kind of your responsibility anyway. So what's for dinner?" Joe was a good provider, a terrible spender and useless as a father.

"Oh, just some nice pork in a special sauce." Avril had a pork loin in the freezer and figured she could thaw it in time. " See you at six." She rang off not realizing how ironic her quickly improvised menu would turn out to be. Her i-phone buzzed again and it was i-Bad.

"Indeed, you will be serving up some spicy meat tonight, Avril, but just your husband will be dining. You'll whet his dad's appetite but that's all for now, I think."

"I don't understand, am I supposed to cook only for Joe? Why invite Jack then?"

"You need an audience. Let me quote one of your chat-confessions ... ummm here it is ' I'd really love to give or get oral sex from one man while another guy watches... ' That was just six days ago on 'Porn-peepers.com', remember?

"Yeah, vaguely," admitted Avril who was becoming increasingly worried.

"So, here's how it's going to go tonight. " said i-Bad, " from six until nine o'clock, starting with your greeting your men folk at the door, you are going to play to your, your husband's and your father-in-law's various kinky fantasies. You probably don't know them, but I do. Those guys are no more discrete than you or your kids."

Agent i-Bad laid out the first part of the night's challenge and Avril was wondering if she had the nerve to carry her orders. 'Orders', that was indeed how she thought of them, because hanging over every word from i-Bad was the threat of total ruin. It was clear she had to do as she was told.

The extortionist agent told her she would be serving and teasing this evening and, seeing she had been so adept at role play last night, she could easily handle playing a Naughty French Maid. The details, up to a point, were made clear but i-Bad said she would be in touch throughout the evening to give further instructions.

"And remember," she added, " I'm always watching and listening."

As it turns out, i-Bad was right about both men's fantasies. I-Bad also knew that when Avril masturbated, she often thought about something similar to the set-up being planned for tonight's 'dinner party'. Avril wrote so much down in what she thought was her private and secure on-line diary, it was easy to set her up.

"Playing 'Naughty French Maid' and flashing flesh might be fun" thought Avril later on in the day. It was true, she would enjoy turning her husband on, but such bold behaviour in front of her father-in-law! That might be too much. How would she be able to face Jack ever again? But she had no choice. Still, she consoled herself, thinking flirting and flashing isn't so bad.

What Avril did not know was that i-Bad meant to take her far beyond mere flash fun tonight. But the mischievous minx would keep that secret until Avril was already committed to an already embarrassing evening.

There was very little time to set things up, Avril just managed to make it to the Party Costume Shop to pick up a scandalously skimpy maid's uniform. Luckily, the actual dinner was just going to be take-out pizza, so Avril didn't have to worry about cooking, just dressing for the occasion and teasing and flashing.

Six o'clock was fast approaching and Avril was nervous. Joe's car pulled into the driveway. He and his dad were coming up the walk. She didn't know it, but this would not the last time they'd come that evening.

"Hi, hon." Joe shouted out as he helped his 78 year-old father into the most comfortable arm chair in the living room. " So what's for dinner? Something smells good, we're starving and..."

Joe seemed to lose his power of speech and was stopped dead in his tracks as his eyes widened and his jaw dropped. Avril had walked into the room wearing a French Maid's uniform, the type designed for porn videos not a Parisian version of Downton Abbey.

The starched skirt was skimpy, the hem ending five inches above the knee and stuck out like a parasol. The fabric was diaphanous to the point of being essential invisible. Underneath, Avril wore no panties and her newly hairless pussy mound looked most inviting.

Her top piece was made of the same material as the skirt and resembled Salome's sixth veil more than a blouse. No bra needed, no bra worn. But Avril was wearing 3-inch heel stilettoes ( a.k.a., 'fuck-me shoes' ) and a touch of makeup and personalized perfume, eau de jus au con ( English translation, pussy juice ), which was the sweet scent Joe had detected.

Avril had rubbed her pussy and clit for several minutes to arouse and ready herself for her evening's humiliation. Then she had daubed the issuing vaginal fluid behind her ears, on her nipples and into her armpits. She stank like a skank in her eau de putain parfume and she felt like one too.

Avril was carrying a round serving tray on which rested two glasses of red wine. She smiled and delivered her lines just as i-Bad had told her to, "Bienvenue, maîtres. Permettez-moi de vous servir de ce soir."

Her husband and farther-in-law both knew French. They looked at each other puzzled but not unpleased. The appetizer Avril had prepared was a feast for sex-hungry eyes but now she had to explain her odd behaviour but not let on that she was being blackmailed into this evening of erotic entertainment.

"Joe, Papa-Jack, tonight we dine in ... ummm less than formal wear," She said to try to explain her unusual and revealing garb.

"We will be dining casual and having pizza a little later on, but allow me to offer you something special first to whet your appetite for the main course."

And with that she escorted the pair into the dining room where, instead of the family dining table, Avril had placed the coffee table from the living room.

Atop the coffee table was a plush pillow. Avril motioned her husband and his father to be seated in two armchairs as she sat on the table opposite them. She lifted her left leg and rested her stiletto clad foot on the edge of the table so her skirt rose and the two men in front of her could get just a glimpse of her exposed, smooth pussy mound. Her face was burning as she tried to keep her composure as she saw a confused look on Joe's face and a grin on her father-in-law's lips and a twinkle in his eye.

"We're adults," she began. "So, let's have some adult fun and games tonight." Avril tried to remain calm as she laid out her plans for the evening. But her lips quivered as she spoke and her face flushed. Sexy role-play flirting was something she had done occasionally with Joe, but never with an audience and certainly not in front of her father-in-law!

"I know Joe has French Maid fantasies, so I thought I'd tease him a little... " Joe gulped and coughed as he was thinking, "How on earth did she know that? Role play, sure, but I've never mentioned a French Maid fantasy ... but Ooo la la!"

She only knew, of course, because i-Bad had found this out from Joe's indiscrete comments on a porno website called 'I kink, therefore I am' where men and a few women spell out their unfulfilled fantasies.

"And, Papa Jack," Avril continued, " It's no secret that you like to look in lieu of being able to do. In fact, I understand you've been cautioned by the cops more than once about looking in the ladies loo at the mall and in the Rest Home." This was more intel from i-Bad's research. Papa Jack shrugged and smiled; he was not embarrassed. At Jack's age he figured he deserved a little something, especially as his own sex was little more than a little something, even with Viagra.

"So," continued Avril, " this is nothing you haven't seen before." And with that, she spread her legs and lifted her skirt higher. She tried only looking at her husband but all she could think of was her father-in-law watching. She had dreamed of this sort of situation often.

She had imagined herself relishing her own humiliation because in her fantasy she had gone even further, wantonly masturbating before two men. But she had never imagined herself flashing and teasing before her husband's father. She felt so ashamed.

Technically, Avril was still dressed, albeit in a lewd show-it-all outfit. But she felt naked. She could never look Jack in the eyes again, or so she thought. But, in fact, despite this horribly awkward and lewd situation, she couldn't help sneak a peek Jack's way. And what she saw just made her feel more humiliated.

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