Way Down South, Almost
Chapter 7

Copyright© 2014 by Pappy

Miss Sue just wanted to die. She asked herself what she had done, no, almost done, according to Miss Molly. She was so used to looking out for herself and Johnny, that she could not help herself but push J D away, and push him away she had.

He was the first man that had shown her not only respect but seemed interested in more than a quick tumble in the hay, and she foolishly rejected him, out of hand. If it had not been for Molly, his Mother, she did not know what she would have done now.

J D had left. Miss Sue would have run after and looked for him until Molly told her about Dallas and Mr. Jenkins coming, probably more for her but also to arrange to add the store in Fort Worth and fulfill J D’s huge order. If not for her council, Miss Sue would not know what to do. For the first time since her parent’s death, Miss Sue needed someone else to rely on, other than herself.

She had to admit her life had changed some, already; and it was changing more and more each day. A few weeks ago she and her brother were orphans, they were living hand to mouth and about the only thing of value the girl had was herself; and based on what almost happened before, her life and virtue did not seem to be worth very much. No, she had really messed up. If she ever had another chance with J D, she would be different. Right, like a big cat can become a sheep.

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