Way Down South, Almost
Chapter 5

Copyright© 2014 by Pappy

I just could not get those dogs to round up the mules and horses. They would not leave me out of their sight. The man who sold them to me had said they were trained and he hated to part with them. They had come with him all the way to Texas and there were times he said that the dogs were able to keep him from even having to fire a shot. Smart move. I wondered why so few were ever seen except on a farm or ranch. I soon had a good idea why when they ate enough food to keep five grown men alive. They were expensive to keep!

Meal time that night had me and He Who Laughs Loud both confused. Soaring Eagle told me he wanted to cook one of the dogs. I think he and she were joshing me so I played along. “Well Ma’am, I don’t know how they are going to feel about losing a buddy; but if he thinks that way, I guess we better let him try. Ask him, though, where he wishes his remains to go. Them dogs look hungry, too!”

The belly laugh from both of them was all it took for that subject to never come up again. Food for the night came from the packs. We found a ton of pemmican on one too, this got split up and some went on one of my mules too. Neither of them ever had coffee, eggs and bacon so I contributed some for breakfast the next day.

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