Using and Degrading My Best Friend's Girlfriend

by RapeYouBareBack

Copyright© 2014 by RapeYouBareBack

True Sex Story: This is the true story of me trying to help my best friend and his girlfriend to get back together.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Rape   True Story   Cheating   MaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Oral Sex   .

I fucked and degraded my best friend's girlfriend, and this is the story. It's all 100% true, minus minor details to protect the guilty. Please enjoy and leave comments as you wish. To the ladies who read my story, I wish it had been you and I hope to hear from you.

So my friend and his girlfriend had recently broken up, and during a trip to her house to get them back together I ended up fucking her. I was just trying to be a good friend and get them reconnected because they made sense together, one might say that they are the perfect match. But unfortunately my plans that night took a little detour that eventually ended with my cock being planted deep inside her cunt.

I was over there visiting and giving my best friend's girlfriend advice on how to get back them back together. But also another reason I went over there that night was because I had been trying to sleep with her cute roommate that she lived with, even though I had no chance. Talking about how I wanted to fuck her roommate led up to us talking about sex and our pasts. She had hinted before that she had been quite the slut in the past, but after she met my friend things had changed and she did not miss being a bad girl. After talking about sex casually for about 20 minutes the room was starting to heat up and I ask her what the kinkiest sex that she had was. After some prodding and poking, she eventually admitted that once she had been gangbanged at a party back in High School by four or five guys.

During the conversation she mentioned how her and her roommate would masturbate when the other wasn't home and how she had a large collection of toys that she would use on herself. Also she told me that both her and her roommate had rape fantasies, when I disclosed that I enjoyed being rough and degrading with women. Her low-cut shirt was showing off her huge tits and her daisy dukes were showing off her sexy legs all the way up to her barely covered pussy (she was clearly shaven). She was seated with one leg up on the chair, showing off the most amount of skin possible, without stripping anyways. It was taking all I had in me not to jump her and rape her right then and there. By this time I was so fucking hot and horny I was losing by grasp on my good senses and was thinking with my cock. Eventually I couldn't stand it anymore and I stood up, I could feel the heat radiating off me I was so turned on. I walked over from my chair to her chair and I grabbed her around the throat and squeezed, she said nothing but "Oh" and her eyes filled with ecstasy and she closed her eyelids. I slapped her across the face and she didn't move. I grabbed her tits and squeezed. Only when I tiled her head up and kissed her lips she finally seemed to snap awake and opened her eyes, she stood up saying we had to stop. Honestly, I was so shocked that I had even gotten this far that I agreed and we both walked outside to grab a smoke and cool off. I left a little bit later after we both agreed that we would never talk about what happened again.

Over the next few days we broke our promise ended up going from texting about what happened that night to having phone sex and her sending picture of herself to me as I texted her talking about how I would rape her and degrade her. On my next visit, I knew she wanted to be used and degraded again so I again choked her, squeezed her tits and had her finger her cunt. Only when I finally rubbed her cunt from over her clothes did she again snap to ending our session. It was a couple of days later when during a steaming texting session I told her that I wanted to rape her, to which she replied "Then come over here and do it". We agreed that we would not be fucking and this would just be me using and degrading her, with no sex involved and that I would treat her like a piece of meat. Even though we both meant it, I was not surprised that I ended up fucking her that night.

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