Werewolves Return
Chapter 3

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"Hello, I'd like to file a complaint," Linda said to the man at the counter of the sheriff's office.

"And what would that be?" asked the deputy sitting there.

"I'd like to file a complaint against Buddy and Ray Harper, for trespassing and poaching on my land."

"Lady, that's a serious charge," the man said, "You can't just make silly accusations..."

"Silly accusations! I'll have you know I caught them in the act of teasing a trapped wolf not more than a fifteen minutes run from my front door. I have a witness to that action though he's still back at my place. I also confiscated all their weapons, so I will need you to come out and get them."

"You took their weapons. Lady, I don't know who you think you are but..." the man started.

"I think I'm Linda Mason and you're protecting two people I could have just as well shot for trespassing. Now come get their crap out of my car, or I'll just keep it. You can explain to them that you just didn't want to do your job." Linda said but was a little louder than she needed to be and now all the people in the room were looking at her.

"Bruce, take the lady's keys, and get the Harper boys' things," said a deeper voice.

"But, Chief, she..." Bruce started to complain.

"She what? I've told you before to stop sticking up for those two. I don't care if they're your kin. One more thing like this, and you can join them on the welfare line. Now get moving!"

Bruce grumbled, and glared at Linda. However he took her keys, none to gently, and went to do what he was told.

"I'm sorry, Miss. Mason. He married into that family. I'm sure they have threatened him into keeping the family free. I'm Sheriff Tanner," said Leo.

"I do understand. Next time I'll let the wolves take care of them," Linda replied calmly.

"If they're that stupid, then the packs can have them. I also take it you're now living at the Mason place?"

"Well, it is mine. The state changed a few laws, so I'll be living here for a bit."

"That's true but I can't say it's bad. The town is about dead, but the old mill is going to finally pay out. I wasn't here, then, but a cousin of mine was killed when it blew."

"My father was killed in the explosion. My mother died not long after, and I was sent to my aunt and uncle's place.

"The timing isn't all that bad, as I just lost my job to outsourcing. I was thinking of taking a vacation, anyway."

"Well, that's the way it's goes, sometimes. If I were you, though," said the sheriff as he watched the last of the weapons come in from outside, "I wouldn't be hanging around too long. Buddy and Ray will be here soon, claiming all kinds of shit."

"Yeah, I figured as much. I'll just drop by the store, and then head home. And thank you for taking care of this. I'm not pressing charges this time, but I want the complaint registered."

"If I push, I might get Ray's probation busted over it. That would get him out of my hair for about two years. Boy, that would be nice," the sheriff said with a chuckle.

Linda did, too. It would be poetic justice. With a handshake, she was out the door. She was in her car, driving away, when she saw an old pickup come racing down the street.

Linda walked into the little general store. It felt to her like nothing had changed, in any way, in all the years she had been gone.

Even sitting behind the counter, was the same man, though she was sure it was now the son.

"Hello, Mr. Calloway."

"Oh, hello. Sorry, I didn't hear you come in, please come in. If you need any help just let me know."

"Thank you. I just need to get a few things. I'm sure I'll be in later to get a larger supply, but I still have to unpack."

"Oh, you just moved here? Whatever for? This place is all but a ghost town."

"Well, I just moved back. I needed a nice place to think and relax."

"Moved back? You lived here before? I know everyone and I don't remember..."

The man paused as if to think and look a bit closer.

"I was rather young when I lived here," Linda replied.

The man's eyes grew very big, and he got very excited.

"MARY! Mary, git out here! Mary, you have to get out here, NOW!"

Linda wasn't sure what was going through the man's mind, but the name Mary rang a bell. Mary Calloway was one of Linda's only friends, when she was growing up.


"I'm coming, Dad. Shit, you yell more than grandpa ever did," Linda finally was heard to say.

"Mary, you need to get out here!"

"All right, all right, what is so important that you..."

Mary hated when her father yelled like it was the end of the world. When she walked into the store part of the building, she froze.

"Hi, Mary," Linda said to the stunned woman. Then Linda was all but bowled over, when Mary ran and took Linda in a bear hug.

Fifteen minutes later, Mary calmed down long enough to speak coherently.

"You little brat! You couldn't call once in a while."

"I know I'm terrible at it. Always have been," answered Linda.

"Well, you're back, now. That's what matters. You'll have to come over, in a few days, after you get settled. We can spend the whole day telling each other about our lives."

"That sounds really good. Well, for now I need to get a few things, then get home before the Harper brothers learn I'm in town."

"What did you do? Start another fight with them?" Mary said with a smile.

A memory popped up into Linda's head about kicking their asses, and two of their male cousins, also.

"It was a fair fight. I couldn't help it if they kept running into each other and ending up on their butts," Linda laughed.

"And what did you do this time?"

"Caught the boys poaching on my land, and threatened to turn them into wolf food."

"Shit, Linda!"

Both women burst into gales of laughter.

Sadly, it was stopped by the screeching of tires, and the crunching of metal. Then Buddy came, yelling and swearing, into the store.

"You Fucking Bitch! You got my brother busted! I'm gonna fucking beat your fucking ass!"

Linda had moved to protect her friend by pushing Mary behind her.

"You can try. But this time, I won't just knock you on your ass, boy!" Linda replied.

"Get Out Of My Store! You're not..." started Mr. Calloway but was cut off when he was backhanded then grabbed by the throat.

Mary yelled and screamed then ran to the phone to call for help.

Linda growled for some reason then let out a howl that rattled the windows. The sound was enough to confuse Buddy. He looked around. He didn't see more then a blur when Linda ran at him.

When Linda finished her howl, she dove at Buddy. She caught him by the arm that was holding Mr. Calloway. Once the old man was free, Linda picked Buddy up and tossed him across the room and into the wall.

She stalked towards the man with her arms held ready to strike.

Buddy shook his head to clear it. He knew what happened, but for some reason it only pissed him off. He looked around and saw the bitch coming towards him. When he thought she was close enough, he kicked out trying to catch her in the stomach.

He was so wrong! Linda saw it coming, caught the leg, and then slammed her elbow into the side of man's knee.

Linda moved back, watching, as the man screamed as he tried to hold his ruined knee.

Something inside her told her to finish off her prey. She looked at the man on the ground. He was prey, injured prey. She would finish him off.

However, as she took a step forward, she heard someone call her name.


Linda turned to see her childhood friend, Mary, Mary's father, and the sheriff. They were standing near the store counter.

"Linda! Stop! It's over!" yelled Mary.

Linda looked back to the man on the floor. He wasn't worth it. She turned her back on him, and walked to her friend.

"What the hell is going on here?" asked the sheriff from the doorway of the store.

He had seen Buddy Harper ram the Mason woman's car, and had gotten to the store in time to see Buddy flying though the air.

"That asshole attacked my father!" yelled Mary, "He came in to attack, Linda. My father tried to make him leave, but Buddy grabbed him and started choking him. Linda pulled Buddy off my father, and tossed him across the room."

"Linda, what were you thinking, taking on Buddy like that? He could have hurt you," said the Sheriff.

Linda wasn't ready to talk just yet. So she just stood at the counter, letting herself breathe through the adrenaline.

"Linda, I..." the sheriff started.

"Give her a moment to calm down," Hardy, Mary's father said, "But this is the last straw, and it's not going to be brushed aside. I'm pressing charges! I don't care if his whole family comes after me! I have restraining orders against most of them, anyway."

The sheriff sighed, "I wish I could have held him like I did his brother, but I had nothing to hold him on."

The sheriff started to pull his cell and was going to call for assistance when a familiar deputy walked in.

Bruce Carlton took in the sight of his cousin, and then looked at the woman standing at the counter.

"YOU DID THIS! I'm gonna..." he started but stopped as his boss stepped in front of him and got right in his face.

"Shut! Up!" the Sheriff ordered.

"But, Sheriff..."

"You don't know what happened here. Now go call for an ambulance for this stupid ass. And just so you know, he tried to kill Mr. Calloway. I'll be charging him with attempted murder, and several other charges. Now, move!"

"Sir, that woman is a menace and should be locked up. I'm going to arrest her, then call the state police," Bruce said smugly.

"You do that and I can guarantee you'll be the one they leave with. I have a file on you, and several others, which will make them real interested in you."

Then the sheriff knew what he had to do, "As of this moment you're suspended without pay. Get out of here!"

Bruce was shocked that the sheriff was now taking a stand.

"You can't do that to me! My family owns this town."

"You only think you do," stated Linda, "I have some very good lawyers. I'm sure they would love to prove that you, and that family, own nothing. Dumb, ignorant, poaching, bullies! That's what they were when I lived here before, and it looks like they're the same way now. Now get the hell out of here, before I turn you into wolf chow!"

As Linda was talking she was looking at the man. What Bruce saw in the Mason woman's face scared him enough that he stepped back, and ran out the door.

There was silence in the store but then Linda looked out the doors. What she saw snapped her out of her anger. It was the sight of Buddy's truck sitting on the back half of her car that did the trick.

"Ah, shit!"

"Linda, what is it?" Mary asked, finally coming over to her friend.

"Did he have to try and drive over my car? Shit!"

"Linda, I'll get the wrecker over here. They'll get it off your car, then get your car over to the shop," said the sheriff.

"I'll call my lawyer. He'll handle all of this. The only question I have, is how am I going to get home? I still need to get some supplies," Linda complained.

"I'll get you everything you need, dear. I'll even deliver it," stated Hardy.

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