The Redhead
Chapter 3

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PAYBACK is a bitch...

Over the next couple of days a plan started to form. I wanted to exact revenge on the one person I perceived as being the root cause of all of the turmoil of the last year of my life.

It wasn't until many years after the fact, that I would realize most of the turmoil was really caused by Becky and her manipulation of people and situations to suit her. By then it would be too late for him.

I went to work and during my shift, plan ideas began to take shape. I saw the trip to Texas as a way to be completely out of state and have a rock solid alibi when the revenge was taken. All I needed was one more major ingredient. I needed a man to handle the actual delivery of the pain and suffering.

I knew of a man who was almost as good a friend as Jimmy had been. His name was Sam. He was from somewhere down in southern Georgia. His family ran a small logging operation. I met him in Memphis where we were both going to Aviation Training Schools after boot camp and ITR in the Marines. I was in Air Base Operations training and he was in Helicopter mechanic school. How we became friends was one for the books.

I had decided to go to the base flick to see a movie on Friday night, rather than ride the bus 20 miles into Memphis to carouse around with the other guys. I was in the back row and another Marine came in and sat down with a buddy of his. We started to watch the movie, it was a particularly bad movie I made one really stupid comment, and the guy next to me laughed. We started to talk between the three of us. We decided to go to the club and have a beer.

As we started to talk we learned that we all had a lot in common. My friend Jimmy was in Sam's class. The other guy Joe was in Weather school. Sam and Joe had enlisted under the buddy system and were from the same home town and they had been friends their entire lives having grown up next door to each other and Joe's dad worked for Sam's dad at the sawmill. As we sat there drinking and talking, Jimmy came in and sat down. It really didn't take too long and we felt like we had known each other for years. Later in the evening, we headed back to the barracks. We made plans to go into Memphis the next morning by bus and spend the day and maybe overnight in a hotel too. We were all horny and we wanted to see if we could do something to alleviate that condition. From that weekend on we did almost everything together. All our meals, liberty almost any weekend we had something planned. None of us had cars yet, so we were somewhat limited by where we could go.

A couple of weekends later Sam's Dad and a brother brought him his car. From then on we were free to roam the South. Some weekends we would go 500-600 miles away, just to go somewhere we had never been.

When training was over: We all received our orders to our next duty station. They were all to NAS New River, Jacksonville, NC. We all weren't in the same squadrons. But we were all on the same base and we continued our travels. That was when we learned about "Swooping". Swooping was when you headed for a long distance liberty town and made a marathon drive on Friday night and made the return drive back arriving by reveille on Monday morning. All of which meant long hard driving to get where you wanted to go. We would normally head to Washington DC or New York City. We would always try to take along a couple of fare paying extra Marines who wanted to get home. Sometimes we would have seven people in the car, the four of us, and three who were paying $15 each for the round trip. That money helped pay the gas and some left over to buy some food and entertainment once we arrived at the destination.

On one of these trips Joe was late getting out of the hotel, we went on ahead and he never made it to the club where we had agreed to meet. Sam decided to go and look for him. We all got up to go help him look for Joe. We found him in an alley with three guys whaling away on him. We all piled in and when the fight was over, they were all on the ground and we were in the custody of the MP's. They hauled us in for processing. After they found out what happened, they wrote the incident up. They instructed us to go back to base the next day and they would forward a copy of the paperwork to our Commanding Officers. That was all we needed. The Sergeant Major in charge of my section was cool about the whole thing and nothing happened. The only one who really caught hell was Sam. The Second Lieutenant he worked for was prick and wanted to give him an Article 15 disciplinary hearing which would have, if found guilty get him as much as six months in the brig and possibly a bad conduct discharge. It seems this Lieutenant was trying to impress discipline on his troops, and trying to make points with the CO.

This was serious. One of the unwritten rules in any branch of the service was. "Though shall not fuck with clerks." because they can flat fuck with you and you will never know what hit you. I called the chief admin clerk in Sam's squadron and got my Gunny on the line to talk to him. He told us not to worry. He would take care of it. A couple of weeks later, we found out that the Lieutenant had received expedited high priority orders for immediate transfer to 3rd Marine Air Wing, RVN. A day later he was gone and the Article 15 in Sam's file disappeared.

Sam told me then and there if I ever needed anything at all, to just call.

I gave Sam a call.

I really wanted to fuck up this boy friend of Becky's. My brother knew where he was living, I called my brother and asked him to go home to our Grandpa's farm and get an item out of the sheep shearing shed. For a couple of years while we lived with him our Grandpa had been big in the sheep raising business, he would run a couple of thousand head of ewes at a time. Several buck sheep too. Each spring we had thousands of lambs being born. Of course that meant that you had to have all of the tools for taking care of the lambs too. I sent my brother to get one particular tool which both of us had learned to use like an expert. I told him to box it up and mail it to Sam.

When I made the call to Sam, his mother answered and told me he was at the mill and she would have him call me that same evening. When Sam called, we caught up on old times and then I filled him in on what my plan was. After he understood what I wanted. He told me that there had been a couple of old boys in his neighborhood who had been handled in the same fashion when they wouldn't keep their ditterdoo in their pants. I asked him what he needed. He told me not much, once the tool arrived he would get one of his brothers and they would take a ride and visit the man. I told him I had mailed him $500 to cover any expenses. He asked how long I was going to be in Texas. I didn't really know, but I thought I could push it to a couple of weeks. He told me to go for it and he would be in touch in about three weeks.

I called Mary and let her know that I would be on my way in a couple of days. I called my boss and told him about the death and a funeral. He told me to go ahead and he would cover me for it.

I was on the road headed for Dallas – Ft Worth two days later.

Mary, My Third Redhead...

The trip down to Dallas was pretty uneventful. Mostly hard driving and lots of coffee and rest stops.

When I arrived in Dallas, I called Mary and told her where I was. She knew right where the location was and told me she would come and get me. I asked her what she looked like. She told me she was about 5'2" tall and had bright red hair. Oh' WOW...

When she pulled up, "bright red hair" was too tame a description. She was flat stunning. She was very tiny with large breasts, very small waist and flaring hips. She had a perfect hour glass shape. I later learned that her bust was 32D and her waist was only 22". Her waist was so small it made the entire package seem almost unreal. She was definitely a beautiful woman.

She walked up to me and pulled me into a hug. She told me that Jimmy had told her I was tall, but she never realized what that really meant. Her nose was down about the center button of my shirt.

We took off and I followed her to a nice section of Dallas. She had sold the house that she and Jimmy had been buying and had moved home to live with her Mom and Dad after the funeral. She took me in and introduced me to her Mom and Dad. We sat and visited for a while. Plans were made to have supper with them and Mary asked me if I would like to go out to the cemetery and see where Jimmy was buried. I really didn't want to go, but I knew I had to.

We left in Mary's car and headed out. The cemetery was across town, it would take us a while to get there, as we rode along Mary started to tell me about their lives together. They had known each other in High School but never dated. When Jimmy got home from Viet Nam, they met by accident at a neighborhood BBQ joint. Mary was the assistant manager and Jimmy had come in to eat. They talked while he ate and the next day he was back and as they say the rest is history.

They got married fairly quickly and bought a house with her parents help. Jimmy got a job working for the local electric utility company. He started of at a good hourly rate because of his extensive training in aircraft electronics. He had just started working on the high wire crew when the accident happened.

She didn't have any details about the accident and told me that it was being handled by her attorney at the present time. Jimmy had personal life insurance and a company policy as well. Those had paid off leaving Mary very well provided for. They had not had any children but had been working on it, with no success.

When we got to the cemetery she pulled over next to a grove of trees and there amongst the trees was Jimmy's head stone. As I walked toward it, tears started to flow down my cheeks. We had always planned to get together once I was out of school and be close to one another. He had been more like a brother to me than my real brothers were. I sat down on the grass and cried. Mary stood close by and was crying too. She came over and sat down on my lap and we just held each other. Finally it started to subside and she got up and I did too. As I stood there looking down she moved against my side and I put my arm around her shoulders and we walked back to the car. She asked me if I wanted to drive and I said sure. She directed me out of the cemetery and we took a driving tour of Dallas. After a couple of hours of driving and talking we headed back to her parents place.

After supper, we all settled down in the den to visit. Mary's Dad asked me about school and what I had been studying. We discussed opportunities that he was aware of in the Dallas area. He was in upper management in a large multi national corporation based in Dallas. Their major focus was on the development of the pocket calculator, which they were going to introduce to the public in the very near future. It sounded interesting to me, but I really didn't see why that would be a product that would have any real use for the public. Boy, was I wrong. Now when I look back, I should have stayed in Dallas and went to work for that company. It would have been the best decision I ever made. Oh' well...

Mary's parents offered me free access to their home for as long as I wanted to stay and made me feel very welcome. Mary showed me where my bedroom was. It was an extra bedroom in the lower level off the family room. It had its own bath and door to the outside back of the house so I could come and go with out disturbing the rest of the household.

In the morning I got up and went upstairs to find Mary drinking some coffee. She said that her parents had already left for work. She asked me what I would like to do today. I told her that it did not matter to me. It was her hometown, what ever she wanted to do was fine with me. She suggested that she would like to give me the full Cook's tour of the city. That sounds good." I said. We finished our coffee and we left in her car. She drove and I got to see the sights. The weather in Dallas in late summer was quite a bit warmer than at home. At least it seemed so that day. As we took in the sights we talked more about Jimmy and the accident and Mary's future.

She was really at loose ends right then. She had no real direction to go, or at least she felt that she didn't. She asked me about my home state and what I thought about her coming up there to visit. I told her that I thought that would be a good idea. to get away from the area for awhile and leave all the associated problems with the death behind for a short time.

Over the next two weeks, we seemed to grow closer. There was no intimacy between us, I was definitely attracted to her, and I think she felt the same way. I did feel that any kind of move on my part would be completely inappropriate.

A couple of days before I was planning on going home, Mary asked me if she could go along with me. I really couldn't think of any good reason for her not to go, so I said yes. The next two days flew by as we made preparations to leave. He parents thought it was a good idea for her to get away for a short time.

We finally got on the road and headed back. We decided not to try and make it in one shot. We drove to Oklahoma City and stopped in a nice motel to spend the night. We got our room and moved our stuff in and found out they had given us a room with only one bed. I started to go back down to the desk to get a different room. Mary stopped me and said. "Don't worry about it, it will be alright."

I said "Okay, if you are sure."

She said she was and that was the end of it. We went out to a nice steak house for supper and then went back to the room. I went in to take a shower and a short time later Mary joined me in the shower. I had not expected this. I had hoped for it many times, but really didn't think it would happen. She was really something. Her large breasts were spectacular. I had always been attracted to small breasted women. I was rapidly reassessing my preferences. Her breasts felt so smooth and heavy in my hands. As I moved my soapy hands over her nipples, she started to shake. I reached down and grabbed her below her butt cheeks and lifter her up. She really didn't weigh very much. As she slid up my body, my cock was trapped between us. When I had lifted her high enough, she reached down between us and positioned my cock just right and I let her down slowly as my cock slid into her to the hilt. It was wonderful. I held her tight as I rotated my hips up and down driving myself up into her. Neither of us lasted very long. A few more strokes and we were both cumming very hard. My cock deflated and fell out of her and I let her down. We soaped each other up and rinsed off and got out of the shower. We dried one another off and headed for bed.

We really didn't get much sleep that night. In the morning, we got back on the road, only now Mary was sitting right next to me as I drove and my arm was around her shoulders.

We didn't waste anymore time getting home. We made the remainder of the trip in record time. Once home, Mary moved her stuff right into my bedroom and we acted as if we had been married forever. I only had two more weeks before I would need to leave for my next year of classes in Miami Florida. I wanted to study Marine Biology as close to warm water as I could. I wanted to be able to learn how to Scuba dive and be able to snorkel as much as I wanted.

One night we caught a follow-up story on the evening news about a man found beaten and castrated using a bloodless castrator*. He had been left on the side of the road in a very remote rural location. No more details were available. It was noted that he was expected to make a full recovery. That is except for the affected area.

A couple of weeks later, Mary and I were on our way to Miami and I made a detour to see my friend Sam at his sawmill and introduce Mary to him. He had been a friend of Jimmy's too.

Life is sweet...

* Google Burdizzo...

The trip south...

We drove out of town headed south toward Interstate 80.

"Mary, what do you plan on doing, once we get to Florida?" I asked.

"I have been thinking about that a lot." She replied. "I feel sort of at loose ends right now, Jimmy's death is still so fresh in my mind, I don't quite know what to do. Money is not a problem now and won't be if I am smart about it. I feel like I should get a job." "What do you think?" She asked.

I drove in silence for a short while as I considered what kind of answer to give her. She seemed to be pretty stable from all outward appearances. I knew that what showed on the surface was not what she was feeling deep inside. She was still mourning for Jimmy, she was still missing him.

I finally asked where she wanted to stop for the night. "Doesn't make a lot of difference to me,." She replied. "Some place nice with a pool, so we can relax and swim before it gets too dark."

As we traveled south toward Memphis, I was trying to remember places along the way that would fit the description of a place like she wanted. I was kind of thinking of may be a Howard Johnson or a Holiday Inn.

All of a sudden Mary just started to talk. "Jimmy and I knew each other from High School, we only dated once, before graduation and then he was gone off to the Marine Corps ... What we had was not really even a friendship. Just two people who had dated once. No promises were made to keep in touch. After he left, I got a job after graduation as a waitress in a BBQ restaurant.

One day, I saw a young man come into the restaurant and asked if I could help him. It was Jimmy, he had changed so much after 4 years in the Marines, I didn't even recognize him. He told me that he was there fresh out of the Corps looking for work.

All of a sudden he asked, "You're Mary, right?" I was kind of surprised. I told him "Yes, I'm Mary, do I know you?" He kind of laughed. I'm Jimmy from High School, we dated once, must not have been to memorable a date."

He just stood there just grinning, his blue eyes were twinkling. "Mary, I really don't need to eat, I just used that as an excuse to come in and talk to you. Would you like to go out to dinner this evening after you get off?"

I was completely speechless, I thought for a moment and said. "Sure why not."

"I'll be off in an hour and a half. Meet me out front."

For the next hour, I was wandering around in a daze. This was totally unexpected. I had not been on a date in over a year. In the past 4 years I had a few short term romances, but they never went anywhere.

Finally quitting time rolled around and I was out front waiting for him. He pulled up in a brand new 1968 white Pontiac GTO convertible. It turns out that he had only been back in town for a month and the first thing he did when he got out of the Marines was buy his dream car. I got in and told him to drive me over to my car and I would drive it home and he could follow me.

When we got to my house, I invited him in and he introduced himself to my Mom. I ran up stairs and quickly showered and changed.

Twenty minutes later I was down stairs and we were out the door.

From that night we were never apart. All of our time was hot and heavy, we would get off from work and find someplace to make out and in very short order we were making love, it was wonderful. We got married 4 months later.

We had 11 more months and then all of a sudden, he was gone.

I guess, I am still having a hard time dealing with the fact that he is gone.

As she talked, I had been looking for a Motel, I found a Holiday Inn, and pulled in and got us checked in. She quickly changed and went out to the pool to sun for awhile. I stayed in the room and thought about what she had said. I felt like a heel for taking advantage of her over the past couple of weeks.

When she came back in, she noticed that I was being kind of quiet.

She said. "Thanks for listening to me, it helped to be able to just talk about it. Are you OK?"

"Yeah, sure,." I said.

She walked over to the bed where I was sitting and put her arms around me and pressed my head into her breasts. I tried to push her away, but she just stood there and held me. After awhile we kissed and it became a hot kissing session and when we had a minute to breath, she said let's go eat and then we can come back and finish this.

At dinner, I asked her if she was sorry about us making love the past 2 or 3 weeks. I felt guilty for taking advantage of her. She kind of laughed.

"You weren't taking advantage of me, I was taking advantage of you, since Jimmy died, I have had no one to hold me and just care about me. My parents are great, they have really helped, but I have needed so badly to be held and cared for. Thank you for being there for me."

All I could say was. "Sure." Once again, the master of the glib one word answer.

The next morning we hit the road early, deciding to try and make it all the way to Sam's place by late that evening.

I asked Mary to drive in the morning. I sat back in my seat and tried to catch a few zzzzzz's. As I sat there, I didn't really sleep, I was trying to figure out what was happening and where Mary and I might be headed.

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