The Redhead
Chapter 2

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My First Wife

Grace was gone, and I realized that there was nothing I could do about it, I would have done anything, and all I had was a letter thanking me for my help...

... I snapped awake as the Taxi stopped at the door to the terminal at LAX, I climbed out, grabbed my sea bag and other gear and headed to the ticket counter. My friends and I stopped in the middle of the

turmoil swirling around us, we faced one another, shook hands, promised to write and then I was alone. For the first time in almost 4 years, I was alone, no longer part of a huge green machine. Just a 23 year old, a long ways from home, in a strange city.

As I got in line to get my plane ticket, I started to notice strange looks coming from people around me, they were looking at me, not really hostile, but also not friendly either. I was dressed in my class A winter green uniform, with full ribbons and honors, I shrugged it off and turned to the ticket counter and got my ticket, headed for the waiting area, my flight was in an hour. As I sat in the waiting area reading my book, I heard mutterings and comments about killers, unjust war, etc ... we had been warned about problems with the public before we left El Toro, now I was beginning to feel it and it gave me sense of unease. I continued to ignore it and soon, they called our flight. I found my seat. The balance of my trip home was pretty uneventful.

I had called no one at home, to let them know that I was on the way, we landed in Des Moines, and now I had to get from there to home. I had about 125 miles to go to get home, it was February, and it was

cold. I pulled my uniform overcoat from my sea bag, something I had never had an occasion to wear. With my uniform blouse and it I barely had enough clothes on to stay warm.I caught a cab to the bus station, bought a ticket and sat back to wait.

... 6 months before leaving a new L Cpl was transferred into my office, his name was Al, I had never before seen any one so driven to succeed. All he talked about was going to college when he got out. It started to rub off and over time I started, with his help to formulate a plan. Me, who had never thought about going to school, my grades in High School had really sucked. Now I wanted to go to college to become a Marine Biologist. I had learned to love the ocean during a 3 month deployment cruise to the Caribbean. We were land based for 3 weeks on Vieques, Puerto Rico and we were only a half mile from a pristine beach and world class snorkeling which I promptly learned. I was in awe of the Ocean and all the life underwater. My buddies and I lived to go snorkeling every day, I got very good at free diving.

My plan was to get home get a job, and get enrolled in an Junior College close to home to start getting my grades cleaned up and transfer to a 4 year school after 2 years at the JC.

The bus finally arrived in my home town, I caught a cab to my Mom's house, she had moved while I was in Vietnam, so this was a house I had never seen. I went up to the door, rang the bell, I didn't know what to expect, all of a sudden there she was. My Mom, my biggest supporter. When she saw me, she let out a yell, she jumped up at me and I had to catch her, I held her in my arms, her feet were about a foot off the ground, she squeezed me for all she was worth. There wasn't any doubt, I was home and I was welcome. Tears were running down my face, she was blubbering and so was I. I carried her into the living room, set her down, she stepped back to look up at me. "WOW, you don't look like yourself at all". She said. You look positively skinny, I was skinny, I have to admit, I went into the Corps 6'5", 250 lbs. Now I was a little over 6'6" and about 210 lbs.

Over the next few days, I started to relax and started to fit in to routine of home again. I was so different, my three younger brothers were still living at home, they were in junior high and high school.

The house schedule revolved around their comings and goings, spring track season, baseball, chorus, band practice to just name a few. I was sort of like a 5th wheel on a car, nice to have but not necessary. I fit in OK, but not really, The family life swirled around me, but I was not really part of it. I had moved on, I was grown now, not a kid, but yet not really and independent adult either.

The first order of business was to get down to my Grandpa's farm and get my car out of storage, I had stored it in one of his farm sheds empty stalls. A year or so after joining the Marines, I decided that

I needed a car, I was stationed in MCAS New River, in Jacksonville NC. I was tired of riding my bicycle around on those narrow dark North Carolina roads. I went home and bought a brand new 1967 Chevy Biscayne, white, 4 doors, radio, plain jane car. But to me it was the height of luxury.

When I got to Grandpa's farm, of course I was welcomed all over again. My Grandma really made a fuss, Grandpa said, "Tilly, leave the boy alone, we have to get his car out, we'll be in for dinner". After my parents divorce in 1960, he and Grandma had pretty much raised me and my 4 brothers, while our mom lived in the city 35 miles away and worked a job for the government at the stock yard. The five

of us were split up on different farms that belonged to our Grandpa or one of our 3 uncles. We saw each other all the time, we just lived in different houses at night. It was all one big extended family. Mom came out to the main farm every Friday night after work and stayed the weekend.

Anyway, Grandpa and I got the wheels back on the car, put a fresh battery in it and we held our breath. I tried the key, and "WOOSSSHHH" it started right up. I was finally mobile after almost 14 months of walking or riding in helo's or 6 by's

After a week or so of just lazing around, it was time to get a Job. I went to the unemployment office, and had a job interview in about 20 minutes. I went to it and was hired on the spot. I was going to be

a copy runner for the local newspaper, my job was to run proof copies out to the advertisers so that they could check it for errors before it was run the next day or week.

The job was nice, because I didn't have to be cooped up inside, but it was boring too. The job didn't pay much, only minimum wage, after 3 weeks I went looking for better pay, I got a job as a beef lugger at a Kosher Kill Packing House. They took one look at me and started to salivate. I was big and strong, they sent me to the loading area where the Luggers worked. I didn't have any doubt that I could do the job, I was strong enough, what I didn't realize was that I was about 10" - 12" too tall. When I had the quarter of beef on my shoulder and go into a rail car, it was to high in the air, and the shank would get caught up in the rails and knock me off balance, and it would make you stumble with 150 - 225 lbs of beef on your shoulder, it could be dangerous. The head lugger, was about 250 lbs and 5'8" tall and built like an Angus Bull. Short, very powerful upper body, and short bandy legs. He tried to help me, but there was not a lot to be done about the difference in height. I lasted 6 weeks, after I had torn ligaments away from my collar bone on both sides, The Doctor said I had better quit unless I wanted to be permanently crippled, with arms that hung down like an ape and shoulders that wouldn't work right because the ligaments couldn't heal because of all the constant stress on them several hundred times a day. This was my second job in 10 weeks, and I would have 5 more, before I left for college in the fall. Little did I know that I was setting my self into a pattern that would last the rest of my working life.


It was time to leave for the fall semester at the small Junior College where I had been accepted. It was 100 miles away to the east in the central part of the state, It was a brand new school only open 2 years, the dorms had been built over the past year and were brand new this fall. I had a room on the second floor, with another Vietnam vet, who turned out to be a distant cousin.

I arrived at college the Friday before class. One thing the Marine Corps teaches you is that you are never late. I normally tell people that I was born 15 minutes early, and I have been early ever since. The football players had been in the dorms for two weeks going to early fall practice twice a day. Most all of them were just out of high school. My roommate and I were both around 22-23 and of another mind set entirely. I wanted to be prepared for class so I came early and spent the weekend getting everything squared away. The football team, most of which were on our floor, spent the weekend tying one on in their rooms since they were not old enough to go to the bar and drink. By Monday morning, the only ones on our floor that turned out for class were Al, my roommate, and me.

My first class of the day was English grammar and composition. I arrived early for my class, and took a seat in the back row so my back was against the wall. As the class started to fill up, a gal pushed past my legs and sat on my left side. I had been looking down at a book and had not seen anything more than her blue jean clad legs. When I lifted my head and turned to look at her, it was like someone had hit me between the eyes with a mallet. I was stunned, actually stunned is too mild a word. Completely gobsmacked is closer to the truth.

Here right next to me sat an absolute vision of loveliness, the likes of which I had only seen one other time in my life and that was Grace, back in my formative teenage years.

She looked at me very frankly and said, "Hi, I'm Becky."

I sat there with my mouth hanging open like a complete dolt. After staring at her for what seemed like hours, I finally managed to say my name and then turn back to my book.

I am normally not at a loss for words, but this time I felt positively stupid. I don't remember much of the class. I was trying to figure out how to approach this vision of loveliness and ask her for a date.

When class was over, since I was closest to the exit, I stepped out, moved out of the way, and let her precede me out the door. The hall was crowded, but she waited for me. I couldn't believe it. I could look her right in the eyes. She was all of 6'2" tall, and as slender as a reed. She had a halo of frizzy red hair the color of carrots. Her hair was probably the bane of her existence. It was probably unruly all her life. It was also her greatest asset. Her eyes were enormous, and she was covered all over her milk white skin with the most lovely dusting of tiny freckles. I had always loved freckles. Becky really had them. All I could think about was trying to connect all the dots with my tongue.

She said, "You got a class next period?"

"No," I replied - me, the glib practitioner of the one word answer.

"Well, do you want to get a Coke?" she asked.

"Sure," I replied. See, I was getting better; this word had two more letters in it. Pretty soon, I will actually be able to compose a complete thought.

We headed for the cafeteria. I followed along beside her like a 6'6" puppy on an invisible leash, probably with my tongue hanging out to boot. We went over to the student union. We found a table and I got us a couple of Cokes. Luckily she was a very talkative person and later I learned that she was uncomfortable with quiet and started to squirm if it was silent. She started to ask me questions.

Like, where was I from, how old was I, why was I at this college instead of some other one. I started to try to answer her. I was somewhat tongue tied. As I tried to speak nothing wanted to come out. Pretty quickly my nervousness passed, and we were talking like we had known each other all our lives.

I told her a little about my days in the Marine Corps, leaving out any reference to Viet Nam. Told her about my Caribbean cruise. Plus all the places that I had seen.

I told her about my desire to be a marine biologist and wanting to do underwater research. She told me that she was going to school to be a dental assistant.

Becky's story...

"I grew up, just up the road from the college 10 miles to the north. It was a typical small mid-western rural farming community. My mom worked at a café in town, and my Step Dad was a carpenter and ran his own contracting company. I have two older stepbrothers, both of whom served in Vietnam in the Marines too. I have one fourteen year old stepsister named Ginger.

I just turned 18 last Saturday.

I graduated from the local high school last spring and worked as a waitress in the same café as my Mom all summer to earn money for school and clothes.

I am living in the towers (the women's dorm), and just moved in yesterday. I decided to stay in the towers, rather than drive back and forth from home because I want to experience the whole college scene."

As I listened to her talk, it occurred to me, that she was pretty much an air head, a typical teenie bopper as we used to call them in the Corps. Somewhat vacant between the ears, but definitely good for other things. At the time, I was really horny and wanted to see to that need ASAP.

It was almost time for my next class. We decided to make a date for that evening and go out for a burger.

I told her I would meet her out in front of the dorms, I had my white Chevy Biscayne to pick her up with.

I am in love for the second time in my life...

I pulled up in front of the Woman's dorm right on time.

Becky, was standing outside waiting. She looked really good. It was obvious she had went to some trouble to look her best, her best was spectacular. She was wearing a lite sweater and a knee length flowered skirt. Her legs were so long, it looked like a mini dress on her.

She ran toward the car, I didn't even have time to get out and open the door, she pulled the door open

and slid in and came all the way across the seat and stopped right next to me.

"Hi, where are we going out to eat?"

I told her, it was her choice.

"Why don't we just go to MacDonald's and get some cheeseburgers and fries to go, then we can drive around and I will show you the town, Okay?"

"Sounds good to me." I replied.

After we got the burgers and were on the road again, she talked almost non-stop. I really didn't have to say much at all. After we had been driving around for an hour or so, the sun was starting to go down and a light breeze was picking up. She told me to head north out of town, she wanted to show me a nice park by the river to watch the sun go down. As we were driving toward the park, her left hand started to rub my right thigh. I had a serious erection ever since I picked her up and it hadn't shown any desire to go down. I didn't know how far we had to go, and was just about to ask her when all of a sudden she was rubbing my cock through the material of my jeans. 'Oh, WOW' this was not something that I had been expecting.

As we drove along, she continued to rub and I continued to get harder and harder if that was even possible. It was getting to the point of being painful. As soon as we got to the park and reached the overlook parking area, and I got the car stopped and engine off. Becky rose up and turned herself around and positioned herself with her back to the steering wheel and her knees toward the back of the seat, she was right in my face and started to kiss me. To say I was dumbfounded would be an understatement, Since I had already risen to the occasion, I tried to show no alarm. In true Marine Corps tradition, I was rapidly adapting to the situation and trying to overcome my intense desire to cum in my pants. I was so horny, I can't remember any time feeling the same way. We started to make out in earnest and I started to let my hands roam over her back and down her legs, she leaned back against the wheel and pulled her sweater off and unbuttoned her blouse. She had no bra on and she really didn't need one. She had small bee sting sized breasts and they were covered by her light dusting of freckles, her nipples were fully erect like two very large pencil erasers. They stood proud of her breast by a good 3/4" She put her hand behind my head and pulled me down to her left breast. "Oh, please suck on it". I started giving it gentle licks and sucking gently on her nipple, as I was doing that, she rolled away from me slightly so I could get at it better.

I continued to suck and lick and my right hand was running up and down her skirt covered legs, as I started to rub up her right leg, she opened them up and the skirt rode up toward her waist. I had clear access to her pussy and she seemed to want me to go for it. I couldn't see what my hand was doing, because of being occupied on her breasts, all of a sudden, she reached out with her left hand and grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand up into her pussy. SHE DIDN'T HAVE ANY PANTS ON!!! She was completely bare. I had my hand directly on a very hairy pussy. I pulled back from her breast in astonishment.

"I thought it would make it easier." She said.

It was almost dark, so I really couldn't see much of her pussy, but I could tell that the hair was the same beautiful carroty red as the hair on her head. It was pretty obvious she had never shaved or even trimmed it. It ran up her stomach almost to her navel and down a couple of inches on each leg and the hair was very long and curly, just like the hair on her head. As I started to run my fingers up and down her slit, she started to hump against my hand, it didn't take very long and she was sopping wet. Every time my fingers would go over the opening, she would hump up harder. I started to slip one finger in and she all of a sudden let out a huge sigh. I thought she was going to pass out. She jerked a little and I felt several small spasms on my fingers. Every time I would twitch my fingers, she would spasm again. This went on for about five minutes. Eventually, she just lay there in my arms completely spent.

I held her for a minute, then she started to rouse. "WOW, that was fantastic!" she said.

To this day, I don't know why I hadn't cum in my pants. Becky sat up and turned around so she was kneeling on the front seat, facing toward the back of the car. Her head was up against the roof, she told me to scoot over toward the passenger side. When I was out from behind the wheel, she reached down and unzipped my pants and went hunting around in there for my cock. She finally managed to haul it out and stood there in all its glory. She pulled me further toward her and then she lifted her right leg and straddled over me, my cock was pointing right up at her pussy, we were face to face, and then she slid her knees toward the back of the seat, and as she did it my cock started to slide up into her. It was all I could do to keep from cuming. I pulled her head down to kiss her and she slid down on me so I was all the way inside the most wonderful feeling silken cavern. I could feel her cervix bumping gently against the head of my cock as she rode me up and down. It didn't take very long and she was cuming and I was on the verge. I told her I was about to cum and she told me to go ahead and do it. "I'm on the pill." Was here reply. She was riding up and down for all she was worth, I felt my nuts tighten up and I began to shoot up into her. It seemed to go on forever. As it stated to slow down she was slumped against my chest with her head on my left shoulder. I think she must have passed out for just a minute or so.

She got off me and I moved over so she could sit down, I started to tuck everything back where it belonged. She told me to leave it out. She then told me to start the car and head back to the dorm. As I got going, she got down into the passenger foot well on her knees and leaned over and took my softening cock into her mouth and started to give it the most gentle tongue bath, it didn't take very long to bring it back to life. As soon as it was up to full stretch, she started to suck it, like it was the last cock on earth. It took a little while this time to feel my nuts tighten, but tighten they did and I emptied my self into her throat. She took it all and never missed a drop.

She sat back up and faced forward, and asked if we could stop and get a Coke on the way back to the dorm.

We eventually made it back to the dorm. As I pulled up, she slid over and kissed me and asked if we could go out tomorrow night after classes were done.

I was so completely blown away, the only logical answer was "YES!!!" She jumped out and ran for the dorm, when she got to the door, she stopped and turned around and since we were the only ones there, she pulled up her skirt and flashed her fiery red bush at me and ran inside laughing.

Over the next four weeks, we were together all the time whenever we were not in class. I would pick her up after her last class, and we would just go out to be together. We would always find someplace where we could park and make love.

Becky wanted me with my cock slid in her constantly, she seemed most comfortable sitting on my lap facing me with my cock deep in her pussy. She would just sit like that for a while, and then she would start use her internal muscles to squeeze my cock, just to see if she could get me to come that way. Most of the time I could resist, but sometimes she won.

These sessions necessitated that we remained mostly clothed as we never knew when or if some one would come by, we got very good at acting innocent when the police would cruise by. The fact that we might get caught seemed to turn Becky on even more.

One Friday after class, we decided to drive to the State University where my brother was attending on an NROTC full scholarship. I called him and we made arrangements to meet him at his apartment, and then we would all go out for supper. After we ate, we decided to go see a new movie called "MASH". No one had heard of it as it had just been released that day.

I had gotten us a room at the Howard Johnson Motor Lodge, so we went back there to change and go to the late movie with my brother and his girl friend. During the movie Becky and I made out continuously much to the embarrassment of my brother and his date. After the movie I told my brother good bye, and we went back to the motel. We were both so worked up we could hardly wait. Once in side the room, We stood at the foot of the bed and started to undress each other as fast as we could while maintaining contact with as much flesh as possible. I could not stop kissing her and she kept stroking my cock. When we were both completely nude, I had to step back and look at her. This was the first time that I had seen her in all her Redheaded freckled glory.

Her skin was almost milk white, her head was crowned with the most glorious mop of curly, carrot red hair that just glowed in the subdued light of the table lamp. Her bush was exactly the same color and hair was everywhere. Her skin was dusted with a light sprinkling of tiny freckles.

As I embraced her, I gently pushed her backwards till her legs hit the foot of the bed and she sat down. I knelt down between her legs and reached up to hold her tiny breasts in my hands. I started to gently pull on her nipples and she started to moan. I pushed her back on the bed, then reached down and pulled her hips toward me. I positioned her bottom on the edge of the bed and Becky held her knees back up on her chest. I gazed at her beautiful pussy, It was one smooth crease partially hidden in her hair. I took both hands and gently brushed the hair away from both sides so I could see it clearly, I leaned forward and gently started to lick up and down her slit. She tasted so sweet, I couldn't get enough, through out all of this, Becky was moaning and cuming at the same time. She kept thrusting up into my lips, sometimes one hand would come down and pull my head firmly into her pussy.

Her legs were so slender that there was almost four inches between her thighs. I could easily get my nose and mouth right down on her. I would stick my nose in and run it up her slit and she would start to squeal.

"I want you in me now." She said.

She pulled me up and I stood over her and aimed my cock down into her very prominently displayed slit. She had her knees pulled down tight against her breasts I gently slid the head of my cock into her, she was soaking wet, as I slid down into her, it just seemed to go down forever. I went down into her very slowly. I was trying to savor each inch until I finally felt the bottom and her cervix gently push back at me. I placed my hands on the back of her thighs, leaned some of my weight on her and started to stroke in and out very smoothly and steadily. While I was doing this, Becky had here eyes tightly closed and she was breathing like she was running a race. I kept stroking and she started to get louder and louder until she was almost yelling.

She started to spasm around my cock and that was all it took, My nuts were full from all day together with her and I was ready. I started to shoot into her and it just went on and on. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced.

We spent most of the rest of that night making love. We would drop off to sleep occasionally and then wake and once again try and screw each others brains out. Becky was insatiable. We would lay on our sides and she would spoon with me, I would stroke and finger her pussy with my hand. After awhile, I would slip my cock in her and make slow rhythmic strokes in and out of her. Eventually she would start to cum and that would set me off too.

We finally went to sleep and woke around 8:30 AM. We needed to get up and get back on the road to home. As we drove the 100 or so miles back to our dorms. We started to talk about getting married. I had never formally asked her, it just seemed to be assumed by both of us that we would get married.

We decided to work on a way to get married by a Justice of the Peace. We would have to go out of state to get that done. It would take another month to work out the details. We had to find a way to be able to be together all the time on the weekends. It turned out that one of the other Viet Nam Vets that attended some of the same classes that I was in lived two hours north of the school.

When school started, he brought his pickup and camper down and off loaded the camper in the River Park Camp grounds. He drove the truck back and forth to home on the weekends and left the camper sitting there unused over the weekends. When I found this out, I asked him if Becky and I could use it on the weekends. He said that he would have no problem with that. That evening, Becky and I drove out to see it and he was there. It was a Thursday night and as we sat around and had some pizza and beer, He told us to stay for the night if we wanted. The camper was a huge Starcraft that would sleep 6 easily. It had a big cab over bed that he used and we pulled out the bed that was where the table and benches were. As we settled down to sleep, I started to learn something about Becky that would play a major part in our marriage and relationship over the next six months. She loved to fuck with an audience.

My friend had climbed up into the cab over bunk, and we were cuddling down below, I thought we were just going to hold each other and go to sleep. She would have none of it. My friend was less than three feet away, and only a curtain between us. She got me hard, and climbed on board and started to ride. She was quiet, but the motion of the rhythmic rocking had the whole camper swaying back and forth in no time. My friend never said anything, but I am sure he was awake, We both finally came and went to sleep.

After that, we had some very memorable fuck sessions in that camper. Many weekends all fall were spent screwing each other blind. On a couple occasions we were snowed in for two days and had to wait for the park officer to plow the road so we could get out. Those were really great times.

Like most young couples, we did all the normal stuff too. We went to her home and met her family, Her two older stepbrothers and I got along from the start. Her Mom and Step Dad seemed to be cool with the relationship. The problem was that we were scheming behind their backs. Becky told me that we would have to run away to get married, because her parents would not go along with it. I took her at her word and that is what we did. I found out later that it was not true, it was just a way for Becky to hurt her mother. She was rebelling against them and I was to dumb to realize it.

We finally went to my home town and met my Mother and my other three brothers, We wanted to get married across the river in the next state. We had gotten all the details and my Mom and her boy friend agreed to be our witnesses. After the ceremony in the court room, we all went out to eat and then went back to my Mom's house and went to bed. We spent our Honeymoon night in my Mom's bedroom and I am sure no one in the house got any sleep, as I sure didn't. I think Becky wanted to fuck me to death. Again there was an audience in the house, and it seemed to really turn her on. At the time though, I really didn't put two and two together.

We went back to school on Sunday, and Becky couldn't wait to announce to her parents that we were married. She seemed to take some sadistic pleasure in doing it too. I was ashamed of my part in it, her parents had never shown me anything but kindness, and to do this to them was unconscionable. They seemed to roll with the punches and agreed to help us set up a house hold over the Christmas Holiday break between semesters.

We rented a small house for $50 a month and moved in on the 3rd of January. Because we only had one car. Becky would take me to class and drop me off and then drive over to another building where her classes were held. We would sometimes meet for lunch in the dorm cafeteria where we could buy lunch. Many days we would not see each other until classes were over around 4:00 PM. Almost from the start, I started to sense that something was not right, I couldn't put my finger on it.

One morning, I went out to start the car and get it warmed up, as I sat in the car waiting for Becky, I happened to notice that the odometer was just getting ready to roll over to 30,000 miles. As Becky came out of the house she slipped on the ice and snow and fell down. I got out and helped her get up and picked up her books. We got in the car and went to class. I forgot about telling her about the odometer.

We got to class, and she took the car. I leaned over to kiss her goodbye, she turned her cheek to me. I didn't think much about it at the time.

That afternoon, she was there to pick me up and we went to get groceries before we went home for the evening. When we came out of the grocery store, I went around to the drivers side to drive home. As I slid into the seat, I happened to notice that there were 260 extra miles on the odometer that hadn't been there that morning. I started to say something, but at the last minute I thought better of it and decided to wait.

To this day, I am not sure why I did not ask her about the mileage on the car. We got home and had a normal evening. I took a bath and headed for bed. She was right behind me and when I reached out for her, she was kind of stiff.

She said. "I'm kind of tired, can we just go to sleep?" She rolled away from me and acted like she was going to go to sleep. I lay there in the darkness wondering what was going on. This was the first time she ever rebuffed my advances, most of the time she was the one doing the reaching.

I finally managed to go to sleep. In the morning I was sporting my normal morning woody. I slid up behind her and tried to slip it in. In the past, this was always met with a push back and I would slide home and we would have a slow morning fuck. Not today, She pulled away and sat up and went to the bathroom and started to take a shower. Now I was completely confused. This was entirely new ground. I decided not to push it. We had breakfast and headed for school like normal. She dropped me off. Today, instead of just going in and heading for class, I stood in the glass entry way, and watched her drive away. When she got to the corner that she would need to turn on to go to the building where her classes were. She didn't turn. She kept going straight out the entry road to the main highway and away from Campus. She took a right turn which would take her out of town.

I stood there my mind reeling, what the heck was going on. No mention of anything other than going to class was discussed this morning. I went and found a friend and asked him if I could borrow his car tomorrow. He told me, no problem, as long as I was back by the end of classes tomorrow.

I went through the rest of the day in a daze, there had to be a good explanation for her actions, but what could it be? When Becky came to pick me up, I decided to not say anything and just see what would happen tonight. I asked her how her classes had been, and her response was. "Boring." I asked her what they had covered today. She didn't reply at first and when she did, her answer had no relation to the original question.

I decided to let it drop and just sat back and watched her drive. When we got home, she went inside and I hung back and checked the odometer reading. There was another 260+ miles on it more than there had been this morning. Now I was totally baffled. Where was she going. She went to bed early, and I stayed up to watch a late movie. When I went into bed, she sounded like she was asleep, in the past, I would have rolled her over and we would have made love. Tonight, I just tried to go to sleep. Getting to sleep was not easy. My mind was spinning out of control.

The next morning was a carbon copy of the previous day. Only this time I was prepared, I had my friends keys and I went out to his car and started to follow her. His car was kind of an old beater and pretty plain. I followed her from about a mile back. She was driving fast, it was not easy to keep up. I settled in to drive and over the next two and a half hours we finally got where she was going. It was in another city where one of the big three State Universities was located. I stayed back far enough to not be seen and watched her go to a house and go up to the door. When the door opened, there was a man there who took her in his arms and hugged her and then led her in the house. Now I was really confused. I sat there awhile trying to decide what to do. My initial reaction was to go confront them and ask what the hell was going on. I don't know why I held off. I started the car and headed back the way we had come.

When I got back to town, I did not go back to school right away. I went home and started to search the house. I thought that there had to be some evidence that I might find that would explain what I had seen. We had a spare bedroom, that was full of boxes and extra stuff we had not been able to unpack. I knew what was in all my boxes. I decided to concentrate on her stuff. The second box I opened had an old wooden jewelry box that played a tune when you opened it up and a small ballerina would spin in time to the music. There were three drawers where Becky kept some old costume jewelry. In the bottom drawer there was a bundle of what looked like letters. I took them out and realized that they were all fairly recent. As I put them in order by the post marks, I notice a receipt for a Post Office Box. The date on the receipt was three days after we set up house keeping and it was in Becky's maiden name. All of the letters were addressed to this box.

I sat there and started to read the letters, it took me a little over an hour to read all of them. After I was done, I sat there in a state of shock It seems that the woman I was hopelessly in love with was not in love with me. I figured out that the letters were from her old High School boyfriend who she had gone steady with for the last two years of school. Over the summer between High School and College, they had a falling out and when I met Becky, she was in search of a way to get away from her parents and her overly controlling mother. She saw me as a convenient way to accomplish that end and have all the sex she wanted too. The ex-boyfriend had managed to get a message to her just before the holidays and she had set up the P.O. Box as a way for them to communicate.

I had just by sheer accident noticed the mileage disparity on the first day they had agreed to meet. Now they had met three days running. I decided then and there that I was going to put a little kink in their schedule. I put all the stuff back the way I had found it and took my friends car back and went to my last class. I was out front waiting when she pulled up. This time I started to watch her much more closely. She seemed to be a little agitated and started to get upset when I asked her questions about her day.

"I don't want to talk about it." Was her reply.

I tried to question her further, but got nowhere. I decided that there would not be a repeat performance of the previous two evenings. We had supper, and then I said. "Let's go to bed early, we need to get caught up on our love making." She tried to beg off. I was not going to be denied. I pulled her to her feet. Scooped her up in my arms and headed for the bedroom. She started to thrash around and when I dumped her on the bed she was crying. I asked her what was wrong.

"I don't want to do this." Was her reply.

"Please go away and leave me alone."

By this time I had a raging hard on and I was going to get some pussy. I dropped my pants and crawled on the bed and grabbed a hold of her leg and pulled her to me and pulled her pants and panties off. By this time she was kicking at me and flailing around with her arms, telling me to leave her alone. I was not going to be denied. I got between her legs and pushed my cock into her, I started to pump hard right from the start. My cock was sliding around in what I believed to be another man's cum. By this time I didn't care, I was going to fuck her silly. After about a dozen strokes, she was not fighting me any more, she was a full participant in this fuck session. She was screaming. "Fuck me, you bastard." The harder I went, the harder she seemed to want it. When I was done I pulled out and sat on the edge of the bed. She was sobbing and almost totally out of control. I walked into the living room, turned on the TV and sat there trying to decide what to do. After a while, I pulled a blanket off the couch and went to sleep.

In the morning, nothing was said, I drove her to class, and I took the car and went to my classes. I had taken her keys out of her purse the previous evening when I went out into the living room. She was not going anywhere today unless she figured out how to get a car from someone else. At the end of the day, I went to pick her up, she came out of the building, got in the car and we said nothing to each other.

Things continued like this for the next two weeks, no one said anything. I was waiting for her to come forward and tell me what was going on.

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