On My Seventeenth Wedding Anniversary
Chapter 9: Saturday Morning

Copyright© 2014 by Reltney McFee

BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 9: Saturday Morning - It's been a dozen years since The Ex left me. Her decisions come around to bite her in the ass, and she turns to me to rescue her. Revenge is, indeed, a dish best served cold!

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Fiction   Revenge   BDSM   MaleDom   Rough   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Voyeurism  

Several hours, I was awakened by giggling, and some turbulence of the bed. I blinked several times, and found that there was another soul in the bed, and Suzie was evidently trying to lick a confession from Marie. At least, if Marie's muffled screams, and the white-knuckled grasp she had of Suzie's dark hair were any indication, Marie was nearly ready to confess to anything Suzie had in mind, if she would simply Finish Marie Off, as she was begging through clenched teeth.

Unsurprisingly, I found this fascinating, and scooted around for a closer look at the scene of the crime.

While Marie had Suzie nearly by the roots, Suzie had Marie by the buns, and was holding her as if Marie's puss was the ice cold watermelon at a Fourth of July picnic, and there had been no water for quite a while. Feeling inspired, I maneuvered around behind Suzie, and, fully erect, probed Suzie's petals, seeking moisture of my own.

I did not have to search long. Suzie's arousal was trickling down her leg, and my prong was soon oiled suitably for an exploration of her vaginal recesses.

And explore I did. My first entry was deliberate, steady, and full length. Suzie would have thrown her head back, had Marie's grip allowed; as it was, Marie got a pussyful of moaning as I hit bottom, Suzie's cervix slipping politely aside for me. I paused, and took in the entire moonlit scene.

Marie evidently thought very highly of having her pussy moaned into, as she had thrown her head backwards, as if on the very edge of climax. The two women were naked, as we had gone to bed unclothed, and there was just enough moonlight to appreciate Marie's heaving breasts, her nipples seeking the ceiling, and Suzie's taut bottom. The steamy depths into which I had plunged my tool were holding me in a firm velvet grip. Suzie moved her head about, seeking to leave no corner of Marie's sex unlapped. Suzie's pussy throbbed along my iron-like length, and I began to fuck her slowly. This seemed to distract Suzie from her task, although Marie, now lost in the depths of her own satisfaction, did not appear to notice. I plowed along.

Marie twisted, cooed, and looked as if she were about to yank Suzie's hair out by the roots, yet Suzie persevered. Each lap, each clitoris suck, seemed to provide an electric shock to Marie, for she twitched and yelped every time Suzie managed to move her head to lick a new target.

Once Marie had, eventually, come down from her heights, she fell back onto the bed as if deflated. Her grasp released Suzie's hair, and Suzie, herself, threw her head back and gasped.

"Oh, Sir, fuck me! Oh, Yeah, yeah, yeah! Right there! Yeah yeah yeah!" Suzie tensed, and began to shiver. I accelerated my strokes, and wrapped my hands about her slim waist, drawing her closer at each entrance, guiding her away at each withdrawal. She drew her hobbled hands from beneath my girlfriends' ass, and reached as in supplication towards Marie's face, writhing her hands together. Suzie repeated her moans, providing encouragement but not much specific information. I upped the ante, squeezing her hips more tightly, and pounding her quim harder and faster, racing for my own finish.

When Suzie seized up again, and began to wail, I finished. My cock erupted within her depths, and I hosed her cervix with a torrent of searing man juice. Her sex caressed me, drawing a second, a third, and a fourth volley from my balls, until I had nothing to give her but my orgasmic tremors, and she collapsed upon Marie.

Marie raised her head, and regarded us blearily. "I wondered if you were going to awaken, or if Suzie here had killed you and you only realized it once you were in bed. Welcome to the party!"

Marie fell back onto her pillow. We all must have fallen asleep, for the next thing I recall was adjusting the blanket that had appeared over Suzie and me as if by magic.

We awakened spooned together, Marie in the middle. She had her hands wrapped around me from behind, one hand resting on my worn out reltney, the other beneath my head. I could feel Suzie's hands about Marie's waist, trapped as they were between Marie's tummy and my back. As pleasant as this tableaux was, my bladder really required some attention, so I attempted to ease out of bed and answer the call.

I decided that the second most pleasurable experience in the human repertoire was emptying a very, very full bladder. I planted myself there, savoring the bliss of relaxing detrusor muscles, when the door opened to reveal a naked, tousled looking, Suzie.

"That looks like the best seat in the house. Mind if I take it once you are done?"

"Be my guest. Got to say, I like your outfit. Very flattering."

She grinned a moment. "Uh, you done yet? I may start to dance for you in a minute, just to add to my fashion show!"

Finishing off, I lowered the seat, and flushed. "Here you go!"

I returned to bed. Marie was slumbering, I crawled in next to her. She stirred, snuggled up to me, and murmured, "Thank you for letting me play with your toy. She's fun. Really knows her way around a pussy!"

"So, you had a good time overnight?"

"I had a couple of good times, last night. Neither one of us got a lot of sleep. How could you sleep through all that?"

"Years of training, along with plenty of experience in sleep deprivation. Working nights, and having kids, will do that to you!"

Suzie made her return at that point, and all three of us padded downstairs and started breakfast.

We settled around the table, and Suzie was the first to speak. "Sir, Ma'am," she began. This elicited a grin from Marie. "I really enjoyed what we did last night. I'm a little concerned that I never thought for a minute about using my safeword. Should you be pushing me harder than you have, or am I some kind of slut? I mean, I have had some pretty lurid fantasies, but I never dreamed that I'd actually act any of them out. Here I am, you tied me up and just took me, last night, and I loved it, every minute of it! It's one thing to imagine something, and it's something altogether different to enjoy that sort of thing."

Both women looked at me. What, suddenly I had answers? Really, I generally have more than enough trouble explaining why I do anything. I was reluctant to attempt to delve into how or why Suzie might have found more enjoyment than she had anticipated in our activities last night. I shrugged.

I went with the only contribution that I had to make. "I cannot explain why you had such a good time last night, except, of course, for my unerring mastery of the pleasure centers of the female body. Regarding your being a slut or not, remember your thoughts last night about exploring roads. Only your opinion about your sluthood, or lack thereof, really matters. If you aren't hurting anybody, and you aren't harming yourself, then the only questions I can give you are, are you doing things you do not want to be doing? In which case, you need to extricate yourself from that situation. Secondly, are you with people who genuinely care about your well being? If not, again, you need to change your situation. So, about last night, were you doing things you did not want to be doing?"

Suzie paused, and reflected. "No, Sir. I wouldn't have done those things on my own, and I cannot imagine anyone else I would have done them with, but, with Annie's review, and your obvious attention to my welfare, I felt OK with what we did. Some of it hurt, but, like you told me, I was not harmed. I don't even have any marks on me, this morning!"

"Next, are you now, and were you last night, with people who looked out for your well being? Who took pains that you were not injured?"

"Yer, Sir. You were a little irritating, when you stopped and checked how I was doing, but I realized that you were unfamiliar with me, and how I react to things, and you were being a responsible master and being certain you were not going farther than I wanted you to go. Thank you, Sir."

"You are welcome. And, I trust, Marie was similarly careful of your safety and care?"

"Yes, Sir. I've ... I've never been with a woman, before." She paused, gazed a moment at Marie, and continued. "But it was exciting and made me tingle, being such a forbidden and new thing for me."

"So, you are in an environment of people who are careful of your safety, and attentive to your limits, who watch for indications that you are being pushed too far, or too fast, and you wind up doing things that you like, for whatever reason that works for you. Am I correct, so far?"

"Yes, Sir."

"So, I am unclear whose opinion regarding your activities really matters. If you are okay with things, and are safe, then, I say, enjoy it. You are not being harmed, other folks are not being harmed, and you are exploring things that you want to explore. Any other concerns or problems?"

"No, Sir!"

"Marie? Anything else to contribute?"

"Nope, I'm good!"

"Well, Suzie, I have some thoughts. How about some outdoor adventures?"

"Do you mean like what Annie had?"

"Yep, without the hammers. It's sunny, breezy, and warm. A beautiful day for a stroll!"

Gathering my duffel bag, we walked (naked) to the picnic table, ducking into and out of the sunbeams. Once there, Suzie hoisted herself up onto the table, and, reclining, spread her arms out as if they were wings, and inched up until her head was resting just over the edge. Marie handed me the ropes, and I made fast our willing little captive. I placed a folded sweatshirt beneath her neck, and our preparations were complete.

Suzie's nude acquiescence to bondage, and anticipation of the next round of festivities, had my unit throbbing by this point. I stepped to her front, and waggled my fuckstick before her. Her eyes followed it as a mongoose would follow a snake, licking her lips from time to time. I stepped closer, and, with a soft moan, Suzie opened her mouth, inviting me inside for a visit.

As I slipped my glans along her tongue, I saw Marie slither onto the table, approaching Suzie's sex. I paused, my captive's lingual caress telling me how she was appreciating her position, and motioned Marie closer to her prey. Even had my eyes been closed, there would have been no mistaking the moment tongue met clit, as Suzie gasped around my tool, eyes opening wide, and Marie took her first leisurely swipe of Suzie's puss.

As Marie found her rhythm, I held my position, allowing Suzie to organize her thoughts as well as her breathing around the dual ended assault upon her senses. Once I was confident that Suzie was ready, I began to slowly take her mouth, savoring her lingual drumbeat along the length of my favorite organ. She grasped at non existent handles, rolling her hands as the two of us alternately seized her attention, me approaching her gullet, Marie teasing her puss.

I began to accelerate my coitus, watching for indications that Suzie was running out of air. Seeing none yet, I fed more of my length into her face, and grasped the sides of her head as if to steady her for my assault. As I accelerated my pace, Suzie accommodated my timing, breathing around my schwanz on the out stroke, and gurgling as I probed her throat.

I saw Marie push her face more closely into the puss before her, and, I have to say, the effects on Suzie, from my perspective, were spectacular. I felt my tuber vibrate as the poor woman nearly screamed around the dick in her throat, and, once I pulled out so she could catch her breath, she reached her head for me, to reseat me in her pharynx. This was accompanied by her gasping, as Marie explored the boundaries of her twot, documenting Suzie's evident approval of the entire process. I resumed her face fuck.

Contracting our subject's frenzy, I returned to sawing steadily into and out of her throat, speeding my pace and increasing the depth of my penetrations. Suzie's drooling, gasping, and gurgling only made things more pleasant for me, although I was rapidly approaching that point where I couldn't have noticed if the camera crew of Sports Center had zoomed in for close ups, for post game review.

I leaped from the precipice, pouring my essence into her pie hole, and burying my joystick full length within her. Long seconds passed, as I was unaware of anything not flowing out of my cum fountain, until I released Suzie's head, stepping back, and narrowly avoiding falling onto my ass on the dirt. This, of course, allowed Suzie to breathe without interruption, and, having taken in a full breath, she began to scream wordlessly. Marie persisted in torturing the poor woman's muff. It appeared that either Suzie had really enjoyed the bound face fuck I had just given her, or else Marie was onto something with her cunt lapping skills. Maybe, some of both. In either event, Marie was not giving her any sort of break, pursuing Suzie's stair stepping climaxes into the atmosphere.

Me? I was doing very well simply remaining standing, thankyouverymuch, and admiring the effects Marie's attentions were having upon the thrashing bound woman before me.

Suzie continued her writhing and moaning for another several seconds, and then abruptly fell silent. I was concerned, but once I noted that she did indeed continue to breathe, and maintained the healthy flush that she had shown during our earlier explorations, I relaxed somewhat.

Marie rose from her own efforts, and, coming to my side, asked what had happened. "Did I do that?"

"Looks like it. I think she vapor locked, and passed out. It seems like you have a pretty potent weapon there, young Padawan!"

"As if you have had no experience with it, smart ass!"

"No, experience plenty have I! Enjoyed much, the lessons it taught me, did I!"

I thought I was reasonably clever with that bit. I was slugged for my efforts. "Asshole! You just gonna let her sleep, or what?"

"Well, she's breathing with no particular effort, her color is good, and you just gave her quite the workout. I think she deserves a little nap."

Marie and I settled against a tree, relaxing in our little wooded hideaway, idly caressing each other and admiring the play of the sunbeams on the trees. Got to tell you, I was beginning to nod off when Suzie started to move. I took that as my cue.

As I released her bonds, I asked, "You doing alright?"

Suzie stretched her arms, rotated her shoulders (with picturesque effects upon her firm breasts, I noticed), and rolled onto her side, as she edged her way to sitting upright. She considered her condition for a moment, and observed, "Yeah, I'm alright. Really, I'm wonderful! I never ever came that hard in my life!"

Turning to Marie, she continued, "You really know your way around a pussy, woman! You do tutoring? You can be sure that the next man in my life will get signed up for your classes!"

She turned her attention to me. "I do realize you introduced me to receiving a face fuck yesterday, but don't you suppose that a little pre-exam review might have been helpful? I was surprised that the final exam was held so soon!"

"Are you suggesting I got carried away here? Even if I did, you certainly earned your 'A' in the class. I think you get extra credit for persevering while Marie over there was giving you quite the tongue lashing!"

Suzie held my gaze, and responded, "I managed not to choke due to the practice you gave me yesterday, but I'm still several practice hours away from full mastery of rough oral sex. I don't think I was quite ready for this, but, I suppose, when one has a master, she has to trust his judgment in these matters." She paused. "This level of submission, takes some getting used to!"

I passed her a bottle of water, and Suzie drank her fill. Marie drained hers, and as she began her next bottle, I dug into the duffel. Once I withdrew the hammer and tent pegs, Suzie's eyes grew considerably wider. It seemed that some explanation would be in order.

"Since you are here to explore bondage and submission, this seemed to me to be an opportunity to try something I've wanted to do for a long time." That did not come out exactly the way I wanted it to, as Suzie's increasingly worried countenance proved. I plowed on, hoping to provide reassurance.

"I want to stake you out in the yard with these pegs. Once you have had a while to work on your tan, I could then take advantage of your helplessness, in any way you might want. If you need some suggestions, I can probably come up with a few." She responded with a grin.

"Being tied up outdoors, and staked out, had never occurred to me. Never encountered it in my, er, reading, before, either." Suzie turned to my assistant, and brought her into the deliberations. "Marie? You ever played this game with Bob, before?"

"No, not exactly. Well, not outdoors. Makes me wonder why he didn't try this with Annie, though."

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