On My Seventeenth Wedding Anniversary
Chapter 6

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 6 - It's been a dozen years since The Ex left me. Her decisions come around to bite her in the ass, and she turns to me to rescue her. Revenge is, indeed, a dish best served cold!

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Fiction   Revenge   BDSM   MaleDom   Rough   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Voyeurism  


I awakened with the sun the next day. Blue skies, sunshine, temperatures in the seventies, a lovely breeze wafting through the open windows, my lovely girlfriend in bed with me, my ex bound to the bed in the next room: what was there not to like? I wandered into the kitchen, started some coffee, and visited my guest in the second bedroom. She was awake, and had her own itinerary.

"You took your sweet time getting in here! Hurry up and let me loose, so I can pee!" Once again, the shy demure maiden I had once loved, showed her dark side. Sigh. I released her, and she bolted for the bathroom, toilet seat falling almost before the door was fully closed. I started breakfast in the kitchen.

The smells of bacon, eggs and bagels roused Marie. She came shuffling sleepy eyed into the kitchen, and we shared a hug as we watched the food cook. Eventually Annie finished her activities, and joined us, nakedly veering to the coffeepot. Marie spoke first.

"How did you sleep? Well, I hope, after your workout yesterday!"

To my surprise, Annie was civil. "I slept like an honest woman. I haven't had a workout like that in quite some time. Even when Bob and I were first married, and we balled "tid and prn", he never worked me over like he did last night. If you are getting that regularly, even if he put out an extra effort for my benefit, you are one lucky woman. Don't get me wrong, he's still an asshole, but he certainly showed me a naked good time last night."

Marie was at a loss for words for a moment. She turned to me (I shrugged), back to Annie (she sipped her coffee), and back to me. "Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Bob certainly seemed to. Yeah, he did make an extra effort for you, but then you know he still has issues from your divorce. I got to tell you, he was certainly surprised when you contacted him for help. Hell, so was I! He never thought for a second you would take this as far as you have, and he certainly did not believe you would be here for this weekend. I guess you are as strong willed as he keeps saying you are."

Annie had no reply, looking at each of us over the rim of her coffee cup, sipping from time to time. I disentangled myself from Marie, turned off the range, and served breakfast. We sat to a quiet meal, contrasting strangely to last night's interactions.

Soon we finished the meal, and cleaned up, in an incongruous collaboration. Once done, Annie turned to me, took a deep breath, and asked "What do you have planned for me now?"

"I think some more bondage would be nice for me, and some punishment. Then another sexual tour of your orifices, with the crescendo being you going down on Marie. She has always wondered what being with a woman might be like, and this seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up."

"What?", Annie exploded, "You know I never did any of that lezzie bullshit! You have got to be joking!"

"Nope, no joke at all. You never were into that, but this weekend is about you having your limits pushed, and me having you work off some of your kharmic debt to me."

"You are an asshole! I don't owe you anything! I divorced you because you were neglecting me, wouldn't speak to me, and I felt totally alone, isolated, and neglected! If anything, you owe me! Shit! You are SUCH an Asshole!"

"Annie, you yanked me around, and I stopped talking to you when everything you said to me was a lie. When I suggested counseling you told me 'Too little, too late'. I'm not going to rehash our divorce. That is done, you have made clear you are OK with being my ex, and I'm OK with it as well. You may not accept my analysis, but you are here, and you have agreed to my terms. You still have the ability to stop this anytime it gets beyond what you are willing to accept, but you know the results you will get from that decision. So, what are you going to do?"

"I'll put up with your twisted bullshit, for a little while longer. You know, you are one sick fuck, right?"

"Yep, pervert of the year, that's me. Let us continue this conversation in the basement, shall we?"

Still naked from last night, Annie led the way down the stairs. She headed for the bench, but I redirected her to the other side of the room. There, I had secured some thick ropes to the joist, terminating them in small nooses. Annie paused, and I took her wrist and, closing one noose snugly about it, raised her arm, repeating with the other. I adjusted the ropes, and she stood, arms raised fetchingly over her head, her breasts drawn up, and her nipples beginning to erect in the coolness of my basement. It seemed that she had discovered it excited her to be helpless and used, and her nipples and accelerating respirations showed that she anticipated this was to be her agenda today.

I gathered the tools for today's lessons, starting with alligator clips on a beaded chain, attached deftly first to one nipple (eliciting a sharply indrawn breath), then the other (with another sharp breath). I knelt at her feet, and began to tease her clitoris. First with breaths, then with finger touches, finally with my tongue. Her oils began to gather, and her breathing accelerated further. Marie, having warmed up the camcorder, was diligently recording the entire encounter.

As I stimulated her, the petals of her sex became pink, swelled, and opened to me. Her clitoris began to make her appearance, peeking from the hood of flesh that protected it. I provided a few encouraging licks and sucks, and applied the last clamp. Her flinch, apparent even from my vantage point, and indrawn breath, established what Annie thought of THAT idea.

I drew two more lengths of rope from the walls, applied the nooses on the ends to her ankles and, drawing her feet apart, secured the other ends to ring bolts set into the walls. Now, she was spread, and nearly suspended by her arms. Her breasts waved fetchingly with her breaths. I slipped a sleeping mask over her head, blindfolding her, and reviewed today's Rules of Engagement.

"Annie, simply ensuring we are all on the same page here, do you recall your favorite condiments?"

"Jesus, you ARE an idiot! Yeah, yeah, yeah: I remember mustard and ketchup. I haven't forgotten, you just be sure you don't cheat simply so you can stiff me, after I've gone so far! Marie, you make sure he doesn't cheat, OK?"

Marie was on it. "Yep. No cheating. I'm the ref, and I'll make sure he doesn't ignore your safewords, or unfairly try to make you use them. Sound right?"

"Sounds right," Annie replied. "And, don't let him dawdle too much. These fuckers on my nipples and my clit are starting to hurt!"

Taking Annie's concerns to heart, I picked up a belt, and waved it around my head for a moment or two. Then, I set to work. Gotta hand it to Annie, the thumps I was giving her left pink streaks on her back and butt, but she only grunted from time to time. After a dozen, I thought I ought to move around. I started on her belly, and the grunts came with each blow. Carefully metering myself, I only struck hard enough to leave pink lines, no welts or skin breaks. At least, that was the plan. Every so often, I misjudged a strike, and left a raised wheal to establish where that blow had landed.

Twelve more, and I moved on. Annie, by this time, had developed a sheen of perspiration, and she likely knew what was next. Accordingly, I began to beat her breasts, again metering the force I employed to cause noise, pink marks, pain, but no injury. It took concentration to avoid her clamped nipples, but I successfully avoided them. Wouldn't do to prematurely remove the clamps! Of course, her tits were more delicate than her ass or back, and there were correspondingly more welts to be seen against the background of redness. She was now responding to each strike with a short whimper. Her sheen had become rivulets of sweat tracking down her body.

I had debated the next step. Following Porn BDSM Protocol, I would next beat her cunt. While that held certain attractions, let's face it, I'm an asshole, not a sex-thrill-from-torturing-women sort of freak, No, I'm a different sort of freak altogether. I'd rather enjoy her charms today, and not particularly increase her pain in the process. I set the belt down. For her part, Annie hung loosely in her bonds. I stepped over to her and, raising her mask, asked, "Ready for the next phase, or do you need a break?"

She opened her eyes, stared at me blearily, and said, "How about some water, and 5 minutes to catch my breath? Taking these goddamn clamps off my tender bits would be a big plus, as well. Then what do you have in mind?"

"Well, it seems to me that a little muff diving will give your back and tits a chance to recover, and once Marie is satisfied with your efforts, I can resume our tour of your sexual talents. Will 5 minutes be enough?"

Marie handed me a cold water bottle from the frig. Opening it, I placed a straw into the neck, and raised it to Annie's lips. Greedily, she half drained it in a couple of gulps.

She held my gaze for a moment, and appeared to have reached a decision. "Let me down, let me walk off this beating, and then let's get this done. Marie, I hope you showered this morning!" This last with a ghost of a smile directed at my girlfriend.

I released her, holding her until she was steady on her own feet. Once she regained her equilibrium, I removed the clamps. This triggered a whimper, as each spot regained bloodflow. Having finished the first bottle, she opened a second, and paced naked about the basement until it was empty. Turning to Marie, she asked, "Won't this whole pussy licking thing work better if you are naked? Let's go, before I lose my nerve!"

Marie and I each stripped, and I started the camera. Annie started to push Marie into a chair, and I interrupted. "Annie, I want you bound for this stage. Wait a minute"."

I retrieved my noose-hobble, and secured her hands behind her back. Marie, naked in the chair, watched with interest. Annie approached, and knelt at her feet. Settling back onto her heels, Annie leaned forward to approach Marie's muff, and extended her tongue. Slowly, as if she might be burned, Annie licked up one thigh, and down the other. Gradually she approached the center of Marie's universe, and lightly drew her tongue up one labium, then the other. Marie's breath caught with each swipe, and she rested her hands upon Annie's head, gently, as if to encourage her in the quest.

Annie appeared to be overcoming her reluctance to perform oral sex upon another woman, and Marie certainly appeared to be appreciative of her efforts to do so. Annie shuffled closer, drove her head deeper into Marie's crotch, and seemed to be developing some focus on her task. Marie began to breathe faster, deeper, and her grasp of Annie's head seemed to become firmer.

Annie drew back, took in a shuddering deep breath, and returned to Marie's twat, now nipping and sucking audibly at Marie's sex. For her part, Marie seemed to be quite the fan, and began to urge my ex wife on, lewdly.

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