On My Seventeenth Wedding Anniversary
Chapter 5

Copyright© 2014 by Reltney McFee

BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 5 - It's been a dozen years since The Ex left me. Her decisions come around to bite her in the ass, and she turns to me to rescue her. Revenge is, indeed, a dish best served cold!

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Fiction   Revenge   BDSM   MaleDom   Rough   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Voyeurism  

I suppose I dropped off to sleep, because I was awakened by the cessation of the drum of water in the shower upstairs. Shortly thereafter the sound of Annie's footsteps preceded her return to the basement playroom. Her hair nearly dry, she startlingly resembled the fresh scrubbed young woman whom I had once loved so much, so long ago. How appearances can deceive us. Then I recalled how she had left our sons alone while she and What's-his-name were off gallivanting about. (or, more likely, shtupping each other silly) I remembered the insults, the demands, the threats that I'd not see my boys. Suddenly, I was back in the game. Let the assfucking begin!

Annie must have seen my thoughts play out across my face. There went my poker career! My resolve was reflected in the anxiety I saw growing in her eyes. Good.

"You aren't serious about the whole assfucking thing, are you?" The tremor in her voice made me feel all warm and happy inside. As well as hard, outside. Ah, the wonders of PDE-5 inhibitors! My reply (both verbal as well as erectile) likely did nothing to set her at ease.

"That has been part of the plan all along. Of course, having come this far, it might be a bit late for second thoughts, don't you think? Besides, I have been looking forward to this part of the evening, enjoying something you and I never shared. It seems that other guys have enjoyed this particular little connection with you, haven't they?"

Her eyes flashed beneath her red hair, overriding her anxiety. "What sort of tramp do you think I am, anyhow? I've only been with Lance since you and I broke up, nobody else. And, what he and I did together, or did not do, is not any of your business. In any case, I don't care what you think of me, if you think of me at all. I'm not your wife, and your opinion of me no longer matters."

She did have a point. In any case, we had some further business to conduct. "Right you are, Annie. Now, do you want to get on with this arrangement of ours? Now would be about right for me!", as I gestured to my again throbbing unit.

Wordlessly, Annie again reclined upon the weight bench-cum bondage frame. Marie handed her the safe word bell, which Annie again secured to her wrist, ringing it experimentally. I motioned her to turn over, face down, and began to secure her again. Standing, my tool wobbled as I approached her from the rear, admiring the view as her ass flexed while she settled herself, trying to relax for the invasion to come. Marie warmed up the camera for the next chapter of our evening.

I decided to begin this phase of the party with some "therapeutic touch". I began by spanking her ass bare handed, moderately hard, and alternating one side then the other. Annie, startled, jerked in her restraints, protested "Ouch!", and continued to wriggle as I warmed her buttocks. She continued to complain, yelping, crying out "Ouch!" now and then, and remarking upon defects in my character and personality, but never stated the names of her favorite condiments.

"You asshole! What the fuck do you think you are doing? Think you're some kind of big man, smacking a helpless woman? Ouch, goddammit! That hurts! You dickhead! Stop it! Shit! Ow!"

I interrupted her, simply to be certain that she did indeed recall her safe word(s). "So, Annie", as I took a break from spanking her. "Do you like anything on your burgers or hot dogs?"

"You sunovabitch! No! Godammit, I am not giving up after all you have subjected me to, over some punk ass spanking! I will not say those words! Fuck you, get it over with!"

"You know what you could say, to stop me, right?"

"Of course, you dumbass! I'm not gonna fall for one of your bullshit tricks. Get this over with, I didn't put up with all this just so I could quit now. I'm not afraid of you or your bullshit posing. Now, fuck me or not, but shut up about your fucking gloating gameplaying!"

Well, alrighty then! I continued, as directed, and admired how Annie's buttocks became pink, then gradually developed a red tint. Along the way, her cursing and name calling seemed to fade away. I heard her breathing become harder, deeper, and more rapid. She seemed to raise her ass up for my handstrikes. Each one began to elicit a grunt, and the grunts developed into low moans.

Her legs spread, insofar as her bonds allowed, and the aroma of aroused woman began to be noticeable. Marie zoomed in to get good camera angles, and moved to and fro to provide some variety in how this particular documentary was recorded.

As I continued, I could see the glistening of her pussy as her oils began to collect, and seep down her thighs. Annie's moans became more pronounced, and she continued to raise her ass into my blows. My root became more hard, and began to quiver in synch with my strikes upon my ex's exposed parts. Pausing, I ran my fingers down her labia to collect her secretions, and paint them upon her anus. I gathered more cuntsauce, and anointed her pucker with them, now entering her with my fingertip. More secretions, more anointing, more intrusion into her dark recesses. Annie, for her part, moaned her appreciation of this change of pace. She began to encourage me lustily.

"Yeah, you have gotten me so wet! Give me your fingers! Oil me up, fuck me, tease me! Just like that! Yeah, ooohhh! Just like that! Deeper! Now, rub me all around! Spread me!" and so forth. I was surprised how she seemed to be getting into my manipulations.

I placed some lube on my fingers, and slid one up her upturned bottom. I added a second, and a third, and began to spread them, twisting and turning inside her molten dirt track. I withdrew, lubed up again, and again plumbed her depths, spreading the jelly about her rectum. Annie moaned her encouragement. My cock throbbed his approval. The stars aligned, and I repositioned myself.

I again reached for the lube and applied a liberal coating to my throbbing tool. I ran my cockhead up and down her crevice, collecting her secretions. Socketing my glans upon her anus, I began to bear down, introducing my tool into her hitherto forbidden grotto.

Annie grunted as I bore down upon her sphincter, and she moaned, a drawn out exhalation, as I felt her resistance ease. I paused, and then resumed my deliberate entry into her bottom. I continued, steadily, until I was fully seated within her. I eased out, and re-introduced myself into her ass, again slowly and steadily. Another grunt. I savored the tightness as her asshole clenched upon my steely member, lingered in her depths, and again withdrew and returned to seat myself fully in her ass.

Annie did not seem at first to be fully enjoying this evolution of the experience, but, that was not particularly high on my list of concerns. I watched my dick spread her sphincter open, and watched as my retreat seemed to turn her a little bit inside out. I returned my johnson fully into her, and her asshole seemed to be dragged along for the ride. Seeing no blood, I stopped wondering about her pleasure, and began to accelerate my pace. As my ex wife's buggering progressed, her grunts seemed to take on a different quality, as if she no longer was reacting to the stretching of her anus, but rather was beginning to relish the fullness I was providing her. She began to gasp, rather than grunt, and to the limited extent her bonds allowed, she began to tilt her hips up to meet my thrusts into her bottom.

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