My Name is Taylor Swift by Amanda Serve

Author's Description:
This is the story about Taylor Swift - No, not THAT Taylor Swift. Just a girl who shares the same name and her life in Cherry Lawn Estates. It has a slow build to set up the characters.
Size: 3082 KB ( ~ 584,439 words)
Genre: Coming of Age
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Tags: Consensual, True Story, School, Slut Wife, Sister, BDSM, Humiliation, Light Bond, Exhibitionism, Sex Toys, Babysitter

Review by smackmagnet   [other reviews by smackmagnet]

Reviewed: 2018-02-05

Amanda Serve's "My Name is Taylor Swift" is a 560,000 word story with the theme of (mostly) male-over-female domination, which takes place inside a lightly (i.e. non-hardcore) incestuous setting. Elements of Etiquette and Protocol feature as a further grounding for the story.

Ms Serve clearly writes her work very quickly. I imagine the keys on her keyboard worn thin to breaking under rapid-fire onslaughts of machine gun typing. As a result, casualties in the form of mis-spellings, ragged punctuation and occasional grammatical mash-ups lie peppered through her rain of prose. And too-common descriptors can turn some of the writing clunkier than necessary, ("chuckle" winning my personal prize for over-use.) Nevertheless, the well-developed characters and raucous events drive things along at an impressive clip. This story is nothing if not entertaining. Amanda Serve, in fact, has an impressive output. Seven stories are complete, and most are at least novel length. One of the incomplete tales (Hard Times) has 142 chapters - easily her longest overall. "My Name is Taylor Swift" is her second longest story on the site.

It should be pointed out that the eponymous character Taylor Swift is not to be confused with the singing star, nor is she meant to be; the Taylor of the story actually resents sharing her name with the singer. That said, one of Ms Serve's minor literary faults lies in directing readers to visualise her characters by reference to TV or music stars, seemingly as a substitute for more carefully describing their features. The cheat is sometimes useful, but why not try both?

Despite the title, the story is more Joanne, Taylor's mother's, than it is Taylor's. As the story progresses, Taylor herself seems gradually forgotten. Joanne is the much stronger (and more flawed) character though. It's she who narrates the majority of the tale, and she whose mis-calculations drive it forward. I'm guessing this is because Amanda Serve herself identifies far more with Joanne than she does with Taylor.

I don't want to give plot away as a substitute for reviewing, but maybe some would help. Joanne is in a consensual BDSM relationship with her husband, the (for me) too-perfect, all-knowing (in a BDSM sense) Tom. Their daughter Taylor accidentally witnesses a session between them, then tries to bribe her parents over it. Tom, calmly incensed, prescribes a course of submission to his daughter - though it's emphasised that Taylor is given full choice in the matter. Amanda Serve in fact, goes to some pains to emphasise that all such transactions within her story are consensual. Though this sometimes strains the sense of believability - almost everyone who comes into contact with the Swifts either likes what they see or wants to join in - it does at least keep the story's context half way sane.

The tale's chief enabling device is a rule imposed by Tom, that Taylor's submission must NOT take place behind closed doors. As Taylor has made her parents' hidden sex life public, so her own instruction must take place in plain sight. This means that nothing is to be be hidden from the other youths of the household (all distinct, all nicely developed,) or even from neighbours, should they chance to drop by. It's a less than likely scenario perhaps, but it's integral to all that follows.

The most transgressive remaining context of the story is the age of some of the participants. All are firmly post-pubescent, but some are not yet fully adult. Added to this is the semi-incestuous setting and the humiliations that the subs are challenged with. But the tale is far from a free-for-all of perversions - though the writing and scenarios are frequently hot, partly perhaps as a result of this restraint. Thus the story takes its jollies well within the confines of consensuality: no abduction or imprisonment, no rape, not a hint of mutilation: rare indeed for an amateur online tale with a BDSM theme.

The story really takes off when Tom goes away, leaving Joanne in charge of Taylor's punishment. It now becomes less a twisted morality tale and much more of a romp, as Joanne lets things happen that really should not happen, and bit by bit, all hell breaks loose.

There are plenty of fun cameos from the Swift family's neighbours, some of whom are visitors from Amanda Serve's other Cherry Lawn Estates tales. Her growing "Family Feud" universe has won itself other contributors too, with stories from Mike McGifford, Dave177793, StacieLove and Cherry Nipples. Amanda Serve is capable not just of writing long and entertaining stories, but of finishing them and moving on to new. "My Name is Taylor Swift" is partly succeeded by a new story, "My Name was Joanne Swift," which has a really promising five chapter development, but has sadly stalled since November 2017. The setup is both clever and delicious, and I hope Ms Serve will continue it soon.

My Name is Taylor Swift is written with good humour - many of the situations are deliberately funny, and the characters themselves, whether they be horny dom males or rampantly submissive females, are all having fun. There are also, to mix things up, occasional sub males and dominant females visiting the pages. In fact, the cast list seems deliberately 21st century, with background characters featuring a trans girl, an Asperger's spectrum boy and various other geeks and misfits, all brought together in a delightful fantasy world where no-one gets harmed, but everyone has their buttons and boundaries pushed to the max.

It is particularly delightful to me (who sits firmly in the ranks of most males within the story) that such female trials and tribulations come from the mind of an obviously sexy woman. You and your like, our submissive female counterparts, seem as rare and precious as diamonds on a sunlit beach. While we, the would-be-dominant males, seem to fall like autumn leaves till we turn the grass brown. But, as proven by the fascinating mind of Amanda Serve - at least some of you exist!

The work of Ms Serve is thoroughly recommended.

Plot: 9 | Technical Quality: 7 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10