I am an extreme Dom in my early 50's. As you will be able to tell from my stories, I am also a musician. I have written, recorded and released Many, many songs, though you will never have heard of me, because it never went anywhere. I've posted a lot of my music around the net, under different names. As I said before, I'm a Dom that refers to my self as The DEMONMASTER, or The DEMON for short. I have lived almost every story you will read of mine, Only the names will have been changed to protect the guilty. One last thing, I served in the United States Navy 81-85, and have always been proud that I served under Ronald Reagan as my Commander in Chief. I suffer from Multiple sclerosis presently, which has brought the music career to a screeeching halt. But, I can still type and have many stories to tell. I hope you will enjoy them.