A.A. Nemo: Profile

I am a professional now living/working in the Pacific Northwest after moving from San Francisco, and I write these stories for fun. My earliest efforts featured beautiful women wearing garters, hose and very high heels "Hollywood Dreams" and "Christmas Stockings") and include a steamy sex scene in each chapter (if that's what your looking for). For the last few years I've been off in an other direction. I've done cheating wife (Fiftieth Birthday), and cheating girlfriend (Finding Jessica) and will do more of these, and now I've completed a romance (There is a Reason) "That Look of Love" is another cheatin' wife story which I thought was my last for awhile but then "One Woman Man" appeared. I've done a fun Christmas story - "Santa Will Find Us" and now I'm working on a historical novella "Amends" which takes place in the South after the Civil War. Don't look for violence against women, or underage sex, or non-consensual sex in my stories. Also my protagonist will prevail and justice will be done, although not without some trials. I travel frequently and have lived in many places, so the stories may be set anywhere but I prefer California (the home of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world regardless of age - including San Francisco - where the concentration of beautiful women is amazing). Sigh - I miss them. Northwest women may be beautiful but who can tell under all that rain gear! Thank you for your patience and support, and thank you for your comments.