celf: Profile

A little about myself.

I have some type of dyslexia, this I do know. What I don't know is what type. I have no piece of paper saying I have XXX. Heavens forbid that the doctors could be that helpful.

No, all I was ever told was I have a learning disability.
Ha... well years past and I don't think they quite got it right. Close but not right. Oh well.
So I know I have some type of dyslexia, I worked that out for myself. And I worked hard to get to this point.
A point that I can write the story 'Life as a Teenage Human Girl.'
Every chapter I put out is hard work for me.
But I do try hard to put out a piece of work that can be read by all.
So if you have any spelling or feedback feel free to send it my way, just remember to give details on what chapter and part of that chapter, that you think is wrong.
Please enjoy my work.