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I've begun self publishing my novels on Amazon Kindle, Author names Ann Corbett, and Abigail White, and I am now in the process of publishing on smashwords and Kobo as well.

Hi I have enjoyed the discovery of writing only last year - after MANY years of avid reading.
My growing list of pet hate words

Advise - should it be an s or c, it always stops in my tracks
Attached - shouldn't there be another t before the c?
Premises (Property) - I ALWAYS have to look it up am convinced that there is an a in it! And then of course you've got Premise I've an IDEA that it's just to further confuse me!
Past and Passed - I can never get beyond this word once I hit it, I just can not work it out!
Wonder v Wander - Are they in awe or just going for a little walk? I always have to wonder which one it is.
Today - without fail, no matter how carefully I type it, it always comes out as Toady EVERYTIME!!