Nobilis: Profile

About the Author:

Nobilis is a team, an author and an editor/proofreader. Nobilis is female and male, straight and bi, lovers of hot fiction.

About the Stories:

We don't like stories with victims, so we don't write them. You won't find an NC tag on our works. We like stories that are sad sometimes, and funny sometimes, but mostly are about real people learning about love and sex and surprising themselves. So that's what we write.

On the topic of story codes:

We don't post story codes. They ruin the dramatic tension of the story. Instead, in addition to reiterating our firm stance against NC stories, that we do not anticipate ever depicting gay male sex, or anal sex. We also aren't interested in the vast majority of the paraphilias that psychologists have invented for us to indulge in. That being said, our characters have been known to get away from us, from time to time.