Jay Cantrell: Favorites

1: Aftermath by Al Steiner
This one takes a while to read, but it's worth it. The plot is interesting and well thought-out and, considering it was written more than seven years ago, it was ahead of its time in the genre. Now, the landscape is littered with post-apocalypse erotica, but in my eyes, this is the best of the lot.
2: Girl With A Bicycle by Wandering Lanes
I found this story when it was still in its serial format. It was one of the few stories I've found that kept me looking forward to the next installment. It has great, likeable characters and a plot that developed nicely.
3: Playing the Game by Rev. Cotton Mather
If you have the time to read only one story on this site, this is the one. The Rev. Cotton Mather has created a compelling story of Sean Porter, the soccer kid, a young man with talent and good heart. The characters are interesting, as is the plot. It is well researched, with witty dialogue and an "I-Can't-Wait-For-The-Next-Chapter" pace.