Redbone: Favorites

1: Summer Camp - Book 1: Susan by Nick Scipio
This ongoing series caught my minds eye and locked on immediately. The central character goes thru many experiences and sometimes he's a slow learner, other times he catches on real quick. All in all, a highly erotic storyline with highly developed characters and events.
2: Summer Camp - Book 2: Gina by Nick Scipio
A continuation of Book 1.
3: Summer Camp - Book 3: Kendall by Nick Scipio
Continuation of Book 2.
4: Summer Camp - Book 4: Wren by Nick Scipio
This is supposed to be the last book in the series but is currently yet to be completed. Keep in mind these stories have been developing for over a decade. Last month the author added the latest chapter.
5: Time of Eden and Elves by Mike Cropo
This is a VERY long story. Lots of sex at first but a very interesting sci-fi/fantasy read. At conclusion, I felt he could have kept going and still hope he does eventually.
6: Interview With the Tentacle Demon by Perv Otaku
if you like demon lovers than read this
7: Sophia's Showcase 1 by autoeroticrobot
Very thoughtful reading.
8: Sophia's Showcase 2 by autoeroticrobot
Again, thoughtful and considerate reading.