Imp of ink: Favorites

1: A Fresh Start by rlfj
Wonderful wish I knew what I knew now, when I as younger type story. 100 plus chapters of development. Twists happen. It's not really about sex at all, but there is some for those who wish to read one handed.
2: Bewitched! by Lubrican
I havea genuine affections for the two main characters. Thats rare. Its secy but not unrealistically so. The author does take quite a bit of artistic licence with the protagonists job. There are overtones of wish fullfillment and vicariously living out dreams of sucess and wealth. Isnt that part of the fun?
3: Someone to Love Us by blackrandl1958
Good story, but ends too soon.
4: Gateway - What Lies Beyond by The Blind Man
Its good survival time travel.
5: Dragons and Coal Cinders by Myrtle Lane
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