Harddaysknight: Favorites

1: A Stitch In Time by Marsh Alien
I am too lazy to list all of my favorites, so I'll reveal my favorite writers here and you can look for their stories. Marsh Alien is an excellent writer and he knows baseball, and busty women. Try this story and his 'Living Dolls' and anything else you can find by him. Read the 'Summer Camp' series by Nick Scipio. Almost anything by Jay Cantrell is a good read. 'Pete, A Young Man's Story' by Magi, is unfinished, but enjoyable. GYounger has real talent, so look for his stuff. Once again, the sex is casual and frequent in a world where parents of teens are fine with them getting laid.. a lot. Texas Tall Tales has some great stories. BlackRandi1958 is a very accomplished writer and I suggest you check her out, and I don't just mean her smoking good looks.