Pookie: Favorites

1: Lick 'N Tiff by rache
A disturbing bestiality story that I totally adored. It's probably the only one that I'll ever have as a favorite too. I'm not into bestiality ... at all! You should read it and feel wonderfully guilty about it like I did too.
2: Love's Distant Shore by rache
A wonderfully written, nontraditional love story. Kris is a beautiful young woman, a successful artist and married to a devoted man who loves her. Beneath her happiness, however, she suffers in the knowledge that she may never be able to have children. In her desperation, Kris turns to her art in search of a possible solution. The solution to her problem changes her and her husband's life forever. It's an incredibly erotic story, and a must read. For those a little leery of Rache's typical stories -- no animals, gangsters, or rapists are involved in this story.
3: Never Too Late by expresso42
A nicely written tale. Strong sexual tension. The sex is hot throughout too! The character and plot development are very strong as well. Some won't like the resolution of the marriage, but that's really not what the story is about. It's a romance that has a very bumpy road as the characters discover themselves, and each other for probably the first time.
4: Wilson's Web by Octavian
Tom and Clare want desperately to have a baby. They're method is certainly not conventional. The characters are the real strength of this story. I had the privilege of providing input for two of the chapters near the end.