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slice of life

kungfufool45 🚫

are there any stories of a guy with a harem and how they make each other happy on a daily basis. so happy in fact that its hard to stop smiling during the entire story?

Replies:   Mereningen  bk69
Mereningen 🚫


Basically it's all spacerx story (six times a day, flight to blowjob Island, dating Maggie, reasonable bound series, Halloween dress)

bk69 🚫


Well, the story is plenty repetitive (the 'author' posted a full-length chapter every other day or something like that, so you kinda need to expect some repetitive elements, especially as it was a day-by-day account of life) but the Cammie Sue series might qualify.

Really, when I read the request the first time, I was trying to think of something like a cross between Retreads and Finding a Place. Which the only thing I could think of is archived - Master PC:The Eclectic Edition.

kungfufool45 🚫


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