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Stories similar to Daze in the valley

Tazzy81 🚫

Hi folks, i'm looking for long behind the scenes stories for the porn industry like Daze in the valley and Silver street strip club, Thanks.

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LonelyDad 🚫

Howard Faxton:

Tazzy81 🚫

Thanks for the suggestion, i just finished reading it, Not bad. preferably i'm looking for long stories but i like the short ones with a good plot that flows.

makar__90 🚫


Hello,can I please link to this work?(Silver street strip club)

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Keet 🚫


author: Ivy Veritas
The story Silver Street Strip Club has been removed from SOL, no reason given why.

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richardshagrin 🚫


This post is all there is about SSSC in the author's blog.

"Silver Street Strip Club - Story Structure
4/30/2019Posted at 10:19:36 AM

In case anyone's wondering, Silver Street Strip Club was originally designed as an episodic serial. It covers a three-year timeline, so, like a TV show, it focuses on important episodes in the characters' lives -- their relationships, decisions, and interesting events. It doesn't spend a lot of time on the day-to-day details, except when those details are important to a scene.

The first few chapters are mostly world-building, to put the context of the story in place. The pace will slow down once Callie reaches the club. She is the character who is new to this world, so the reader will be introduced to a lot of things through her eyes. To her, everything will be an important episode until she's more familiar with her new life."

Further research to the author's website has the following:

"Silver Street Strip Club: The Complete Series, and Other Updates
Posted on January 4, 2020 by admin

I've got some news on Silver Street Strip Club.

First, I released "The Complete Series" (books 1 to 6) in a single collection. There isn't any new content if you already purchased the individual ebooks, but if you were waiting for a single book, it's available now. And it's got a new, professionally designed cover.

I've also released The Complete Series as a (very large) paperback through Amazon (6″x9″ with 718 pages). It uses their print-on-demand option, so it's more expensive than I was hoping it would be. I mostly did it so I could have my own copy, and as a test run for The Eighth Warden Book 1, but I'll go ahead and leave it available in case anyone else wants it.

My copy just arrived, and it actually looks pretty nice. I've never purchased a print-on-demand book, though, so I'm crossing my fingers that the binding will hold up over repeated readings. Between the professional cover and using Vellum to format the paperback, it came out looking like a real book!

In other news, if you prefer EPUB rather than Amazon, I've also released the Silver Street Strip Club books on Lulu (including The Complete Series). In the future, I'd like to make the story available on some of the more popular EPUB stores, but that'll have to wait a little longer.

Click here to purchase from Amazon.


Looks to me like the story was removed to meet Amazon requirements to charge money for it. I seem to recall they will adjust their price to the lowest price available anywhere, and free doesn't make the author any money.

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Keet 🚫


Thought I copy the cover from Lulu but it's not available there so it seems Amazon once again got their dirty claws in it. Alas, no cover for me since I refuse to go to the amazon site.

Mushroom 🚫


Hi folks, i'm looking for long behind the scenes stories for the porn industry like Daze in the valley and Silver street strip club, Thanks.

I have incorporated a fair amount of that in Valley Girl.


The main character is a young woman that gets heavily involved in the porn industry in the mid-1980's. And includes more than a few things directly involved in some of the changes and shifts during that era.

And there is some more in Book III of Country Boy, City Girl. Where some of the first companies are starting to adopt the new "online" community, first using a BBS system, then the early public Internet.

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