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I am looking for an old story..


I remember that it was similar to the NiS theme but if i remember correctly it wasnt in the US. It was situtated in small country fiction msybe european. The school was sone kind of hotel magement learning thing. The laws eere the same with the NiS theme. The MC was a girl Who was exhibisionist and bisexual. I remember that the stories title had some kind of initials (like:A.D.L.E). It was a fun read. Ok not a super plot that i mostly prefer, but nontgeless an enjoyable read and wellstructured. Hope to find it again...



Hi if u could help i would appreciate ot a lot, thanks i cant remener anything more. I thinkbthe first time i found it it was kinda of random.

Dominions Son


I believe that the story you are looking for is

Alternate Discipline Plan in Europe by R.P.A.M.

The story is about a girl and her friends and how they deal with the new laws about punishing students. It involves girls and boys being stripped naked for the duration of their punishment. And during that time, they can't cover up anywhere, while others are also allowed to order them around and even touch them with their hands.

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@Dominions Son

Thanks this is the one.!!

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