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Seek female coming of age


I have had trouble finding a strong female coming of age story. As a suggestion, Something like expanding the Whitney character in Aroslav's Living Next Door To Heaven series.
Any suggestions?

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Janna Leonard's 'Nollie' is my go to recommendation for female coming of age, but check out 'Cassie' and 'Hannah' as well.

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How about some stories by Gina Marie Wylie? She often has her female characters go well past the usual "coming of age" boundaries, but it includes those portions, too.

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Maybe. 'Kate and Lyn' and the Kristie stories cover such short periods of time that I don't think of them as coming of age. You could certainly say that 'Tangent' has Judy coming of age but the focus is pretty heavily on other things. 'Tom's Diary' and 'Spitfire and Messerschmidt' are from the male POV and 'Laura Alban Hunt' is about a widow, but they all additionally chronicle some of the girls coming of age. At least that's my take.

The Night Hawk's 'Once More With Feelings' fits in an odd way - I enjoy watching Wendy grow into herself.

Dark Vision's 'Lady Guinevere' is a good fit.

Oyster50's Smart Girl universe is full of girls coming of age - not sure why I didn't think of that earlier.

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I'm just flattered that I made the cut.

My Neighbors starts with twelve year old girl, shows a developing relationship until she turns fourteen, and then - fireworks.

Of course, I've not left it ending there.


While not strictly female POV, the FIRST Lady in Red might apply to the OP.


Two stories in the anthology Changer of Worlds (Worlds of Honor #3) apply:
Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington, twenty T-years old, looked to be about thirteen years old due to third-gen prolong.
From the Highlands, Helen, just turned fourteen escapes her abductors.



Nobody's mentioned Barbar's Bec series

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Samantha K on SOL has some coming of age stories; but beware they veer off into heavy porn pretty quickly.

rache (under several pseudonyms, e.g. rache, Rachael Ross, God of Porn) has a number of stories featuring a maturing young female; but they general all have a twist.

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