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Looking for an Author


I have not seen a story like this on here yet. I
was wondering if someone might run a story where the son is
> at the mall and accidently sees his dad coming out of a hotel
> with another woman on his arm and finding out it was his GF was
> the one with his dad.
> He talks his mom into leaving the father and moving with him and
> his sisters and living in incest in another state or on a
> deserted island away from civilization for the rest of their
> lives.
If someone would like to take the idea and run with it. I wonder how many Chapters could be added as I would like for it to be at least 10-20 Ch. in length.

Replies:   AmigaClone


Try posting this in the "story ideas" section of the forum https://storiesonline.net/d/s5/story-ideas

There is a story here called My Ex is now my Stepmom that includes some of the tags you indicated.

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