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Can't remember the title...


Basically, it was a story about a boy who was an exercise nut and had some power(it got his mind off of things I think). It started when he moved to a new school and met this girl (love @ first sight type thing happened).

The following things also exist in the novel:
-The boy has some special power
-There are many girls involved with the guys, one of them being the sister of the "first love" girl (kind of a harem)
-there is a slight "slavery" scenario where the girl starts it, but not really intense or important in the story
-there was an instance where there was a terrorist attack at a mall and the boy used his special power to stop/fight the attackers

Note: The above points are not 100% accurate, it's only what I remember.

If anyone can remember the title of the story, please help. I've been looking for it for weeks, but no matter what keywords or category search I do, I can't seem to find it.

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It's definitely Empath, Telempath, Leader, God. Matches on every point except that he fought off some bullies at the mall, not terrorists.

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Might be Destiny's Road by Lumpy


Thank you!



This is the one!!!! Thank you!

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