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Business, Wealth Growth Story.


I'm looking for a story about someone running and growing there business/investments, increasing their wealth to be a come extremely rich. I would prefer a story with a minimal amount of sex and to have the main character be as young as possible.


Banadin's Rick Jackson series


Sadly I've already read this story and it was very good. I've probably read most stories like this, so they might have to be somewhat more hidden.


'The Millionaire Next Door' by Lazlo Zalezac. High school graduate who wants nothing more than to start his own pizza place to to make his 'Perfect Pizza'.

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That is a frequent subplot of Time Travel stories.

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I think Openbooks series about Kenny the Kansan is an excellent story about business growth and coming of age.




Can you give me any specific titles?

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I've read this story before and it was very good.



Can you give me any specific titles?

Al Steiner's "Doing it all over again".
Lazlong's "The Fountain of Youth" (+ sequel).
Lazlo Zalezac's "Emend by Eclipse" was currently posting but something appears to have happened.
Reluctant Sir's "Echo".
rlfj's "A Fresh Start" (has a sequel).
Aroslav's "Not This Time".

Michael Loucks

This is a serious theme in AWLL2, but you'll need to read the ten books of AWLL1 to have any idea what's going on in AWLL2.


I've read everything fully, except for the AWLL and Kenny the Kansan stories. I've like almost everything greatly but still haven't found another with the extreme business aspect. I was looking for something that was like 70 to 80 percent growing running a business/making money and would prefer the character to be as young as possible. If anyone has any more recommendations I would like to know.

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Six-Months Turnaround by Morgan has a lot of business concerns, but the characters are not that young.

"Hindsight 20/20" by SmokinDriver has a do-over character (so young or not is open to interpretation), who spends quite a bit of time on creating and building a business (and becomes very rich). But, it's probably no more than half of the story.

A New Past has some of the same elements -- do-ver "young age", building a business is a major part, but many non-business parts.


Try the autobiographical section of a community library or one of the online book sellers - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.


This is a late reply,; but, try If I Had a Boat and the folow ups by Catman. A young boy starts as a helpre at a boat yard, inherits, has legal and romantic troubles ...

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Thanks, I'll give them a read.



Have you read any of the Ernest Bywater stories? He has several that have either taking over a business or developing a new business.

Finding home is one of my favourites of his as well as interesting times.



Try Dual Writer's Vocation series,Steve and Sue grow their business's and wealth with hard work and luck.


Stupid Boy series by G Younger (Greg) is a 'coming of age' story. It is still in progress and has the protagonist presently in his Senior year of high school. His activities in modeling and acting is creating multi-million dollar personal wealth and fame while developing a potential professional athletic career.

John The Genius by P.T. Branium is another and also in progress. Three 'books' are posted and four more are supposed to be coming soon according to the author's blog. The protagonist starts out as a 7 year old. At the currently published point in the story, he is early/mid teens and already managing multiple billions.

One more if you like something with a western flavor set in the 1800's. The Legend of Eli Crow by J Ryter.

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awnlee jawking


One more if you like something with a western flavor set in the 1800's. The Legend of Eli Crow by J Ryter.

If that floats your boat, Kraken's Robledo Mountain books might appeal too - book two is currently in progress.


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@awnlee jawking

Kraken's Robledo Mountain books might appeal too

And it throws a nice dose of alternate history/time travel/do-over/mysterious aliens or powers into the mix as well. ;)

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