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Looking for a story where....


A young teen boy goes on a walkabout during the summer, stops a bank robbery, was in a movie with John Wayne and wins a Rodeo prize. I can't remember the name of it. Can anyone help?

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Banadin's Richard Jackson saga.


Ernest Bywater

It's also on Fine Stories which you can join for free if you want to have a few extra stories available to read as they don't count against your SoL story count.



On Fine Stories the story with the actions you describe is a separate story, not the prologue included in the 9th Grade SOL story.

4 My Summer Vacation - 1958

A young man's summer adventures which are the start to his coming of age. A prelude to a new series.

Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Young Adult

Tags: Coming of Age, Travel, Young Adult

Downloads: 6332| Votes: 334 | Score: 8.12

Size: 57KB | Posted: 1/8/2015, 9:49:27 AM

Ernest Bywater

On Fine Stories it's posted as 2 stories which are put together on SoL. Don't know why it was done that way.



Thank you all.

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