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Sugar daddy's college fund


Not sure if there is a story, but looking for a tale about a teenager who gains a sugar daddy who funds her college education. She then pays him back with sex and a baby.
Can be romantic and/or coerced, incest not required but allowed, and if he makes a habit of it and collects a harem...
Any story like that around?

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Probably not exactly what you are looking for but many of the stories in oyster50's Smart Girls universe include an electrical engineer getting romantically involved with a teenage girl.

Prior to the beginning of this relationship in most cases the teenage girl has no hopes of attending college. While the engineer is prepared to pay for her college, she proves capable of getting academic scholarships that pay for it. She would not have been able to get those scholarships without his encouragement.

The couples have sex as a physical expression of their love, and some eventually have babies.

In at least three stories there is some incest. No permanent harems - but there are two trios.

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Sugar Daddy by DeYaKen.

John Demille

My Own Hooker by Von Der Tann



Thanks, I am a faithful reader of smart girls and my uncle is actually a graduate of Auburn.

awnlee jawking

Some of Charlie for now's stories have that sort of theme, but beware transgender tags.

And Michael Loucks' Well-Lived Life series has moved in that direction, apart from the baby (unless you count the protagonist's wives).


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@awnlee jawking

Thanks AJ, I have read some of Charlie's stories and enjoyed them, I am also about a third of the way through AWLL 2.

Just read DeYaKen, good story


Not fiction, but I always found the story of the relationship between William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies interesting. She said she started as a gold digger and fell in love with him. During the Depression, she sold the jewelry Hearst had given her to help out his businesses. They had a child together that was passed as Miss Davies' niece, though she was really the daughter of Hearst and Davies. Davies stayed with Hearst until his death.

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