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im looking for/have you read/or wrote?


im currently looking for stories that revolve around persons learning a tradeskill from family or tradeschool college apprenticing wether it be coming of age etc ive read in florida friends where steve learnd welding after discharge and then later having apprentices in the shop ie learning blacksmithing going to night school or taking modules to expand on busness type stories sorry for bieng so general

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Argon's stories often have an apprenticeship situation. The Knights and Commoners Universe in particular.

Bente is a short story where he starts as an apprentice.

Pelle is similar as he starts as an apprentice and later has apprentices of his own.

So many stories that I remember the story line but not the title or author. I will try to post more links as I come across them. There are many apprenticeship and family skill training type stories out there.


Parent to child teaching of survival, combat, and conservation skills. May not fit as it is sci-fi and is not a traditional family apprenticeship.


Blacksmith apprentice

Ernest Bywater

this has a lot of those elements and you may like it


I am looking for cartoon incest stories. Anyone know where to look for them?

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