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Something where the (male) MC is a rarity, or unique


I'll try to not be vague, but it might be difficult. I'm looking for something where the MC is a man in a place where either men or humans at all are very rare or not heard of at all.

I remember reading a story over at lit a while ago where most men had been wiped out from earth, that would be one scenario that would fit me. Or it could be something like the old Planet of the Apes where the ruling race isn't humans.

Basically I want something where MC is the only, or one of the few, men or humans depending on the setting, wherever he is. No apocalyptic settings where there's only a few humans alive though, I want there to be a functioning society, so if the setting is that he's the only/one of the few humans around, there should be some alien or fantasy esc race that is in control. None of the travel back in time and build a harem of cave-women stories either please, as while there aren't many humans around in those, there isn't any other intelligent races that is the controlling life-form on the planet.

I don't know if there's anything like this on SOL, but I'll look into any suggestions from any sources.

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Ernest Bywater

Not sure if they're what you're after, but in Breeder Ships the MC is a fertile male, which are rare on Earth - it's a sort PA story, but not as in your face killed them off type. Also, the MCs in the Damsel in Distress stories are mostly men from Earth on the planet Chaos whose inhabitants are or sort of sub-group of humans. Breeder World sets the worldwide scene.




awnlee jawking

Some of Snekguy's Pinwheel stories have elements matching your criteria.

Crumbly Writer's Not Quite Human series has veered in that direction in its latest instalment, but you'd have to start with the first in the series and that's set on Earth.



C.J.Cherryh's 'Chanur' series might fit the bill, where a ship in a multi-species alien trading compact rescues a captured human.

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That looks really interesting, thanks!

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I'll second the Chanur series.


Have you tried this one? "The Missing Y Chromosome" It seems to fit your request.




I think all of the stories on SOL have a MC who is a rarity: he can sexually please any woman, any time and all the time! That makes them all a rarity!

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Wait. You mean that not everyone have 12 inch dicks and makes all women that has the luck to meet them orgasm from just looking at them?

I see the world through entirely different eyes now!

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